Tightness in throat and upper chest

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Avatar n tn I find it hard to get a breath accompanied by a heavy tight feeling in my chest and my throat feels like it is closing up. It hurts worse when I take a deep breath and it is hard to swallow. I did have a cold and then could not seem to shake the cough. The doc still insists that it is part of the Gerd. What should I do, nobody will listen to me.
Avatar n tn i feel like there is a lump in my throat tightness in my upper chest and a pain in the middle of my back and the top of my stomach between my breast feel really hard and sometime short of breath what could it be
Avatar f tn What in the world could be causing this tightness in my throat and chest? It almost feels like the swelling in my throat comes and goes.
Avatar n tn Over the last month or so, I have developed an increasing difficulty swallowing food (need to drink immediately after taking small bites) and I have a constant tightness in my upper chest and in my throat. I have been to the general physician twice, ENT doctor and have had a thyroid ultrasound with no real results or advice. Any help is appreciated.
Avatar m tn Hello, I am 32 years old (6 feet, 208 pounds) and I have been experiencing upper chest / throat tightness & lightheadedness every day since 12/15/10 ... Driving me crazy. I can breathe normally. I've never had a fever, no aches, no pains, no injuries. I have had 2 EKG's, a brain MRI/MRA, a brain CT scan, chest xray, blood tests, stress test, thyroid test, & my blood pressure checked on the regular. All of these tests came back OK.
Avatar m tn I have nasal congestion, drainage in the throat, and tightness in the chest. I had a chest x-ray which was clear. I also had an ECG which showed the R wave diminishing. My stress test was positive but the cardiologist felt, after an exam, that this was a false positive. So now I will have a CT of the heart, but I am wondering if this is strictly allergies. My chest is tight and when talking I have to cough. Sometimes the cough is without talking.
Avatar n tn Thanks for posting a reply, I'm trying hard to stick away from fatty foods that might be causing me problems, Being relativley young when i first happened to start having these symptoms i would freak out thinking the worst possible sceniero such as a heart problem or liver or lung problems and I always feared i would end up dead by this, but latley i've been starting to think more logically becasue of a negative blood test and other such things, but even as i sit here and type this, I
Avatar n tn In the past few weeks i have developed excess pleghm and am always clearing it out of my throat. Could this be serious- like stemming from my chest tightness and shortness of breath? i am only 31, exercise and think i am healthy. I always thought the breathing and chest tightness were anxiety but now with the mucus i dont know......
Avatar f tn I get burning in my throat and chest, reflux, nausea, sternum pain, feeling like there is something in my throat, and even back pain when it gets bad. Do those of you who have these issues also get chest tightness and the feeling of something sitting on your upper chest?I'd say it's right at the top of my chest and sometimes it feels like something is either sitting there or pulling. I've heard that these can be gastro symptoms, but I wanted to see if anyone here experienced it?
Avatar m tn Now with this tickling felling in my stomach and the pimples in my throat and mouth its starting to worry me. I am also getting a tightness in my chest when I get nervous. Anyone know what could be causing these problems. I had a endoscopy about two years ago and a upper GI and they said everything was fine except for some reflux. HELP !
Avatar n tn I delevoped a cough (along with chest pain) and fever which turn into Pneumonia in April. The cough never cleared up and chest xrays showed a mass in my upper left lobe which was cancer. I had a lobectomy done May 30th which was successful margins and nodes clear and am recovering nicely expect for the dry cough and chest pain. This cough is different from the pneumonia its dry but the tightness in my chest is the same.
Avatar f tn Last week i became lack of oxygen i couldnt feel breath in my body and had pressure in my nose ears head i went er the doctor thought its acute sinus problem and perscribed me azithromcyin for 6 days my oxygen level bp fever everything was fine there then after 2 3 days i felt pressure/tightness in my upper abdomin under my rib cage and again shortness of breath then next day it was fine i felt pressure/tightness in my chest/lungs through my neck and throat my adams apple was very tight as well
Avatar m tn Tightness in upper chest and throat area, plus perspiration, probably like indigestion.
1111160 tn?1258471532 Yes it can..even chestpain i experienced that alot..and those shortness of breathe too its very annoying..have u check wit ur doctor yet regarding that?
Avatar f tn what can i use to stop burning sensation in my chest and upper back pain resulting in shortness of breath This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/284326'>Difficulty breathing/tightness in throat</a>.
Avatar n tn some times the pain stays just below my throught and neck. And most of the time at the upper part of the chest. I went to a GP and he thought i have gas and gave me some medicine and i do not see any relief. Also, due to this i lot bit of weight also. I do not smoke, I rarely drink and mainly indian vegetarian. Please help me understand this and what should i do to know the bottom of the problem.
Avatar m tn jpg I suffer from constant shortness of breath and aching in the diaphragm area, without wheeze or tightness of the throat or upper chest. It is worse when I am supine and upon waking. I understand that my arms are raised in the scan and that it is a stacked image CT, but my diaphragm looks higher than any comparison image that I can find online. Due to my cervical radiculopathy, I am concerned about possible partial diaphragm paralysis. Any opinions appreciated.
Avatar f tn Always when I eat Chinese food, my throat will start gradually tightening up to the point where I can't eat, my throat and upper chest feel like they're on fire, my eyes water -- this lasts for two or three minutes and then it goes away and I can finish my meal. Do you think there is something in the food which causes this?
Avatar n tn i have been experiencing tightness in my ears, throat and chest. The most severe tightness symptom is my ears, head and throat. Is the common to any prognosis?
Avatar n tn You see, when we eat, it causes pressure in our upper abdomen, and this can push up toward the throat and upper back through the diaphram. Actually, hiatal hernias can mimic lots of things, such as heart attacks. Some folks have them so badly, they can not even swallow. Do you experience any acid reflux or heartburn, these are also tell-tale signs of a hiatal hernia.
Avatar f tn I complained of bloatness, burping and tightness in the chest. He decided to treat me for GERD and gave me the tripple omeprazol treatment. 2 days after i completed the dose i started to have peppery feeling in my chest, back, stomach and still with the bloatness and constipation. I was placed on tagament and the peppery feeling subsided. Now the bloatness as subsided, but i still get the occassional heavy chest and the peppery feeling before a meal or after a meal.
Avatar m tn Hi have had throat tightness and chest pain tightness and sometime hard to swallow, my doctor asked me to take penicilin based antibiotics to clear up any cold symptoms and also gave me throat calmer tablets that are calming for allergy as well as a nose inhaler also alergy related from what I can read in leaflet - he also requested blood and urine samples and throat scan so I'm wonderign what this can be as he just told me we'll get to bottom of this and not explained more, the tightne
Avatar n tn I have had difficulty with tightness in chest, shortness of breath, occasionaly sharp pains in the upper part of my lung, and some digestive problems for about 1 year. My doctor thought it was GERD. I had a barium swallow done and an ultrasoun and breathing test. All negative. I was put on Priolsec a two different times, and nothing has changed. What might this be?? This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.
Avatar m tn The next day, I developed this very highly ANNOYING sensation that my chest is too heavy, and I mostly feel it in the center or upper center, but I also feel it up to my lower front neck, and back down around my frontal and side ribs area as well as my lower sternum sometimes. In other words, it is a widespread sensation surrounding my lungs and chest area.