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Avatar m tn I sometimes experience chest/upper back tightness while running Easy-paced runs. This tightness is strongest usually from about 10-20 min., and then tends to dissipate. I am not strongly concerned with this, as it rarely occurs during my hard workouts and hardly ever during a race. However, out of curiousity, I would like to know what may cause this tightness and if I can do anything to counteract it. Thank you, Brady Garrison.
Avatar n tn I have extreme tightness in my chest off and on. I went to the Doctor and he did an ekg which was normal and said my lungs were perfectly clear. He believes the tightness is stress related and put me on an anti-depressant. I just got out of an extremely stressful situation and yet the tightness in the chest and shortness of breath is back. I am constantly using my albuteral and sometimes an over the counter bronkaid. I also use advair occasionally.
Avatar n tn It's a general tightness in my chest with occasional sharp pains in my upper left chest area just below my collar bone (about 2 inches). I exercise (run) and it doesn't seem to matter what my heart rate is. It happens when I'm lying in bed or when I'm running. I can't really pin point what causes the pain. I'm really starting to worry about it which is probably causing more anxiety! 2 weeks ago I started to get really bad acid indigestion.
245504 tn?1224102916 I have had anxiety/panic attacks for at least 12 years. I am in one of my anxious kicks (hypochondriac) lately and am experiencing a "new" symptom of intermittent chest tightness on the upper left side of my chest (almost near shoulder). It just comes and goes and it is just a tight sensation. I have read this could be anxiety and am wondering if anyone else experiences this. FYI I recently had a echo done that was all good and holter monitor showing Sinus Rhythm/Sinus Tach.
Avatar n tn but the tightness has now moved more into my upper chest now than my throat. I went back to the Dr. about a week after being on my antibiotic, blood work was done and everything came back fine. I had recently received a Hep B shot about a week prior to this starting. If anyone could suggest anything they think it might be it would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn 5 months ago I stopped lifting heavy weights and started to do more light weight circuit training. Shortly after I started getting tightness in my chest... finally i put my hands behind my head and put my elbows together and leaned back and my chest popped loudly. since then every morning and several times throughout the day I will feel tightness and much discomfort. The only solution is to pop my chest. I have now noticed swelling in my upper sternum which for me seems unsightly.
Avatar f tn I have been on Dulera for a week now and still have the same tight feeling in my upper airway and chest....I'm scared to death. I do have an appointment with an Asthma/Allergy specialist this week. HELP!!!! What in the world could be causing this tightness in my throat and chest? It almost feels like the swelling in my throat comes and goes.
Avatar m tn i feel like smthing is giving pressure in the middle of my chest...middle bit slightly upper position. i feel so heavy somtimes that i cant breathe well for that. bt its still pain less. tonite abt an hour back i was sleeping well....suddn i got up and felt like my left breast bones place is squeezing, and felt like a tight pressure in it. again thr was no pain at all, it was just a pressure i was freaked the hell out and my heart beat was raising up. then i got up...
Avatar n tn tightness in chest and difficult breathing after using a chemical tile sealant
Avatar f tn Can mild reflux cause signficant chest tightness complaints. Only meds I take are TUMS and recently put on Lexapro for anxiety over this.
Avatar f tn I am having tension in my shoulder blade area which causes me to slouch forward. When I realize I am slouching I get tightness in my chest that makes me want to arch my back.
Avatar f tn I am hoping for some reassurance. I have been having chest tightness, stomach complaints since early summer. No specific reason brought this on. Multiple providers along with blood work, diagnostic testing and even an upper endoscope last week all have come back negative except for a small sliding hiatal hernia with mild reflux. All the physicians feel that it could be anxiety/panic, but I cannot get out of my mind the physical symptoms I feel.
213398 tn?1202674074 Micheal, I got the butterfly feeling in my chest, it follow with few beats, big dumps and tightness. My tightness in the chest can last half a day long. I discovered it could be a LBBB. Just my discovery. As everyone has LBBB is being told it is harmful and the Drs "DON'T CARE". I learn to live with it. Have a run, power walk or strong coffee. You may have luck!
Avatar n tn Sort of like tightness in the upper part of my chest, of urge to cough, or as if a piece of food stuck somewhere along the way. I have enough oxygen. In fact, when I start breath deeper and feel hyperventilated. I swallow - and it feels like the "food" has passed, but the discomfort (or memory of it?) remains The episodes last from 10 minutes to hours. My blood pressure during the episodes are 112-117/79-82. I had an EKG done, checked thyroid and cholesterol - everything is normal.
