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368646 tn?1208397487 It is a cream that helps reduce the scar and I used it on my thyroid scar and my daughter's stitches .... it has some items like onion and rose I think in it too, but cannot quote me.
Avatar n tn A few days later, an ectopic pregnancy was discovered and a tube removed. For this procedure, laparoscopy was started but abandoned due to excessive scar tissue, and full surgery was performed to 'clean up'. I am 42 now and have had extremely light 2-day periods since 35! My 'normal' period' used to be 6 days, with 4 days of heavy flow. I used to have hotflashes 5 yrs ago but stopped with lighter nightclothes. I've started dry patches near my nose and mouth. I have no other symptoms.
Avatar f tn ) than the diameter of an eraser of a pencil. Is it possible that this is scar tissue from the FNA? Again, It did not appear for at least 2 weeks until after the FNA. OR (as my imagination soars!) can performing an FNA of a goiter cause it to grow?
324691 tn?1302555442 You may have enough thyroid tissue left to produce hormones because the TT was not a TT. With your parathyroids and your vocal cords involved, a TT is a medical impossibility. They may call the operation a total thyroidectomy, but a total thyroidectomy involves RAI to finish the job. You may have enough gland remaining to produce hormones. You cannot grow enough additional thyroid gland in a few months to produce hormones. The doctor is either ignorant or covering up the truth.
Avatar n tn Additionally, he has other health problems (chronic pain from debilitating back problems, i.e. 3 surgeries with fusion, plus scar tissue from surgeries, severe osteoarthritis, diabetes, heart problems, etc.). He has not yet been diagnosed with Hashimoto's. The FNP at the clinic is astounded that there was no evidence of the existence of thyroid tissue. If there's no thyroid tissue, where did it go, what happened to it, etc. Since the panic attacks, etc.
Avatar n tn After a year and half my scar has settled down and some redness has faded. It's a lot less noticable but it still shows. I was just wondering about this very thing earlier today. I was flipping through the TV and came across the show 'Jag.' I never saw it before and knew nothing of the actress until I had this thyroid experience. I guess she had her thyroid either operated on or removed due to cancer. I don't know how long it had been but I could definitely see the scar there on her neck.
Avatar n tn I was wondering if some kind of stretching exercise's might help but I've been wondering about scar tissue myself lately. I find it more noticeable lately because I've had some throat inflammation due to a sinus infection. It's reminds me of the sensation I had before I had my nodule removed. I was hoping it would go away in time... Maybe not? Anyone else?
324691 tn?1302555442 Seems I might have a very small pitutary tumor that was missed. Not all of my thyroid was removed because of prior scar tissue, so there are a few cells left. So the tumor that was causing the problem is still in my throat, only its just a tiny piece. The type of tumor I had caused my thyroid to grow rapidly. It was like having three thyroids on top of each other. It makes sense that if anything was left behind, its still growing. I'll keep you posted.
485028 tn?1222133202 I am just ready to throw my hands up in the air and give up. I was dx with hypothyroidism in jan or feb of 08 then hashimotos then a nodule then cancer surgery for a total thyroidectomy by may RAI in June and here I am still with the horrible symptom that made me so persistant in the first place. Since about january I have had a feeling like someone was holding there index and middle finger and firmly pressing on my trachea area it does not worsten or get better with anything.
Avatar n tn My dh has had major major issues with this scar on my neck and I have felt like it is healing pretty well so far (3 months) but if your's is still showing noticably after 7 years that worries me. Is yours still redish-purple or raised or what? Did they do it in the fold of the neck, like in a natural line? Sorry, totally freaking me out, my hubby has really struggled with this, thus causing me some major self consiousness too.
Avatar n tn As far as where the drain was my surgeon told me that one is always the last to go, and i should rub the oil on it as hard as possible to help break up the scar tissue. It has worked nicely for me it is not noticeable at all anymore. I'm sorry i don't recall when your surgery was but make sure whatever lotion you use is ok with your doctor and that you are not doing it to soon after surgery.
Avatar m tn Anyway that being the case, I guess the RAI wasn't strong enough to kill all the thyroid tissue?
1170388 tn?1263324845 Hi i had a sub-total, for graves disease in 1998, and was only supposed to be left with a tiny bit left, however last year i started having swallowing problems, along with over active symptoms, and when i had a ultrasound they said i had a nodule on the right lobe, which was the size of a normal thyroid lobe, Graves disease causes thyroid tissue to swell, and maybe grow again. Ive just had my second surgery to this . I would also love to know if the thyroid could grow back and why?
Avatar n tn This would be unusual timing for scar tissue to start causing problems (but possible). Would talk to your general doctor for a complete work-up as it may have nothing to do with the thyroid surgery history.
8459938 tn?1398215826 2- they now say my daughter has thickening around the thyroid causing size and its scar tissue they say isthmus thickness 0.2cm.. I am not so sure. I'm frustrated this has been a three year thing with Drs arguing to take it out. It says thicker wall and thicker septations compared to prior study. She also has developed in the left lobe another lesion measuring 2mm. So right lobe measures 4.8x1.2x1.6cm. My mom has had hers taken out as a teen her right side.
