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Avatar n tn recently i have begun bench pressing 250-260- have been working out, running and swimming all my lofe 21 year old male 6'4 185 lbs at times at rest i experience tightness in my chest....no problem running any ideas...
Avatar n tn Over the past year I've developed discomfort, not really pain, in my chest and side. The tightness is very specific and beneath my ribcage on my left side, most noticable in the morning when I stretch. I do not feel any discomfort in my lungs when I breath. I do not cough at all, and I have no other symptoms of a resperatory problem. I'm not sure the issue is my lungs at all, but since the discomfort is in this area I'm left to wonder.
Avatar n tn ) For 3-4 weeks I had been suffering a very bad dry cough accompanied by real tightness high in the chest, wheezing and breathlessness. This was at its worse at night, and frequently woke me up in the early hours when I had to stand up or sit upright to breathe. There was no release of phlegm attached to these symptoms.
Avatar f tn Within a few days of arriving in the UK, I began to experience a mild chest tightness that wouldnt ease with taking asthma inhalers. i suffered with the tightness for about the first 4 weeks of my 5 week hoilday there. it was strange because after 4 weeks of continous tightness, one morning i woke up and it felt as if a large weight had been lifted from my chest and it felt as though i could breath freely and normally as i did in the past. I was happy!
Avatar f tn among what I've already said, chest tightness can be a symptom because we simply are not taking in enough oxygen to expand our lungs and the build up of carbon dioxide just makes that feeling more intense because our lungs WANT to expand and get rid of that crap. Please consider some therapy and do some research on Yogic breathing either on the Net or from a good beginners book. (Or take a class.........most experienced Yoga instructors know and understand about "anxious breathing!
Avatar n tn It has been always five weeks since I was discharged from hospital now and since then I have developed chest tightness in the central region each time I take a deep breath. I also notice that I now feel tire easily and can't do any strenous work as my chest area feel kind of tight and tender. The latest x-ray results (two days ago) showed nothing and the nurse told me that my lungs are all clear. But right now as I write, I feel something not normal with my chest as it feels tight.
Avatar n tn I have extreme tightness in my chest off and on. I went to the Doctor and he did an ekg which was normal and said my lungs were perfectly clear. He believes the tightness is stress related and put me on an anti-depressant. I just got out of an extremely stressful situation and yet the tightness in the chest and shortness of breath is back. I am constantly using my albuteral and sometimes an over the counter bronkaid. I also use advair occasionally.
Avatar n tn Heart burn/indigestion is often a sign of acid reflux from the stomach, which can occur at rest or with exercise, and is often associated with asthma. The most worrisome causes of chest pain, shortness of breath and tightening of the chest would be disease of the blood vessels of the heart, also known as coronary artery disease (CAD), and blood clots to the lungs, also known as pulmonary emboli (PE).
Avatar n tn it's all in the lungs and chest. I couldn't even run today without feeling a pressure in my chest and lungs. It persists more in my lungs...but if it's not my lung it's my chest vica versa. I am very concerned. I just want to know what's up.
Avatar n tn Hello and hope you are doing well. Your symptoms could be due to Asthma. Cough, chest tightness and breathlessness the three symptoms are the triad of symptoms for Asthma. It is a disease affecting the lungs causing narrowing of the airways, usually due to an allergic reaction to triggering factors. Therapy is with bronchodilators which cause the airways to dilate.
203342 tn?1328740807 She also has some chest tightness. She sounded terrible today when I called her. I'm worried because she had 3 stints put in her heart about 3 years ago and has heart disease. Could the chest congestion have anything to do with her heart? I'm just a little worried about her and wondered. Thanks for any info on this.
Avatar f tn What in the world could be causing this tightness in my throat and chest? It almost feels like the swelling in my throat comes and goes.
1014527 tn?1251061098 Things seems to have slightly improved for a small amount of time but I could never shake off this tightness of chest/tightness on full breathing. One concern was I had thick, yellow-dark yellow mucus for a few days straight at work(I work as a stocker overnight/around dust/etc.) and my temperature was fine. As well as this discomfort in my chest which is located about dead square middle of my breast cavity, sometimes in the ribcage/sternum with sensitivity touching below the sternum.
Avatar n tn i have a question, i have been having a tightness in my chest for the last week and a half. What I have been feeling can be described as this: diffuculty breathing or just hard to catch my breathe ( especially when sitting up or standing, easier to breathe when lying down) When i first noticed this it was very very mild,but i it got worse after being around cigar smoke. I went to the doctor last wednesday, just to make sure i didn't have phemonia or nothing like that.
Avatar f tn Hey all...Has anyone had chest and throat tightness as a side? Is it possibly a sign of worsening anemia? I'm due on Wed to get next labs done. (1 week since last ones that showed a sudden drop in HCT, WBC, and slighly in HGB..) Anemia sides still the same..(Out of breath, heart palpitations, fatigue with minimal activity, occasional dizzies, etc...)...Should I move up lab draw? (Starting week #4...first vl Wed!) I'm confident it isn't a heart attack or anxiety...
