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Avatar n tn I recently have been diagnosed with carotidynia and at the same time found out I had two 5 mm. cysts on my thyroid. It appears that my thyroid has grown since the last US and the cysts were previously categorized as colloid and now the report says that they are septated. What is septated thyroid cysts? and is there any correlation between thyroid problems and carotidynia? Thanks.
Avatar f tn 31YEAROLD POSTPARTUM FEMALE WITH 1 CM    RIGHTSIDED THYROID NODULE.        TECHNIQUE: Grayscale and color flow images of the thyroid were    acquired.        FINDINGS:     The right lobe of the thyroid gland measures 6.5 x 2.2 x 2.3 cm.    The left lobe measures 6.5 x 2.2 x 2.3 cm. The isthmus measures    4 mm.        There are multiple nodules in both the right and the left lobe.        On the right, there is a complex cyst which measures 1.6 x 1.2 x    1.6 cm.
Avatar n tn Thank you so much for ressponding. I've been refreshing for an hour, lol! So, if I understand correctly, if my next blood test is the same regarding TPO an TG, it's not Hashi's? Is it possible that this is just thyroiditis? Am I getting the right treatment (no FNA, only Inderal and repeat blood tests next month)? The RAI Scan was normal, as it was 31% on a scale of 6 to 35% being "Normal Range", and found no masses.
Avatar f tn I'm very sorry for your daughter's multiple issues. "Fluid-filled cavities (cysts) in the thyroid most commonly result from degenerating thyroid adenomas. Often, solid components are mixed with fluid in thyroid cysts. Cysts are usually benign, but they occasionally contain malignant solid components." Please note that it says "cysts are usually benign".
Avatar n tn There are two focal leasions in the right thyroid lobe measured by the sonographer......cysts area noted in the upper pole of the right thyroid lobe measuring 6.9mm by 3.2mm by 7.1mm. Tiny hypoechoic area which is likely cystic noted in the lower pole of the left thyroid lobe measuring 2.5mm by 1.7mm by 2.1mm. The left thyroid lobe measures 4.7cm by 1.4cm by 1.3 cm. Two separate lesions measured in the left thyroid lobe.
Avatar f tn I found out a month ago that I have an enlarged thyroid with multiple cysts that measure 5 mm. All of my bloodwork (Free Thyroxin, Sensitive TSH, Anti-thyroid Microsomal, Thyroglobulin, TSI) has come back within normal ranges. I had a thyroid scan and uptake done and there appeared no hot or cold spots. Although the uptake did reveal high numbers and they asked me to come back in 24 hours to repeat that and it was still high.
Avatar f tn Within the inferior left thyroid lobe there is a 2.4 x 2.2 x 1.7 cm hypoechoic nodule. Additionally, 2 complex cysts are identified within the mid medial left thyroid lobe, measuring 8 x 6 x 3 mm and 8 x 7 x 4 mm. No enlarged nodes or masses are seen adjacent to the thyroid. Impression: Bilateral thyroid nodules are identified as detailed above.
Avatar f tn the thyroid gland is heterogeneous in echotexture with the right lobe measuring 5.2x2.5x1.4 cm.left lobe measuring 5.1x2.5x1.5 cm. there are multiple complex nodules and cysts seen of the thyroid gland bilaterally. the largest is a complex cyst seen at the superior pole on the right measuring 2 cm in maximum dimension.follow up examination is recommended. can anyone please tell me what this means?? is it cancerous??? i dont see my doctor for 2 weeks and thats a long time to wait...
Avatar n tn measures 1.3 x 0.7 x 1.1 cm = .512 inches (1/2inch+). IMPRESSION: Multiple bilateral thyroid nodules RECOMMEND: Follow-up thyroid ultrasound in six months. Any help or input is welcome and gratefully received... I don't know where to start.
