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Avatar f tn I went to the hospital immediately they told me I had uvulitis gave me prednisone and told me to take benadryl. I did the whole 5 days of prednisone the sore throat went away and the uvula went down a bit. Then around the middle of June I noticed it felt like something was stuck in my throat I looked and my tonsils seemed to be really swollen but no pain. At that time I had no health insurance so I couldn't get to the doctor. I gargled with salt water and the swelling went down some.
Avatar f tn t think this is anything unexpected/unusual for the thyroid surgery I had, I just want to know if there is something else I could be doing to help! Besides sore throat/uvula and incision site on neck, I feel pretty good now. I am going to try to lie down for a bit and see if that helps decrease the swelling.
Avatar n tn I'm not saying difficulty swallowing as in the uvula itself is blocking things, but my throat is. I've had difficulty swallowing for about 2 months. Did blood tests which were fine, x-ray that showed nothing and acid reflux meds that did nothing. Other symptoms are that I felt something in my throat sometimes, which I've now found out was the uvula, and ear pain sometimes. I'm going to an ENT for an endoscopy or barium swallow in 2 weeks.
1569575 tn?1314424059 For the past three weeks, I've had problems with pain in my throat. Not soreness, but legitimate pain, like a stabbing sensation in the base of my tongue that extends to above my uvula and about halfway down my throat. It's even affecting my ears and making it very difficult for me to get restful sleep. Since this started about 4 days ago, I've gotten about half as much sleep as I usually do.
Avatar m tn I am sooooo frustrated and I am in severe pain! I had a septoplasty done 5 days ago and they damaged my uvula and throat. GRrrrrr...... I thought the majority of my pain would result from the actual surgery. I didn't feel the major discomfort immediately after my surgery. The awkward feeling in my throat was felt upon waking up the next morning. I could barely swallow as I could feel my uvula rest on the back of my tongue and when I looked to see it was half white????
Avatar m tn This continued for a while the doctor wasnt concerned and said it should sort itself out, it didnt recently my uvula has swollen and it is touching the back of my tongue.
Avatar f tn I have bumps in my throat behind my uvula, my uvula seems a little red as does the palate around it. Both sides of my throat by the uvula are swollen and I don't know if my tonsils are swollen or not but it looks as if so. There is a bit of white patches on both sides of throat by uvula. Also my tongue is always dry! I don't know exactly what's wrong. Anyone have any idea?
Avatar n tn I have read so many forums on home remedies most say wait it out, until I had the uvula swell I was fine with that. Most of the forums that talk about the uvula swelling contribute it to drinking alcholol, but I dont drink. They also say see a DR. if it lasts more than 2 days, but reply that the DR. just gave them prednisone which I can get. Please someone help, Going crazy worring about it all..
Avatar f tn I have had a sometimes severe sore throat for over a month. Had a scope put down my throat and the doctor says everything is growths, nodules, infection, etc. He suggested that maybe I had a virus and to come back in 6 weeks if the pain was still there and then he would repeat the procedure to see if there was a change. The pain does lessen sometimes but then comes back with a vengence. Mostly it is on the right side and, of course, the ears are also involved.
Avatar m tn I’m on my 10th day post op but the uvula has been about half inch off from the center amd swollen from day 1 and it’s remained that way ever since despite all the scabs having fallen off already and otherwise little pain by now. I also saw small scab in the base of the uvula indicating that they have cut into it during surgery, perhaps accidentally. I can’t swallow properly due to the deviation and swelling.
Avatar n tn He does have what appears to me to be an elongated uvula (drags the back of his tongue) but he says it feels like he has something in the back of his throat that needs coughed up. Nothing ever does come up and he has no nasal drip. I've looked at his throat and everything looks good. Nothing swollen. Could this just be from his uvula? Should I take him to an ENT? Our doctor just brushed it off last time I mentioned it.
Avatar f tn I had my tonsils removed over 2 weeks ago and well my uvula is still swollen and I am not able to eat much. I wish I can fast forward 2 months in the future to get the swelling down. I so understand your position though. What I have heard from others is that it can take months for the uvula to get back into proper psition. Hang in there. All the best. If you are still uncertain then maybe see the ENT who did the surgery to explain things.
Avatar f tn You didn't say anything about your age, weight/build.. do you suffer from sleep apnea? How confident are you that you can tell (looking in a mirror?) if your uvula is swollen? I, an older person, have been told by a Pulmonary doctor that I have some minor blockage in the throat, I don't recall the uvula being mentioned.
