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7729616 tn?1393795492 * The thyroid ultrasound I had done in February 2012 showed the thyroid had another blood supply and I have been told that this is indicative of cancer/lymphoma. This blood supply has since gone as the repeat ultrasound done in March of this year showed nothing. I'm now under the impression this has now moved. * I have since developed pains in my right breast, 2 lumps in the same breast, and dull pains in my back, shoulder blade and ribcage.
Avatar n tn If there are atypical lymphocytes then doing flow cytometry on the FNA specimen would help determine the risk of it being a lymphoma. The previous radiation exposure is more risky for primary thyroid cancer and not lymphoma. Perhaps a core needle biopsy of the suspicious nodules would give more info & insist that flow cytometry is done on the specimen -- if there is still a question of lymphoma then there is not choice but to recommend surgery for a definitive diagnosis.
909102 tn?1258799033 If the doctor is concerned about the lymphoma spreading to the thyroid, or subsequent thyroid cancer (which is possible with high level radiation to the thyroid gland), thyroid removal is routine and the thyroid medications are very effective for treating those of us without thyroid glands.
Avatar f tn The primary situation in which lymphoma occurs in the thyroid would be a patient with Hashimoto's thyroiditis. I would check thyroid antibodies to confirm this. I would review the ultrasound findings with the endocrinologist to see if this would be consistent with lymphoma and I would consider a repeat biopsy for flow cytometry to help make a diagnosis of lymphoma. Your are correct, lymphoma is treated differently than papillary thyroid cancer and often does not require surgery.
Avatar f tn This does not sound like thyroid lymphoma (which is quite rare) but you should have an ultrasound to evaluate the swelling and determine if there is a nodule. Also thyroid labs based on symptoms to see if hypothyroid. Lymphoma usually presents with rapidly enlarging thyroid in the setting of autoimmune thyroid disease -- which is possible here, but not likely.
7964397 tn?1395799383 No, lymphoma would not show up in every node. Lymphoma tends to settle in one node but can spread to several more if not caught early. You might inquire about having a PET/CT scan if you haven't already. With this scan, they inject you with radioactive sugar that cancer cells are attracted to. The scan picks up where this radioactive sugar has settled, lighting your scan up like a Christmas tree, indicating where the cancerous cells are located.
695901 tn?1236189837 s a thyroid lymphoma, it is non-hodgkins lymphoma. It is an aggressive lymphoma so the sooner you have a biopsy, the better. They shouldn't need to do a total thyroidectomy, but a surgical or core biopsy really is the only way to tell. On the positive - while people with Hashimoto's are at an increased risk for thyroid cancers - it is generally pappilary carcinoma - which is highly treatable. Best of luck!
Avatar n tn Lymphoma of the thyroid accounts for 1-3% of thyroid cancers -- overall it is not very common, but is more common in Hashimotos. While surgery is the most definitive way to make certain it is not lymphoma, there is a process called Flow Cytometry that can be performed on the FNA sample to sort out what type of lymphocyte population is present. This may have already been done.
Avatar f tn A third opthalmologist, a professor and expert in thyroid eye disease, was convinced that this unilateral presentation was related to my thyroid disease and wanted to operate immediately. However, due to a poor doctor-patient relationship, I consulted a fourth opthlamologist who was convinced otherwise. Further imaging showed that the frontal sinus mass had returned and was closely adherent to my left medial rectus.
Avatar m tn The most common soft tissue masses in anterior mediastinum are thymomas, teratomas, lymphomas, and ectopic or aberrant thyroid tissue (thyroid not in its place). Yes, they can also be a chain of internal mammary lymph nodes. Please discuss with your specialist regarding the significance of the soft tissue mass. Take care!
Avatar n tn Hello, In May I had bloodwork done which showed an abnormal TSH and that led to an Ultra Sound being done. I was diagnosed with an irregular hypoechoic nodule in my right upper thyroid lobe. An FNA was done which returned with the results of "suspicious for lymphoma". A week later, a thyroidectomy was done. The initial biopsy done at the hospital reported that Hashimoto's disease was found.
909102 tn?1258799033 I have one question relevent with Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma. This is diagnosis of my husband. She was put in december 2008. Since december to may 2009 he is in chemotherapy + Mabthera. (8 infuses) than in june follow 15 procedures of Radiation. I forgot to say that lymphoma is in Neck. After that treatment now in september follow scintigraphy.the doctor fix. that his thyroid gland wasn`t normal and they don`t know is that Lymphom symptomps or is side effect of Radiation?!?!?
1503643 tn?1311518238 Well the thyroglobulin came back and it wasn't high enough to say that the cancer is thyroglobulin. is lymphoma. There it is. Now I see the oncologist on the 19th of this month. I guess I'll just have to wait and see what he has to say. I'm canceling my thyroid uptake on Monday. That's 3-4 grand I don't have anyway. At least now I can concentrate on gaining the tools I need to fight this. I was really hoping it was thyroid so I could do radiation and beat this.
Avatar n tn Dear Dr. Lupo, I have been diagnosed 2 years ago with Hashimoto's thyroiditis based on 2 FNA's and positive thyroid antibody tests. My TSH has been normal so my doctor has not placed me on l-thyroxine so far. I feel like I do have some hypothyroid signs though-lethargy, weight gain, alopecia, muscle aches. I now have 4 nodules, 3 on the right lobe and 1 on the left lobe. The one on the left has grown from 1.5-2.0 cm to 2.3-2.6 cm in the past 6 months.
243059 tn?1202377352 I am wondering if A cat scan would show any signs of lymphoma. I just had one done on May 21 for abdominal pains. I have had many blood tests done and all of my CBC counts came back ok except for my thyroid ( have hashimotos thyroiditis) and liver enzyme was elevated. I had hepatitius panel and that was ruled out. Ultra sound showed some fatty liver. My gastro doctor wants me to go to a hemotologist to have lymphoma ruled out. the mere fact that he suggested that scares me.
Avatar n tn Anterolateral to the right lobe of the thyroid there is a hypodense structure measuring appx 3.5cms in its greatest diameter. Can you shed some light on what this would be as I don't see him for another week and weather it can indicate lymphoma or a form of Thryroid cancer? Any help is greatly appreciated!
Avatar f tn Am starting to think its lymphoma based on its dimensions(14x5)mm, but would it have shown in the thyroid scan it if it was lymphoma? What lymphomas also cause these symptoms?
Avatar n tn Cancers of the thyroid, even lymphomas of the thyroid are generally hypervascular and will not appear as hypo but as hyperdense. Its likely a benign cyst. Best to have yourself evaluated again by your doctor incorporating this finding. Stay positive.
Avatar n tn I had a CT Scan a couple months ago and they found small lymph nodes in the CT. Is this normal? My doctor now is testing me for Lymes Disease, Hodgkin's Lymphoma and doing a pelvic ultrasound and thyroid ultrasound. I have been having night sweats, unexplained fevers, and fatigue. I don't know if all my symptoms are related or not.
Avatar f tn Hello from last 1 month m facing excessive hunger all day even after eating heavy meal , thyroid normal , insulin normal , diabetes is also normal, my all test are normal which cause hunger!! I seriously dont know whats going on with me i thought its related lymphoma because i have fatigue also but full body ct scan is normal no lymphoma! Please help? What was the reason which cause excessive hunger and fatigue?