393685 tn?1425816122 I have struggled with my Thyroide for the last six years, I have now been diagnosed with Thyroid Antibodies and to be honest do not really know what all this is about. I have had my thyroxine upped from 225 to 250 due to my TSH level shooting up to 18. I have also been told that I have very little hope of getting pregnant, I have been trying for over two years now.
Avatar n tn As for the pain, I can't comment as you don't say why you had the TT. Could be growth of scar tissue, some sort of cancer or thyroid re-growth. Just don't have enough info.
Avatar n tn ANd two biopsies (HURT LIKE HELL) After having scar tissue in there!! They came back with over 3 TG inside the node what ever that means. So I say surgery AGAIN for number three, or a BIG *** does of RAI! Sorry for the laung!!! What a trip it has been. I was hopeing this year 2009 would give me a little rest but noooooooo. So I am on the lets wait and see in three months if the lung tumor is growing or not and then check the nodes in three months?? Who knows I am just sick of it. Plain sick.
Avatar n tn I am very prone to scar problems and they actually advised me only to have my other half of thyroid removed if absolutely necessary bcz there is a risk of scar tissue (adhesions) forming and in my case can cause more problems than my other half of thyroid left intact.
Avatar f tn Like they did in the first place telling me it was acid re-flux and nothing to do with my thyroid. Any advice for me? Oh and my hormone levels are high even though my medication has not been adjusted at all, I have been on synthroid for about 6 years now.
Avatar m tn I once worked with a girl who had overactive thyroid and she would have a little drop of clear fluid appear at base of her throat like a little tear drop everyday - she eventually had surgery for her thyroid but dont know if she had problem continue - funny I was just thinking of her the other day - sorry I'm no help - very sad you turned down job - find good endocrinologist doc and check w/ good primary care for different opinions and see what they say - maybe it is something very simple or rou
Avatar n tn I got an MRI of my brain and they said it showed some scarring that I should make an appointment with the Neurologist. Does this mean that I have lesions? I can not find much info on scarring. I have never had a seizure or trauma to the head but my head feels pretty heavy right now and a pressure like feeling, on top of the pain. What could this mean?
Avatar n tn is still a cut as I just had my lobectomy on Mon, but I'm sure its even a MORE sensitive area than the tummy - so give it time! Also, there may still be some scar tissue underneath, so massaging it with vitamin E before bed is a great idea to loosen that tissue up!
174468 tn?1300063128 What is your professional opinion of using iodine to assist with nodules and/or thyroid issues, along with vitamins? Could the addition of T3 help to shrink some of these nodules? Why, is SO MANY instances of discovering nodules nothing but surgery is ever done? Thank you.
Avatar n tn i am a 57 y/o female. in follow-up to sonorogram performed in 2006 and 2009 in which 7 nodules were identified, a sonogram performed last week indicates there to now be 8 nodules in the right lobe of my thyroid. in addition to the 8th nodule, there is some growth noted in the previous nodules. the 2009 report references color flow in 3 nodules last year; the 2010 report makes no reference to color flow (same technician/radiologist performed both sogograms). 1.14 (length) x 0.
Avatar m tn Very bumpy, uncontrollable itching, looks like a burn as if it is in my scar tissue. It appeared on my leg and lower back. For a few days it was all over my body and looked like small pox. Now it is staying primarily on my leg and lower back. Unfortunately I do not have insurance at this time. I have been to four doctors, two of whom are dermatologists and they have thrown the book at me as far as medicine and treatments.
Avatar f tn Hello anyone, well I am just starting with all these thyroid questions. I will be having surgery next week to have my thyroid removed, I am still waiting to find out if it is cancer! Should know in a day or two. Does anyone have any advise one what I am going to get hit with. I have goiter and nodules, and was told my thyroid has just burned out. I am 33 and a busy mom, I would love to know how the surgery is down time all that good stuff, also how about the voice when it is over??
1157646 tn?1343970728 I did this after shoulder reconstruction and found pricking the oil capsules and spreading on the scar worked wonders. The gentle massaging also kept the scar tissue at bay and both shoulder recos turned out fine (my scar is approx. 6 inches over the shoulder).
Avatar n tn after on of my thyroid with mass attach to the tissue if attempt to swallow saliva i a jacking feeling as if the stitches clos to my treachea will respond This discussion is related to <a href=''>Half Thyroid Removed (right side) due to Nodules/Cysts</a>.
Avatar m tn After my first surgery went to get radioactive iodine treatment and was told surgeon left 10% thyroid tissue in and I needed another surgery to have it removed before I could get the treatment. Second surgery was unsuccessful due to all the scar tissue and swelling. Now, they have a great idea to give me several small doses of radiation, the very thing they talked me out of before the second surgery. Now at a stand still until I can figure out what to next, any suggestions?