Avatar n tn Now the feeling has gone away but in my left bicep I have this feeling like there's a elastic tied around it. sometimes my fingers tingle, my back of my upper arm seems really warm as well. I read around that sometimes back injury can cause strange nerve reactions as I have a lower back injury. Is this typical of a blood clot?
Avatar f tn Is it possible to have upper chest burning all across the top of chest and upper back burning all due to anxiety? I have been suffering with quite severe panic attacks for a few months now, but recently Iv developed this awful burning as I said above and of course suffer with chest pains, shortness of breath etc. (usual anxiety symptoms). Doc said Im suffering with severe anxiety disorder and has arranged councelling.
Avatar n tn I went to the ER about 5 months ago with shortness of breath, some tightness in chest, warmth and tingling at the back of my head and confusion/dizziness. I underwent an EKG which was normal, bp and pulse were normal for the duration and I was discharged with diagnosis of anxiety, but I think that it was partly a reaction to constant high levels of caffeine. I also had a general physical last winter and all blood work, etc. was normal. I've had a few other episodes like this one since.
Avatar n tn every now & then (now being one of those times) i a tight feeling in my chest (upper chest mainly) and even sometimes feels like it's in my throat/neck. i'm not short of breath but i do find it very difficult to catch a full breath and there is a constant need to do this. when i lie down it gets much worse which in turn is giving me sleep problems as well. i get so tired then drag myself up to bed only to get a suffocating feeling almost immediately.
Avatar n tn 1 week and I was still having severe chest pain, tightness and shortness if breath. My OB then suggested a pulmonologist, who took me off all the other remedies and put me on Advair 500 2xs day, Spiriva inhailer 1x day, sigulair 1 a day, and albuterol inhailer for emergenies. 2 weeks and was back in the ER. Went back to pulmonologist and he put me on Advair 250, Prednisone 10 days, still singulair (not related, I am hypothy and take synth 100).
Avatar f tn i was given codiene for the cough,which helped and knocked me out, but a few weeks later i had to have antibiotics, then about 3 weeks later more antibiotics, after having the antibiotics the cough as stopped, but now the doctor as given me a reliever inhaler to ease my chest when it gets tight and i have to see the nurse on monday query asthma,the cold air really makes my chest tight, but why does my upper back get sore and i feel like im all hunched up at the shoulders, im also waking up with
Avatar n tn i have been having widespread pain in my upper back and around my ribcage area. It can be very painful. I also can haer my neck creaking when I move it. certain areas when i touch them hurt. So far any pain killers i have taken haven't worked.any suggestions.It hurts so bad i could cry.
Avatar n tn I have felt really stressed over the past several weeks, could this be adding to the tightness in my chest? And I don't have any chest pain when exerting myself like with exercise, if anything, I feel fairly good. I have noticed a slight ache in my arm but not in my shoulder, in the middle of my arm down to my elbow. Another symptom I have noticed is a gurgling type sound in my chest. Would appreciate any insite you might have on this and what it is! Thank you!
Avatar n tn i feel like there is a lump in my throat tightness in my upper chest and a pain in the middle of my back and the top of my stomach between my breast feel really hard and sometime short of breath what could it be
Avatar n tn It all started about six weeks ago when I noticed alot of trapped wind so went doc's and he perscribed 'zoton' ppi tablets and tested for heli bac.( for ulcer ) test came back neg but felt a very tight chest when breathing in so stopped taking zoton in case it was a bad reaction. I left it for 2 weeks without the tablets and it seemed to ease although I get a cramping pain in upper stomach/lower chest when bending or crunching down.
Avatar n tn I had extreme soreness/pains in my upper, lower back. My chest and arms were sore and pierced pains every once in a while. And my breathing was a *****. After a while i went to doc and he said it wasnt heart. So i got all this massage stuff and chiropractor, and after the frist like 3 days of massage and stuff i felt SOOO much better, more sore (cuz they really beat those mucles)... but reathing was better and i had alot less discomfort!.
993046 tn?1249428793 Hello All, For the past 3 weeks I've been belching with chest and upper back discomfort. Specifically, in the mornings I'm OK but throughout the day I feel shortness of breath when I'm not active. It feels like I have a blockage in my chest and esophagus area. Interestingly, I also feel the symptoms when I'm relax. I went to the doctor and my chest x-rays, blood work are negative but the doctor reported he heard "wheezing" sounds and prescribed an inhaler.