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Avatar n tn I had weight gain (15 lbs., which fell right off when I went gluten-free), skin issues like red/rashy skin, depression and anxiety, and insomnia & lots more. After I was gluten-free for 11 months, my health really turned a corner & now I feel fabulous. Anyway, give it a try & work with you doctor. He may have found the source of your problems. If it is Celiac & you don't go gluten-free, it could lead to some serious health problems later, like increased risk of cancer.
Avatar m tn Both thyroid diseases are when antibodies attack the thyroid gland. They think your thyroid is a disease, by mistake, of course, and attack it. I am not familiar with testosterone levels. I do remember adolescence and at that time I had crazy hormones. This may be the case with you, but it wouldn't hurt do run the tests.
Avatar f tn It sounds as if you have Hashi's. And your TSH is not where it should be if you have symptoms. My endo goes by numbers and symptoms. Ideally, the FT4 and FT3 and TSH needs to be done every 6 weeks until you're stabilized. That's the way most educated (on thyroid disease) doctors do it. The TSH should be between 0.3 and 1.0 for most people who are being treated for thyroid disease. If your GP is not listening to you, search for another one until you're satisfied.
Avatar f tn Also the autoimmune process that drives Graves exists whether your thyroid is present or not, so people can have eye problems many years later even after the thyroid is completely gone. I'm not an expert or anything, I just read a lot. Again, wishing you luck.
Avatar f tn Prior to that I had had problems with thyroid eye disease requring orbital radiotherapy and had unsuccessful radioiodine treatment. My operation was very stressful with complications and I have spent that year getting well. I gave up my job this July as was very stressed. I had noticed that I had been having diarrhoea motions at stressful times then but it settled once I stopped working.
Avatar n tn Some kidney diseases cause skin hyperpigmentation (dark patches) so I think you definitely need to see a specialist about this. I reckon that is the most likely explanation. Another possibility is Addisons disease. Apart from the skin thing, you get extremely tired and generally have symptoms similar to low thyroid. I would recommend that you ask to get your cortisol level measured to check this - if it is low, your doctor should order follow up tests.
Avatar f tn And due to the fact that thyroid conditions are also often due to an auto-immune disease process which attacks the thyroid, people with thyroid disease are also at risk of other auto-immune conditions. I would ask your doc if the rash could be related to one.
Avatar m tn d suggest testing antibodies as well. Autoimmune thyroid disease is by far the most prevalent cause of thyroid dysfunction. However, since cost is a factor, I'd suggest getting those done first, which might limit the antibody testing.
Avatar f tn Hello, The most important possibility that can present with such symptoms is hands,foot and mouth disease. It is a viral disease which causes itchy blisters on the hands,foot,mouth and legs. It is an infection that is usually caused by a virus called the coxsackie A virus. It usually affects children under 10 years of age and often starts with a feeling of being unwell for a day or so.Then there is fever and typical blisters like rash on hands,foot and inside mouth.
Avatar f tn Im currently 8 weeks pregnant and received a call from my Dr that my second thyroid test (testing T3 levels I initial thyroid test from my first appt showed levels of 0.01 indicating hyperthyroidism) was also abnormal. I need to be seen immediately and have an appt with an endocrinologist tomorrow to discuss managing this disease. Has anyone else experienced this in pregnancy. How was it treated? Were you able to have a healthy pregnancy? Were you considered high risk?
Avatar f tn Do you have your thyroid labs? What type of thyroid medication are you taking? An interesting sign of gluten intolerance is vertical wrinkles on your fingers. There are pics of this: google: +: wrinkly fingers show gluten intolerance. My fingers are smooth and I don't have any issues with gluten either. I do have lactose intolerance though. Sounds like you might be gluten intolerant if you felt worse eating gluten again. Have you been tested for Celiac Disease?
Avatar f tn I was reading some of the leg rash skin problems. Seems that people are mostly on treatment when it happens. I am not on treatment yet but I have had a reddish purplish discoloration on my lower legs for a couple years. Doesn't itch, sometimes warm to touch, sometimes swollen. I also have a splotchy red looking rash on my upper arms. Doesn't have any symptoms. When I get overheated (several times a day) the redness on my legs and arms get worse. I have consulted a dermatologist.
Avatar f tn I'm new to thyroid disease. I have an enlarged thyroid and blood work came back positive for an overactive thyroid. I have to wait until next week to have a thyroid uptake scan to find out more. Doctor says I have several symptoms of Graves Disease: losing weight, itchy skin, heat sensitivity, heart palpitations, insomnia, light mentstrual cycle, Raynauds (numbness and tingling), plus it feels like I have a lump in my throat with trouble swallowing.
Avatar f tn My best friend has thyroid disease and the doctors told her she wouldn't be able to have a child due to other health problems ... She has been trying for three years and this year she just had a heathy baby girl .
Avatar f tn So then the next step would be to measure T4 and T3 directly and to test for thyroid antibodies. As Red Star says, 90% of thyroid problems are autoimmune disease. Note, not everyone with autoimmune thyroid disease tests positive on antibody tests. Only 60-70%. Essentially, if TSH is elevated, one or more of T4 and T3 are low or low normal and the patient claims hypo symptoms, then a trail of hormone replacement to see if that alleviates symptoms is reasonable.
Avatar n tn Do you know if it is safe for someone with Thyroid problems to go on the Suddenly Slim diet -- they claim their pills to be all natural
Avatar f tn I have hair loss, weight gain, dry skin, problems with my digestive tract like constipation and diahrea and acid reflux, constantly feeling tiredneed at least 10 hours of sleep. Is this all related to the thyroid or something else. Usually my blood tests come back normal but I take .1 mg of generic synthroid.
Avatar f tn does anyone here have nervousness all the time with thyroid disease because sometimes i fell just out of control.
Avatar n tn Was that TSH that tested at 131? Were there any other tests done, such as FT3 and FT4? If so, please post those results, with reference ranges, which vary lab to lab and must come from your own report. I don't have it real often, but sometimes I smell weird things that no one else smells. Don't know what causes it; I had it way before thyroid. I have neither Lyme disease nor a brain tumor.
Avatar m tn The tests he needs to check thyroid function are TSH, Free T3, Free T4 and thyroid antibodies, Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies (TPOab) and Thyroglobulin Antibodies (TGab). A thyroid ultra sound would also be in order.