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Avatar f tn The past 7 years I have had every gastro complaint known to man or woman - went off both wheat and the Levoxyl 3 weeks ago and feel and look better. No more huge puffy skin over my eyes - lost 4 lbs. water weight 1st 3 days and my inflamed thyroid gland went down & I can now swallow and not choke and lay down without feeling like I will suffocate. Has anyone else found wheat allergy to coincide with Hashi?
Avatar m tn i didn consult my doctor as i got my thyroid results today i went previously and he increased my dose of thyrofit he asked to me to take 1 and half tablet daily ..
Avatar f tn They were normal, but has features of hashimotos disease. Doctors did nothing. I have had a thyroid scan and uptake and the results are complicated long story short nothing big enough to give me anything. I am stressing out now. Sometimes my thyroid blood work will be normal, and when i stopped my birth control, they were abnormal. Now they are normal again.They think its hyperthyroid but they arent doing anything I have been to an endocrinologist as well.
Avatar f tn Yes, extremely allergic to all factions of cow's milk, plus I can't tolerate gluten in wheat, rye, barley, and oats because of celiac. It is possible that the thyroid med has something in it.. most likely lactose or wheat flour. I have run into this problem before, so you could be right. I will check this out. Thank-you for reminding me!
541234 tn?1266678697 Ok i have been so sick for 3 weeks chronic diarrhea with alot of stomach acid bile burning my butt ,had a gastroscope done dx with severe gastritis no h pyloric hiatle hernia and one hyperplastic polyp, removed 2 yrs agao i had 5 polyps remove so my body is growing them so i am on metamucil capsules absorbing the acid , food is staying in longer , so my IBS is almost gone, so food allergies is key now i am buying bob's redmills on line and seem to be losing wt no diarrhea no stomach bloating
1992487 tn?1326950210 with the autoimmune thyroid, the doctor said it would take 8-18 months to get it just to hypo thyroid which I had before and was short lived. I was also put on a wheat free diet because he said the autoimmune thyroid and the wheat was causing inflammation which is in my brain (forgot to mention that earlier). I need help and advice, I have so much pain and so much going on all at once.
Avatar f tn A holistic nutritionist will do more thorough testing of your hormone levels than docs do, will look at your diet and such, and use adaptogenic herbs such as eleuthero and ashwagandha and green foods such as spirulina and wheat grass to keep your energy level up. I also recommend meditation; it's great for energy. Good luck.
Avatar f tn I appreciate your persistence in making the public aware of the link between gluten and auto immune, thyroid and health. Being a documentary film maker I can tell you, even if one person out of one thousand listens, it is one person's life you have helped change.
698356 tn?1240154327 It works for me - I aoid all wheat/gluten food where possible and certainly know about it if I weaken and have a little bread or pasta! This may not be the case with you but it wouldn't hurt to give it a trial like I did.
1992487 tn?1326950210 with the autoimmune thyroid, the doctor said it would take 8-18 months to get it just to hypo thyroid which I had before and was short lived. I was also put on a wheat free diet because he said the autoimmune thyroid and the wheat was causing inflammation which is in my brain (forgot to mention that earlier). I need help and advice, I have so much pain and so much going on all at once.
Avatar n tn The ranges are far too broad, for reasons I won't go into here. As a start, if you will please post your thyroid related test results and reference ranges shown on the lab report, members will be glad to assess the adequacy of your testing and treatment.
Avatar f tn I have been hoarse intermittently for over a year and have had a mild sore throat for 5 weeks or so on and off...That's why I went for the Ultrasound...I have to be off all Gluten and Wheat products as I was told and researched that it aggravates the thyroid...Never had a problem with this stuff till I went off "natural hormones" over ten years ago...Then the problems started...I developed uterine polyps so I had to get off them..I am however on Estradiol vaginal cream a very low does.
7908601 tn?1395794306 and T3 - 219 (high), but because it wasn't working we switched her to Armour thyroid and now some of the symptoms seem to be better She has also been diagnosed with severe depression, personality disorder, anxiety disorder, along with all the other symptoms of hypothyroid (currently takes Prozac, Concerta, and Diazepam along with her thyroid meds). My son also has Type 1 Diabetes, so obviously autoimmune diseases run in my family.
Avatar n tn You should try to limit your simple sugar carbohydrates in any case and try to stick with high fiber complex types like whole wheat bread/pasta and beans. 3)You do not need to have blood sugars below 100 to be kept healthy. A fasting sugar below 100 is fantastic but under 120 is also very good. Sugars in the range of 120-140 are not perfect but over time will not likely cause significant damage to eyes and organs . Those blood sugars correspond to a HgbA1C of 6-6.
