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Avatar f tn Prior to that I had had problems with thyroid eye disease requring orbital radiotherapy and had unsuccessful radioiodine treatment. My operation was very stressful with complications and I have spent that year getting well. I gave up my job this July as was very stressed. I had noticed that I had been having diarrhoea motions at stressful times then but it settled once I stopped working.
8120829 tn?1408726459 When I search for skin problems and thyroid meds I find many people with dry skin, burning, etc. from levo or tirosint. (That's how I found my way here.) I'm on 75mcg of Tirosint now. The endo is happy with the numbers and is not having me back until January. He said he has never seen anyone with my reaction and believes it is a reaction to the supplements. I didn't have any of these skin problems before taking the medication and it was bad on the higher dose as well.
Avatar n tn Parasthesias are common in alcoholics and metabolic disorders like diabetes, hypothyroidism, and hypoparathyroidismThey can also be due to peripheral vascular disease, vitamin B12 deficiency or malnutrition. Get your blood sugar and thyroid hormones levels evaluated. You can take some vit B12 for some days and see if the tingling is gone or not. In case the symptoms persist then please consult a neurologist as it can be due to some neurological disorder. I hope it helps.
Avatar n tn Now, my male boxer keeps getting small sores that turn into full blown infections that become 10 times the size of the oringinal sore. Is it possible that these skin problems are not hereditary but a mite that the vet has not been able to find the past 3 years.
Avatar m tn Ordinarily, I'd suggest testing antibodies as well. Autoimmune thyroid disease is by far the most prevalent cause of thyroid dysfunction. However, since cost is a factor, I'd suggest getting those done first, which might limit the antibody testing.
Avatar n tn I was successfully treated for HepC 4 years ago, having undergone the interferon/riboviron for 12 months and was wondering if anyone else has suffered severe skin problems. Mostly on my legs, I now have scars and discoloration due to vasculitis and sores developed before and during treatment. It's very unsightly and as the warm weather comes, I dread having to show them.
Avatar f tn In most cases, Hashimoto's thyroiditis is a progressive disease where the thyroid antibodies begin to destroy natural thyroid gland protein cells. Those with very high elevations of thyroid antibodies may see faster cell destruction and damage to the thyroid gland. Selenium has been shown to lower TPO antibodies in clinical trials so you might also see an improvement in TPO antibody levels. Labs for hypothyroidism include: TSH, free T4, free T3, thyroid antibodies - TPOAb, TgAb, reverse T3.
Avatar f tn Are the nodules on your thyroid? The fatigue, neck/ear pain, GERD, dry skin, etc are also symptoms of thyroid issues. I find that touching my neck anywhere in the thyroid area causes pain, so I even try not to touch it when I'm putting on lotion, etc.
Avatar n tn I don't have it real often, but sometimes I smell weird things that no one else smells. Don't know what causes it; I had it way before thyroid. I have neither Lyme disease nor a brain tumor.
Avatar f tn In my experience, I gave up gluten many, many, many years before I even started getting any thyroid disease. Once I got the thyroid disease, (and didn't know it for many years!) I was convinced I had Coeliac disease and had the biopsies, colonoscopies etc. All were negative. I thought perhaps I was ingesting gluten somehow in my foods, and re-read every label with a fine tooth comb. So for a lot of years was more paranoid about having gluten than an Obsessive compulsive washing their hands!
Avatar n tn I was dianosed w/Grave's Disease almost 2 years ago. I have still had no treatment whatsoever. I was told I am difficult to treat because I have "both" thyroid antibodies in my blood. I was in a state of spontaneous remission and am now having problems again, suddenly. I started swelling w/fluid. BAD. One day I gained 10 lbs.all in my legs, feet,arms and hands. My skin felt as if it would split. I was put on 25mg hydrochlorothyazide once/day. It worked for one day.
Avatar n tn I am sorry you are having these problems. Your thyroid may be causing some of your symptoms. However, you are under the care of an endocrinologist so he/she should be able to get you regulated on Thyroid pills. The fatigue, joint problems, carpal tunnel, etc. may be caused by an Autoimmune Disorder. Autoimmune Disorders can cause the symptoms which you are having. Hepatitis C can trigger Autoimmune Disorders. Interferon can also trigger Autoimmune Disorders.
Avatar n tn the specialist thinks that my weight gain (10 kg, 22 lbs) tiredness, tingling and pain in hands and feet, feeling cold, pain in jaw and neck and ear, hair and eyebrow loss, dry skin and general being is due to anxiety problems? huh? can blood tests still come back normal and display underactive symptons. he did not tell me my levels, but just said that they were normal. i know that this is not in my head and i am not making this up because they are real. any advice for what to do?