4699693 tn?1358126018 7 cm w/ at least 4 discrete subcentimeter lesions in the right thyroid lobe. Some have songraphic features consistent with cysts while some are solid nodules. There is also a 0.9x0.7x0.6 cm hypo to anechoic focus in the mid pole of the right thyroid lobe which may represent a complex septated cyst versus 2 adjacent cysts. the left thyroid lobe measures 1.9 x 5.2 x 1.3 cm with subcentimeter solid nodules present. the thyroid isthmus is 0.4 cm in diameter.
Avatar f tn 1. Thyroid nodules, stable since 01/09/2013 are highly likely benign. Okay, so as you can see my 2.5CM cyst has shrunk by quite a lot. However, it is now predominantly cystic with some solid components (I have other records that state this.) It also now has ill-defined margins, when it always had well-defined margins in the prior studies. I am aware of the other tiny nodules, as those have been present for years.
205009 tn?1218563328 I had a lap with removal of several large cysts from my R ovary on Aug 6th. Some of these symptoms pre-date that and some are post. I have had my thyroid evaluated and everything came back normal. I have addressed some issues as they have come up (burning eyes, voice loss). My concern lies in that perhaps they are related and this is not being noticed. I am concerned I may have Crohn's or IBS or . . .?
Avatar n tn I am a 45yof w/severe hoarsness, R ear pain, fullness in the throat-rapid pulse-palpatations-insomnia-exhaustion-extreme nervousness-and inability to think clearly X 7 weeks. My GP ordered an US & it showed multiple cysts w necrosis I was then sent to an ENT & he ordered a CT which showed 3-4 small cysts. He has scoped my throat twice & states that there is some iritation to the vocal cords & put me on Prilosec for acid reflux which I have been on for 3.5 weeks.
1405518 tn?1281157568 Hello, I have thyroid multi-nodular goiter, normal lab work but with complex & solid nodules. The one time they tried to biopsy in Aug 2010, the Endo hit something he shouldn't have & I ended up with a massive hematoma in ICU. Due to that incident, they didn't want to touch me for about 5 months so I could properly heal. While waiting, I had CT's, MRI's & US's which showed 4 enlarged lymph nodes around the thyroid that have not went away.
1181220 tn?1305124109 After being diagnosed with Papillary Thyroid Cancer in June 2005 and undergoing two surgeries and two rounds of radiation I just found out that I have had cysts that have appeard since June 2008 and my endocronologist never told me. So I had all my record forwarded to the Cancer Treatment Center of America in Zion IL they have had a surgeon look at the records and he requested a Thyroglobluin blood test. This came back yesterday at 2.1 My T3 and T4's are both reading well.
Avatar n tn And I have to tell ya,I also have Multiple Sclerosis(newly diagnoised with that also).I have been suffering with hip pain, bloating, twinges, an espeially leg spasms.I feel like I'm six months pregnant.All this time I thought that my muscle cramps, which is in both legs, were due to the ms.But to my surprize, i'm see that everone is suffering from the same thing. I have an appointment with my Gyno on March 7, to have another vus done.I've had many operations already etc.
Avatar m tn After doing a pelvic exam ER told me that probably one of my cysts on my left ovary had ruptured so he prescribed me with pain meds. At the beginning of the week I went to the ER due to rectal bleeding that I had been experiencing for a few weeks. ER checked me again for rectal bleeding, tested positive for blood. ER doc told me that my nausea, bloating and possible rectal bleeding is associated with an ulcer that I have developed and prescribed me ulcer medication.
Avatar f tn IMPRESSION Multiple nodules in an enlarged thyroid gland. This would be in keeping with multinodular goiter. Correlation with thyroid function studies and/or nuclear scintigraphy is recommended. My TSH was on the lower end of the range but is not below so the doctor says not to worry about the TSH results.Just to have it checked every 6 months. But that was before they found the nodules. Not sure what to do since I no longer have insurance. Please help.
Avatar f tn All but one are completely black with a white center. One is grayish with the bright white center still. One of the lymph nodes is gray with no white center.
Avatar n tn They did not do any blood tests. Is it normal to have one cyst on your thyroid and then years later there are multiple cysts? Should I get a second opinion from an ENT?
