Tightness in throat and upper chest

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Avatar f tn What in the world could be causing this tightness in my throat and chest? It almost feels like the swelling in my throat comes and goes.
Avatar m tn Getting a feeling of tightness in upper chest and throat (base of neck). Slightly woozey.
Avatar m tn Getting a feeling of tightness in upper chest and throat (base of neck). Slightly woozey.
Avatar f tn Always when I eat Chinese food, my throat will start gradually tightening up to the point where I can't eat, my throat and upper chest feel like they're on fire, my eyes water -- this lasts for two or three minutes and then it goes away and I can finish my meal. Do you think there is something in the food which causes this?
Avatar n tn I tooko a lie down for about 1 hour also. Afterwhich, the tension/tightness in centre of chest had almost but gone, no acidcity in stomach, or pain under left arm pit. However, on movement, the tension and nerve pain returned very soon after moving. I have also been taking up Yoga to try to help with coping with whatever 'it' is that I suffer from! Tonight I spent 30 mins doing Kundalini yoga, to help relax my mind and body. I have spent 1 week so far doing this type of Yoga.
245504 tn?1224102916 symptom of intermittent chest tightness on the upper left side of my chest (almost near shoulder). It just comes and goes and it is just a tight sensation. I have read this could be anxiety and am wondering if anyone else experiences this. FYI I recently had a echo done that was all good and holter monitor showing Sinus Rhythm/Sinus Tach. I mentioned this to MD and he didn't seem concern but as all of you with anxiety know, it just isn't that easy. I thank you for you r help in advance.
Avatar n tn I'm also experiencing the same sort of tightness\pain in my chest. I'm 36 and have never smoked and really don't have any history in my family of heart problems. I went to my doctor about 2 years ago with this problem and he did an ekg as well as a chest x-ray and said everything was normal. He said it was probably anxiety related. Well, it never really went away and lately it has become worse.
Avatar n tn I find it hard to get a breath accompanied by a heavy tight feeling in my chest and my throat feels like it is closing up. It hurts worse when I take a deep breath and it is hard to swallow. I did have a cold and then could not seem to shake the cough. The doc still insists that it is part of the Gerd. What should I do, nobody will listen to me.
Avatar m tn Then I started getting some tightness In the base of my neck/throat and around my Adam’s apple. I went to the doctor he examined my neck didn’t feel anything and he ordered a neck ultra sound and blood test I guess to check my thyroid. Both of those came back normal. Over the last 6 weeks I’ve been having some digestion problems… lose bowels movements… lots of gas ect…. (I am also prescribed 20 mg of Dexedrine).
Avatar n tn Do you have any tenderness or swelling in your neck area, or have you had your thyroid examined lately? I had tightness and fullness in my throat and had difficulty breathing due to thyroidits. It has since subsided. What are you other symptoms?
Avatar m tn Hello, I am 32 years old (6 feet, 208 pounds) and I have been experiencing upper chest / throat tightness & lightheadedness every day since 12/15/10 ... Driving me crazy. I can breathe normally. I've never had a fever, no aches, no pains, no injuries. I have had 2 EKG's, a brain MRI/MRA, a brain CT scan, chest xray, blood tests, stress test, thyroid test, & my blood pressure checked on the regular. All of these tests came back OK.
Avatar n tn It felt like I had to make an effort to breathe, but I seemed to be breathing fine. The tingling was from the back of my tongue to my chest. My throat also felt dry, as if there was a cotton ball stuck in my throat. I tried drinking water, it did not help. I used my asthma inhaler, to no avail. I was talking fine and it seemed that I was breathing fine. I began to get very light headed, but that might of been because I was worried.
Avatar m tn I've had this weird sensation in my upper chest, through the lower part of my neck. It's not "pain" per se, but a discomfort. Things like my shirt, seatbelt, blankets, etc., irritate me. Sometimes it's more noticeable than others, but never enough to worry me. at times the discomfort became extremely noticeable; constant. My heart seemed to be beating harder, faster.