Avatar f tn I am not over-weight -- just right for my height. I had a thyroid scan done twice. In 18 months, the nodules grew and I have one as large as 5mm besides a 6mm cyst and other smaller ones, which a CT revealed. I sprained my knee and the x-ray showed a bone island in my leg, which is just recent. Throughout the past 3 years, I continue to feel the same. Very tired, difficulty breathing, bones/joint pain, soreness in my arm pits -- among other things.
174468 tn?1300063128 What is your professional opinion of using iodine to assist with nodules and/or thyroid issues, along with vitamins? Could the addition of T3 help to shrink some of these nodules? Why, is SO MANY instances of discovering nodules nothing but surgery is ever done? Thank you.
Avatar n tn i get these pain weather i eat or not.. Can thyroid antibodies cause these symptoms also and should i have my throid treated or just stay misserable intil i can't take it anymore and go bald...i'm only 34yrs. this all started when i was 32..some advice would help..
Avatar f tn It most likely means you have an autoimmune thyroid disease, such as Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. It's possible that your doctor may want to put you on thyroid med. What symptoms do you have?
451191 tn?1264436490 since my TT in April and RAI in May I have not gained ONE single ounce, have maintained a consistent energy level and my TSH levels always fall within normal ranges. http://www. yogapassion. com/testimonials/12.html#block For those of you struggling with Hypothyroidism, I am not saying this is THE answer, but it has worked for others. For more information on Bikram Yoga, please go to: www. bikramyoga. com P.S. I have modified the links above so that they show up in the forum.
Avatar n tn Thyroglobulin antibodies (TgAb) are likely to occur after the thyroid gland has been injured or after it becomes inflamed. Known triggers for autoimmune thyroid disease include cigarette smoke, stress, low selenium levels, seasonal and food allergies, sex steroids particularly estrogens, excess dietary iodine, and trauma. "Adequate selenium nutrition supports efficient thyroid hormone synthesis and metabolism and protects the thyroid gland from damage by excessive iodide exposure.
Avatar n tn I went round and round with docs on my journey to try dessicated, and of course they all said synthetics duplicated what my thyroid used to make. I then reminded them that my thyroid did not make fillers and release activators ect. just hormone. They could not answer that one. They forget about basic chemistry 101. My GP said he was specifically trained in medical school NOT to use dessicated as it was dangerous. This was a very respected University mind you! That is what we are up against!
Avatar m tn 4) When I look at hypo and hyper thyroid symptoms I seem to have a mix. Is this normal? Thanks very much...
1569091 tn?1295812151 Scientific studies have shown that it correlates best with hypo symptoms. A good thyroid doctor will treat a thyroid patient clinically, by testing and adjusting free T3 and free T4 with medication adequate to relieve symptoms, without being constrained by resultant TSH levels. Symptom relief should be all important, not test results. Leg cramps are one of the symptoms listed in this link. Do you have other symptoms as well? http://www.endocrineweb.
Avatar n tn ) However, I think it will be Oatmeal, whole wheat toast, skim milk and banana for breafast today. Hope this finds you celebrating in your own way.
Avatar f tn Abstract A well defined cohort of coeliac patients was studied prospectively to assess the prevalence of coexisting thyroid disease and positive thyroid autoantibodies. Comparison with epidemiological data on the prevalence of coeliac disease in a neighbouring area suggested that few adult coeliac patients had been missed. Overall, 14% of the coeliac patients had thyroid disease: 10.3% were hypothyroid and 3.7% hyperthyroid, both significantly more than expected.
Avatar f tn TSH tested and ok. He has sufferred from diarrhea and skin (chest) rash - raised bumps on skin, not red/hives - since he was 4. Pediatric Allergist tested, no positive results.Celiacs "inconclusive" w/out bowel biopsy - but he's been off wheat for 1 year, which provides some relief. He is somewhat "petit" (atypical of family), but all other development great. I have always suspected that there is an underlying allergy or thryoid related problem.
773755 tn?1328123377 it's a suck condition that badly bends you out of shape and beecomes a big part of your life. oh, i've found medhelp and its people here so helpful and supportive and reassuring through it all, it has been the best help and community ever! very thankful.
Avatar f tn Hi all! Well, I'm 6 months into taking Synthroid after being diagnosed with Hashi's and I think my labs are finally reaching a "happy place". FT-3/ FT-4 was upside down 3 months ago and my dose was upped to 75 mcg. I'm feeling tons better, the weight gain has stopped, and I feel like I've found my brain again (most of it, anyway). Would you mind taking a peek and telling me what you think? Thanks! ~MM TSH 0.54 (range 0.40-5.00) was: 1.92 (5/5/11) Free T3 2.6 (2.
205212 tn?1202198397 I am not sure how soy interferes with absorbtion as I take my Levo first thing when I wake up and eat the one hour later as directed and soy is usually in my Hot wheat cereal. Now with how fast my TSH dropped and stayed at the number could this be a "depends on the person" case or if you do not have a thyroid anymore due to removal? I forgot to ask my endo this but of everything I read I am not sure if I am an exception to the rule?