Avatar f tn reality is that I have never been diagnosed with thyroid problems, only 3 months ago they sent me to do some analysis of hormone levels and they said they are under the parameters q but to prevent take Kelp, my biggest problem came from low progesterone levels and high estrogen. Never tested Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies (TPOab) and Thyroglobulin Antibodies (TGab).
5386835 tn?1368544415 The prolactin test also may be used as part of a work-up for irregular menstrual periods, fertility problems, some types of thyroid or adrenal gland dysfunction, anorexia, and polycystic ovarian syndrome. TFT is for thyroid function tests. I am really not sure what your doctor is looking for with these tests. It appears that he is looking into the pituitary/hypothalamus functions. but I am not sure why that would be.
Avatar f tn And due to the fact that thyroid conditions are also often due to an auto-immune disease process which attacks the thyroid, people with thyroid disease are also at risk of other auto-immune conditions. I would ask your doc if the rash could be related to one.
Avatar m tn However from what I understand is that if you have classic hypothyroidism TSH should be high and T4 low. As your body needs more thyroid hormone so it produces more thyroid stimulating hormone. But my TSH is above the new US standard range (0.3-3.0) and my T4 is at the higher end of the range. I've heard T4 gets converted to T3 before it's actually put to use in the body. So I'm going to have the T3 checked as well. Could my symptoms have something to do with my thyroid?
Avatar m tn Oh, and the areas where there might already be pain because of inflammation often are far more painful right after the Levothyroxine pill.
Avatar f tn ( dry skin, hair eyes etc.... Final got my endo to run bloods for thyroid and have had 4 lots done over the last 12 months, prolactin still high although on destinox 3 times a week, 1017 (109-557) tsh was between 2-3 on first 3 bloods drawn but ft3 and t4 below range. 4 th set of bloods tsh was 6.7 ( 0.35-4.94) and free t4 12.3 (9-19.1) free t3 4.36 (3.6-6.5) Still feel exhausted, terrible memory.... Any advice before I see consultant again?
Avatar f tn Hi . I have had graves disease for 12 years, and suffered with skin rashes and hives. I do believe it can be a common problem off graves, what are your rashes like and were are they? what is the appearance off them. and do you take anti-thyroid drugs, as this can make rashes worse. What are youre latest bloods, ft3, ft4,tsh. Hope this off some benefit. Take care keep me posted. Nicola.
Avatar f tn I will agree Chantix has some not so fun side effects (bloating, mild nausea) but I don't think the CHANTIX is causing any of you to have thyroid problems....there is a long history and LINK between smoking and thyroid issues WITHOUT Chantix being involved. So, do your research and overall I used Chantix for two weeks. I have now been a non smoker for 10 days.
Avatar n tn I have a very dear friend who has been suffering for the past 4 years with horrible skin problems. Anything and everything breaks her out with some kind of rash. Things she has used all her life have now start to effect her. No answer from various doctors. Tons of meds given and nothing works permanently or cures. Very depressed, thyroid disease, high blood pressure, high chlestorol.
Avatar n tn I never thought I would have to have something a drastic as the thyroidectomy, but the medication for the Graves just didn't help me, which I admit I hindered by not taking the medication as soon as I was diagnosed. I wish you well with your treatment. Problems with thyroid disease can affect so many of the body functions. One thing I learned with the Graves - don't be afraid to stand up to your doctor, which can include firing your doctor if need be.
Avatar m tn Hi, I am 18 and For 18 months i've had pretty consistent problems with skin on my face, i've been to 4 doctors and one dermatologist who all suggest that it's either Eczema or Seborheic Eczema (sp?). i've been given 3 prescription creams over the 18months which are, Daktacort, Elidel and Protopic 0.03%. The problem is i have redness on both cheeks and the central area of my forehead.
Avatar f tn I go to an Endo. next month and will ask to chek for antibodies to rule out autoimmune thyroid disease, but my GP said I could still possibly have a rheumatic disease with these symptoms as well. The other symptoms come and go (I seem to get flare ups), but the fatigue and dry skin are constant. Could something else be wrong besides autoimmune thyroid disease?
893721 tn?1241564024 90 percent of hypothyroidism in developed countries is due to Hashimoto's disease, yet many doctors still treat it as a low thyroid disorder. Hashi is an auto-immune disease and needs to be treated as such. Wow, crazy how much I've learned since that post last August. The below things helped with my hives. Yes, the Hashi can get Shingles, as our immunities are weak, but don't be sold on the Shingles diagnosis right away.