Avatar n tn Immediately after I noticed my throat was very sore (for obvious reasons). I shined a light into my throat and my uvula (dangly thing at the back of throat) was extremely red and had what looked like a cut or slice into it. I didn't think much of it and after a day or so the pain went away, as well as the cut. Here I am today, and for the last 3 to 4 days I have been having flu like symptoms...achy skin, always tired, and bad stomach pains and pretty severe diarrhea.
Avatar f tn I woke up this am with a sore throat. Felt like something in back of my throat. The roof of my mouth is white, and the uvula is swollen and almost touching the back of my tongue. I feel like I should keep swallowing. Never happened before. No new foods, meds, etc.
Avatar f tn Behind where my tonsils used to be is something like a skin flap, but on one side it goes down from the very base of the uvula, but on the other side, it goes down from a bit lower, about half way down from the back of the uvula, so the opening to my throat/distance from skin to uvula is almost twice as big on the one side, and the uvula is being pulled to the other side by that bigger skin flap. Why is that happening? Did the doctors cut more skin on one side?
Avatar n tn Okay, so I woke up in the middle of the night, causing me to wake up was barley being able to swallow my own spit and my throat was as if I had sore. I looked in the mirror and it figures my uvula is sitting on my tongue. Its harder to breath as well. Any help from anyone?
Avatar m tn I'm 19 years old. Almost 2 months ago I woke up and noticed my uvula was long, it resting on my tongue was very uncomfortable. I waited a few days before saying anything to anyone to see if it would go down on its own. When I finally got checked out I was diagnosed with mono. I didn't have any high fever, And my throat wasn't sore in the traditional since(pain when swallowing or eating) but the irritation from my uvula touching my tongue is driving me crazy.
Avatar n tn At first, I felt the pain of my uvula so I was to doctor and after endoscopic observation, he said everything is okay. But now my uvula is okay most of the time but when I play or try to breathe out air with pressure there appeared to bump on my neck and after longer playing it is also painful. When I don't play for a while it is almost okay. I did a little bit of research what could it be and I ended up with these possibilities: pharyngocele or laryngocele.
Avatar n tn It is horizontally center with the uvula but vertically underneath it. It would appear to be like some kind of mass, rather than an ulcer on the back/wall of my mouth as shining a light against it produces a shadow. It also appears to have blood vessels. In the past couple days I have noticed a slight pain when I swallow and can feel something back there.
Avatar n tn After about 3-4 days of being together with a lady i got a throat problem, I did not have a sore throat, it was more like swelling around neck, neck glands were swollen and I had a really bad case of swollen uvula and some redness around it with some small white patches. I am typically non-drinker and do not smoke. But on holidays, I did have around 5-7 tonics each night going out.
Avatar m tn It started out with me lying in bed, in the beginning of June, I remember lying there and feeling a lump in my throat, like I could swallow. I rushed to the ER, they said it was my uvula and that it was swollen (it really wasn't) and sent me off with some medicine. I went to the ER 3 days after that, and they tested me and also claimed it was my "swollen uvula". But, they also did a chest and throat x-ray, a swab of my throat, and some blood work, all came back fine.
Avatar n tn The pain is substantial but the worst thing is the size of my uvula. It is taking up about 90 % of my throat. It is almost the size of a golf ball (no kidding). I was warned about pain but not how big this would get. Is this anything to worry about. IT affects my breathing while lying down and i still cant talk at all. I have been looking on the internet but can't find any pics comparable to the size of this thing. Any suggestions?
Avatar m tn I have given oral sex to a guy and during the first couple of days i had some pain in my throat. on the 4th day, i noticed a small spot on my uvula and i'm worried that it might be an STD. It has the same colour as my uvula and it makes me feel uncomfortable every time that i swallow. I am aware that most STDs need about 2 weeks in order to show symptoms, but if it's not an STD, what might have caused this?
Avatar m tn My daughter has had a cough for a few weeks and is now complaining of having a sore throat. So of course I get out the flashlight and look in her throat. When she sticks her tongue out what looks like another tongue sticks up and curls at the back of her tongue. YUCK!!! I am planning on taking her to the doctor in the morning but wanted to know if anyone could shed some light on this for me. Thanks!!!
Avatar f tn The back of my throat next to my uvula is a pink round bump. Doesn’t hurt doctor said it was nothing but clearly looking online the back of people’s throats are smooth and mine isn’t.