Avatar f tn Since early summer, my symptoms have included chest tightness/burning, sometimes working up my throat. I have been thoroughly evaluated by my pcp and GI MD. Along with multiple blood tests, and cardiac workup. My upper GI series showed small sliding hiatal hernia with mild reflux, neg HIDA scan, abdominal ultrasound and negative upper endoscope. Can mild reflux cause signficant chest tightness complaints. Only meds I take are TUMS and recently put on Lexapro for anxiety over this.
Avatar n tn When someone has sensitive airways, as with asthma, this can trigger asthma type symptoms, including cough, chest tightness and mucus drainage in your throat. If your doctor determines that this is exercise induced asthma, a prescribed inhaler can be used 10 to 15 minutes prior to exercise to prevent these symptoms. Please read our Exercise-Induced Asthma MedFact at http://www.nationaljewish.org/medfacts/induced.html for more information.
393165 tn?1420764045 For approxiamately one week when taking a deep breath, I have experienced a tightness and pain in my upper chest and throat area. When I drink cold fluids it subsides briefly and when I tighten my abdominal muscles and breath deeply, I don't feel the pain or discomfort. I have checked info on Thyroid, Heart, & Gall Bladder and can't find out what this is. I also experience fibrillations from time to time.
Avatar n tn every now & then (now being one of those times) i a tight feeling in my chest (upper chest mainly) and even sometimes feels like it's in my throat/neck. i'm not short of breath but i do find it very difficult to catch a full breath and there is a constant need to do this. when i lie down it gets much worse which in turn is giving me sleep problems as well. i get so tired then drag myself up to bed only to get a suffocating feeling almost immediately.
Avatar n tn I have had tightness in my throat and a "lump" sensation for 2 weeks now. The lump feeling has went away for the most part but there is still a lot of tightness in the front of my neck just below my adams apple area. I also have a good bit of discomfort in the back at the base of my neck. When it first started I felt that I could not breathe and was under a lot of stress because of the feeling. Just the slightest activity sent me into a panic attack.
Avatar n tn I was taken to the ER, where after a painkiller, the pain subsided but after leaving the hospital the next day, I developed a cough that persisted for about a month or so.. Ever since then, I have had this tightness and heaviness in my chest and I feel I can't satisfactorily take a deep breath without straining myself. My chest also pains and hurts (dull) almost the whole day..
Avatar n tn It seems like it is almost a burp that has been stuck in my throat for years. I can't pinpoint the exact place, It feels like it is in the back of my throat/upper chest/lungs area. It is very pronounced and loud and i can't seem to get rid of it. Its gotten to the point where people can hear it across a room. I try drinking or eating something but that only makes it worse. It usually comes up at random times during the day.
Avatar n tn I cannot get in a deep or good breath. I also have discomfort in the chest and burning and pain in the upper back. When all this started at a lower roar, the Pulmonologist did do a chest x-ray which he said was normal. He rx'd some antibiotics but to no avail. He wanted me to see an Infectious disease doc to rule out mycrotoxins in the lungs? I have not seen this doc yet as I was home with contractors for 2 months. I will make an appointment tomorrow though.
Avatar f tn In November of 2011 I had to go to the ER with tightening in my upper chest. After xrays and treatment felt some better. The next day it happened again. ( The tightening reminds me of a muscle that doesn't want to relax. It is in one spot.) I made an appointment with a pulmonologist and he did a methaline (spelling??) challenge test. No asthma. He also did a bronchoscopy. Nothing. I continue to treat allergies, though allergy testing (2x) has shown nothing.
Avatar n tn Up the front of my neck from upper chest on left side there is a great amount of tightness and like stretching feeling with pain and a pressure feeling around my heart and goes up my throat and in and behind my left eye it's a feeling that don't go away it's been like this for a year or so and i've had several tests...
Avatar n tn But after that I started to have weird symptoms, I would feel bloated, from just a little bit of food, morning nasuea, more and more chest pain, the food was coming back to my throat, and finally my throat started hurting and difficulty swalloing.