Avatar n tn Currently have no other symptoms, such as tiredness, weakness, dizziness, coughing or noticable wheezing--just this chest tightness and pain. Have studied symptoms for several of the respiratory disorders mentioned in this site, & it seems that I could be experiencing one of them and will indeed get it checked. Question first ... about 2 yrs ago, I had back surgery at L4-L5 for a ruptured disc--lots of sciatic pain, nerve damage to my right foot and weakness in the right leg.
Avatar n tn You should be concerned about tightness in your chest that lasts for about 3 hours. Such a symptom is inherently, very worrisome. Pulmonary embolism is most unlikely since you are not getting an intravenous injection. Bleeding from the injection site is of no harm. However the injected anabolic steroids may contain contaminants or impurities. Any of these could be effecting your heart and causing the tightness in your chest. This would be serious.
Avatar m tn I feel like I got tightness in the center of my chest like the top part of my lungs wont open up... I don't have to much of a cough or mucus production and no fever. But I do have asthma and do smoke since I was 18 and am now 21. I asked him if he thought I had COPD or something like that and he said no because my lung capacity was at 96 percent he also stated that he didnt think I had anything serious. I am just worried that now it might be something serious now cause it wont go away...
213398 tn?1202674074 Micheal, I got the butterfly feeling in my chest, it follow with few beats, big dumps and tightness. My tightness in the chest can last half a day long. I discovered it could be a LBBB. Just my discovery. As everyone has LBBB is being told it is harmful and the Drs "DON'T CARE". I learn to live with it. Have a run, power walk or strong coffee. You may have luck!
Avatar f tn I am hoping for some reassurance. I have been having chest tightness, stomach complaints since early summer. No specific reason brought this on. Multiple providers along with blood work, diagnostic testing and even an upper endoscope last week all have come back negative except for a small sliding hiatal hernia with mild reflux. All the physicians feel that it could be anxiety/panic, but I cannot get out of my mind the physical symptoms I feel.
Avatar f tn I've had this hacking dry cough for 3-4 weeks now and it started getting worse a few days ago. When I breathe in too deeply my chest/lungs tighten and the cough hurts. When I breathe the air feels very cold. What could this be? I don't cough up anything, it just won't go away. It all started when I was eating and a friend made me laugh and I sucked the food in wrong- is it possible to get food in your lung? I also have pains in my neck and back- is it connected?
Avatar n tn having tried almost everything my chest now seems almost asthmatic ,is this the gastric contents washing up into my lungs,as in previous posts,my chest xray normal endoscomy normal,however ph 24 hour test showed esophigal spasm and lower muscle problem,I am going back to gastro doc next week,is there any meds he can give me to stop the chest tightness,I am on full ppi
Avatar n tn after a sinus xray, my doctor told me i had congenitally small sinuses. im 27 now, and for years i've felt like i have trouble breathing, in that i feel like im not getting enough air to my lungs. i have chest tightness and difficulty getting a full breath in and out. i had an "abnormal pulmonary function test" as well recently. my question is, could these small sinuses cause the feeling of breathing trouble in my chest?
Avatar n tn 1 week and I was still having severe chest pain, tightness and shortness if breath. My OB then suggested a pulmonologist, who took me off all the other remedies and put me on Advair 500 2xs day, Spiriva inhailer 1x day, sigulair 1 a day, and albuterol inhailer for emergenies. 2 weeks and was back in the ER. Went back to pulmonologist and he put me on Advair 250, Prednisone 10 days, still singulair (not related, I am hypothy and take synth 100).
Avatar f tn For the past 3 months or so I have had this tightness in my chest and throat! Its horrible! There is NO pain, just the uncomfortable feeling that I aint getting enough air! I went to the doctor a few weeks back, bloods were normal, ecg normal, oxygen was 98%! And lungs and chest sounded clear through stethascope!had 2 ECGS,2 oxygen tests, I am a constant worrier,always thinking I'm dying when in reality I'm probably not! Does any1 else have this problem and know how to ease the feeling?
Avatar m tn Let me know how you feel after 21 days. Bhastrika pranayam - Take a long deep breath into the lungs(chest not tummy) via the nose and then completely breathe out through the nose. Place your fists, with the thumb pointing up, on the the legs, above the the knee, and do bhastrika for two minutes.Repeat this a) with the fists upside down, so that the thumb is pointing down, and resting on the legs, b) with the thumb pointing inwards c) with the thumb pointing outwards.
Avatar n tn I would like to know what causes this because it doesn't always happen, but when it does I can't sleep since the tightness of the chest gets worse as it gets later. Very uncomfortable. Wish I had insurance to go and get checked. Hopefully someone might have been diagnosed and can shed some light.
Avatar m tn Additionally, when my chest feels tight, I have this VERY HIGHLY ANNOYING and uncomfortable tightness all over my chest, sometimes the feeling extends into my lower throat and rib cage, even my abdomen feels tight at times when I try to breath. But it's mostly in my chest wall over my central heart area. I don't really feel short on breath necessarily, but again it's like my chest wall has become stiff or something.