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Avatar f tn What in the world could be causing this tightness in my throat and chest? It almost feels like the swelling in my throat comes and goes.
Avatar f tn Always when I eat Chinese food, my throat will start gradually tightening up to the point where I can't eat, my throat and upper chest feel like they're on fire, my eyes water -- this lasts for two or three minutes and then it goes away and I can finish my meal. Do you think there is something in the food which causes this?
Avatar f tn However right now I think maybe is was or is the start of a cold ect. My chest feel tight and dry kinda clear the throat cough. Feels kinda raspy. Thanks for you help!
Avatar n tn Over the past year I've developed discomfort, not really pain, in my chest and side. The tightness is very specific and beneath my ribcage on my left side, most noticable in the morning when I stretch. I do not feel any discomfort in my lungs when I breath. I do not cough at all, and I have no other symptoms of a resperatory problem. I'm not sure the issue is my lungs at all, but since the discomfort is in this area I'm left to wonder.
Avatar f tn Within a few days of arriving in the UK, I began to experience a mild chest tightness that wouldnt ease with taking asthma inhalers. i suffered with the tightness for about the first 4 weeks of my 5 week hoilday there. it was strange because after 4 weeks of continous tightness, one morning i woke up and it felt as if a large weight had been lifted from my chest and it felt as though i could breath freely and normally as i did in the past. I was happy!
245504 tn?1224102916 I have had anxiety/panic attacks for at least 12 years. I am in one of my anxious kicks (hypochondriac) lately and am experiencing a "new" symptom of intermittent chest tightness on the upper left side of my chest (almost near shoulder). It just comes and goes and it is just a tight sensation. I have read this could be anxiety and am wondering if anyone else experiences this. FYI I recently had a echo done that was all good and holter monitor showing Sinus Rhythm/Sinus Tach.
Avatar n tn All I know is I feel a constant tightness at the back of my throat ... like my throat is suddenly smaller thus restricting some of the air from getting through to my heart or wherever. It just feels like I'm not getting all the air I should. When it goes away, I feel like I can draw a full breath for a change. I take Toprol XL 100 mg, Vytorin 10/20, Plavix (as I have 4 cardio stent impants) and a 325 mg Ecotrin tablet everyday. I positively dislike taking all these meds!!!
Avatar n tn During this time, I became aware of my stomach acids becoming very acidic - motre than normal. I then began feeling the usual chest tightness and restriction I feel most days. Located centrally around the sternum, lft/right side of sternum and upper chest, below base of throat.; I have been made aware of a tingling 'nerve' like pain somewhere around my left shoulder/arm pit, which radiates down my arm to my middle two fingers!?
Avatar f tn For the past 3 months or so I have had this tightness in my chest and throat! Its horrible! There is NO pain, just the uncomfortable feeling that I aint getting enough air! I went to the doctor a few weeks back, bloods were normal, ecg normal, oxygen was 98%! And lungs and chest sounded clear through stethascope!had 2 ECGS,2 oxygen tests, I am a constant worrier,always thinking I'm dying when in reality I'm probably not! Does any1 else have this problem and know how to ease the feeling?
Avatar f tn ive been feeling tightness on my chest (feels like there's food trap somewhere that causes the pain) for 3 days now. i noticed, i get it after eating. i had a soft diet today but felt the same way. could this be acid reflux/heart burn?
Avatar f tn Panic and or anxiety, usually panic more can cause a tightness in the throat as well as chest. If you find it is anxiety or panic disorder, please feel free to message me and I can give you some tips/techniques to help with it.
Avatar m tn Hello, I am 32 years old (6 feet, 208 pounds) and I have been experiencing upper chest / throat tightness & lightheadedness every day since 12/15/10 ... Driving me crazy. I can breathe normally. I've never had a fever, no aches, no pains, no injuries. I have had 2 EKG's, a brain MRI/MRA, a brain CT scan, chest xray, blood tests, stress test, thyroid test, & my blood pressure checked on the regular. All of these tests came back OK.
Avatar n tn I have felt really stressed over the past several weeks, could this be adding to the tightness in my chest? And I don't have any chest pain when exerting myself like with exercise, if anything, I feel fairly good. I have noticed a slight ache in my arm but not in my shoulder, in the middle of my arm down to my elbow. Another symptom I have noticed is a gurgling type sound in my chest. Would appreciate any insite you might have on this and what it is! Thank you!
Avatar m tn I have nasal congestion, drainage in the throat, and tightness in the chest. I had a chest x-ray which was clear. I also had an ECG which showed the R wave diminishing. My stress test was positive but the cardiologist felt, after an exam, that this was a false positive. So now I will have a CT of the heart, but I am wondering if this is strictly allergies. My chest is tight and when talking I have to cough. Sometimes the cough is without talking.
Avatar f tn I know this is an old post but I just wanted to add my experience for people that might read this thread now. My problem is GERD causing that throat/chest tightness. I checked my thyroid first but everything is fine, then had an endoscopy and sure enough I have esophagitis (spelling?) from GERD. I am taking lanzoprazol but it sometimes works, sometime it doesn`t. Hopefully I'll find a definitive treatment.
Avatar n tn after a long bad cold 2 years ago, i have episodes of throat tightness with a bit of wheezing and slight shortness of breath. i thought allergies were the culpert,and treated this with allergie medication which seem to work until lately.had chest e-ray last year lungs were clear although there were wheezing.any suggestions?
Avatar n tn It felt like I had to make an effort to breathe, but I seemed to be breathing fine. The tingling was from the back of my tongue to my chest. My throat also felt dry, as if there was a cotton ball stuck in my throat. I tried drinking water, it did not help. I used my asthma inhaler, to no avail. I was talking fine and it seemed that I was breathing fine. I began to get very light headed, but that might of been because I was worried.
1014527 tn?1251061098 Things seems to have slightly improved for a small amount of time but I could never shake off this tightness of chest/tightness on full breathing. One concern was I had thick, yellow-dark yellow mucus for a few days straight at work(I work as a stocker overnight/around dust/etc.) and my temperature was fine. As well as this discomfort in my chest which is located about dead square middle of my breast cavity, sometimes in the ribcage/sternum with sensitivity touching below the sternum.
Avatar n tn Did you find a solution? I have the same thing throat tightness , not chest tightness only with exercise. Passed EKG. Love to walk for miles & do Zumba but afraid.
895798 tn?1241586100 22 y/o m, 5'11", 175lbs, sedentary lifestyle, diagnosed with generalized panic disorder. Previously taking metoprolol and lexapro, but not for the last couple of months. NKA, no meds, no other past medical history. It started as a feeling of tightness around my hyoid bone that continued up into the posterior lateral sublingual area and then the posterior part of my tongue. No usual signs of allergic reaction, no urticaria, itchiness, redness, coughing or sneezing.
Avatar n tn At this point, I can talk and no one has commented that anything sounds different, however the tongue tightness/stinging/burning and tight throat occurs all the time when I talk and is sometimes a struggle to keep talking. It also feels like I have a lump in my throat and I seem to wake up every morning trying to swallow the phlegm stuck in my throat. When I stop talking and/or eat something, it gradually relieves the discomfort.
Avatar n tn I find it hard to get a breath accompanied by a heavy tight feeling in my chest and my throat feels like it is closing up. It hurts worse when I take a deep breath and it is hard to swallow. I did have a cold and then could not seem to shake the cough. The doc still insists that it is part of the Gerd. What should I do, nobody will listen to me.