Avatar f tn My mum was diagnosed in late 2007, and recently her scan showed multiple cysts and a small mass onn her thyroid. i've checked with her doctor, and he says tt a recurrence in the thyroid is very rare. but i think it is quite suspicious because my mum is also experienceing symptoms like constipation and fatigue, same as her previous symptoms prior to the diagnosis in 2007. i do hope ur thyroid biopsy was ok? if u dun mind, maybe we can share information on this together.
168348 tn?1379360675 Simple aspiration of the fluid content of thyroid cysts is ineffective as thyroid cysts usually recur. Our study provides evidence that PEI is a safe, effective, and curative treatment for benign cystic thyroid nodules." This technique is a simple interventional procedure performed under ultrasound guidance by inserting a special needle inside the thyroid cyst. After aspirating the fluid content of the cyst [using the syringe], the physician injects a small amount of 95% ethanol.
Avatar f tn i spoke with my doctor, who told me i have 3 thyroid complex cysts on the right side of my thyroid. he also mentioned somthing about calcium, didnt make sense. is there something i should be worrid abt? am waithing on my full results from the consultant. can sombody please help me with this. thank you.
Avatar f tn Found out my left ovary is significantly larger than the right with multiple cysts. I'm supposed to go get another ultrasound in 4-6 wks to see if the cysts went away, but also was told to see a gyno to see if anything else needed to be done. Could I have PCOS if my hormone levels were all normal? After bleeding for four weeks, I stopped for about a week and a half, then started bleeding again...I've never had this happen before.
356929 tn?1246393356 bull sh*t!! it has been 4 months since my full hysterectomy, they found multiple cysts on my right ovary with adhesions and my uteris was not flushing so my period blood was not from my uteris but my ovary was somehow bleeding out... mind you i was diagnosed with hypo thyroidism at 23 and was put on synthroid.... after my hysterectomy my thyroid blood tests came back normal, but when i was having an mri they found my thyroid was calcyfying..
393685 tn?1425816122 I have struggled with my Thyroide for the last six years, I have now been diagnosed with Thyroid Antibodies and to be honest do not really know what all this is about. I have had my thyroxine upped from 225 to 250 due to my TSH level shooting up to 18. I have also been told that I have very little hope of getting pregnant, I have been trying for over two years now.
Avatar n tn Dr. Lupo: I recently had US of thyroid showing a 4mm hypoechoic nodule with multiple cysts. My TPOab, TSH, Free T4, T3, etc are in normal range. Cortrosyn stimulation test was normal. My 24hr Urine test for Iodine was in severly deficient range last Feb'07 thru FFP Lab. Recently I redid it but had it done thru Quest Lab and came back in normal range, but doesn't appear to have been stated as using saturation and loading levels like the previous one did.
Avatar n tn This is not subacute thyroiditis - it is chronic thyroiditis (Hashimoto's) which look similar on ultrasound. Anyway, you have subclinical hypothyroidism -- high TSH with normal T4 and T3. This should likely be treated as it may increase reflux/gastroparesis if untreated as well as have a negative impact on brain, heart and cholesterol processing.
Avatar n tn I have had multiple blood tests run and a Ct scan and transvaginal sono done. I have lost weight like crazy. I went from a size 8 to a size 2. in a matter of months. I can lose 3.5 lbs in just 2 weeks and I eat good nutritious foods. I drink lots of water. I spoke to a nurse at my doctor's office today and she said a small complex cyst was spotted on my right ovary. That is all she said. Can you please tell me what exactly that is and what I need to do for it?
Avatar n tn But it's been acting up since I had my son six months ago. Last Jan 2008 I had a CT scan with no abnormalities in the thyroid. My TSH levels were normal throughout my pregnancy and also normal at my post-natal check-up. I just had blood drawn two months ago which also came back normal. Two weeks ago, I switched my PCP and she ran TSH and it came back 99.570. She doubled my synthroid and it went down to 48.9 and also scheduled me for an ultrasound.