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Avatar f tn The one that suggested the thyroid, I took my pet into right away, and do you know it was his thyroid. I am telling you all this because the thyroid controls so much of the body systems and my pet could have been a lot worst had I waited. Now he is a happy dog feeling ton's better and no more seizures ( right now, as long as this helps his thyroid).
Avatar n tn Asprin, Atenolol, Digoxin, Diltiazem, Lasix Furosemide, Levothyroxine, multi-vitamin, Enalapril, Levothrozine, Caltrate, Fosamax, and Phenytoin. She has heart problems, a weak lung and is on oxygen all the time, thyroid problems, and celiac disease. After she started the seizure medication, we noticed how tired she has been. She has a hard time staying awake unless you are talking directly to her and even then she'll close her eyes and look very sleepy.
Avatar f tn (friday night) That weekend both sat and sun i had fast heartbeat, lower blood pressure, different head pain than had before. with my fast heartbeat it went on for a while then i had a big thump and with one sec it started all over again as though my herat was trying to get back to normal rhythm. this kept continuing. I havent been right since i fell in the hospital bathroom banging my head several times which caused seixures and status.
Avatar f tn Low thyroid can cause seizures as well and is worth while checking out with a full thyroid panel. Your vet is right, causes can be hard to determine but thyroid is a place I would always start off looking.
Avatar f tn I got my dog to the vet he suggested using Phenobarbital 1g for 45 days, then take him off of it for a month and see if he has any seizures. If he does have seizures, then we will go back to using this medication. He will stay of the thyroid medication the whole time. He asked me if I had done anything different, all I could think of was I had given him some pumpkin, some canned dog food and some steak- no seasoning.
Avatar f tn I have asked the neurologists, doctors, nurses if there is ANY correlation between the seizures and low thyroid reading and apparantly there is not.. I find this somewhat bizzare as it wasnt until i had had the seizure, my thyroid was low functioning?
Avatar n tn What's interesting is that two months ago I quit taking the Synthroid as I associated taking the medicine with my seizures and tremors. However, a thyroid test last week showed my TSH level to be an almost perfect 3.832 UIU/ML. I am not sure why my thyroid would seem to be working appropriately after being off Synthroid for 2 months. I am also wondering why in the world the emotional and physical problems would persist when it seems like my TSH level is as it should be.
Avatar f tn Hey any of you have thyroid disease and take medicine while pregnant? I didnt have any thyroid problems until my last pregnancy which i miscarried.. i have to take my medicine though and im worried that my baby is going to have hyperthyroid disease from my medicine. Im already high risk. I was deaf until age 4 , same age i started having seizures up until i was 13. (I was also told i wouldnt have kids/ride a bike/drive ect but ive done it all :) !!
Avatar n tn However one of the symptoms of hyperthyroidism is seizures. What thyroid problem did you have? Also is your thyroid problem now under control? Take care!
Avatar f tn I have been diabetic for 28 years and I have seizures when my blood sugar gets too low. I would discuss with your endocrinologist about the thyroid and its effects on metabolism and blood sugars. I have heard in the past that mood stabilizers can effect the thyroid but I don't remember how. I have been on both of those medications in the past. sorry I can't remember more. Good luck.
1196289 tn?1265064916 I don't have much experience with pediatric pituitary disease and its relationship to seizures, but know that thyroid dysfunction can influence the seizure threshold.
Avatar f tn They cannot figure out why for 3yrs now I have horrible abdominal pain, my spleen is enlarged, and I have grown extra lymph nodes and my neck and abdomen and chest swell all the time, but on my blood tests it says I have no inflammation. I am in a lot of pain, and its gotten to the point where the doctors start out concerned then do a few tests and get frustrated and yell at me and say im making it up,(you cant make your spleen and neck swell) But my blood says im not inflammed?
611964 tn?1223771320 I have so many symptoms that everyone has talked about, and waiting on the western blot to come back, and I have had Lyme's twice. Had a , or so they think, a seizure. Anyone heard of this symptom?
Avatar n tn but I read the post on Chantix and seizures....I've recently been diagnosed with a seizure disorder and's basically been from a head trauma from about 8 years ago...but the seizures remarkably started around the same time a began taking the drug Chantix to help me stop smoking. At first my primary doc told me to stop taking the drug...I did and within 5 days I was in the ER have Complex Partial Seizures one right on top of the other accompanied by Tonic Clonic seizures...
1814056 tn?1316742952 She has had an EKG, Echocardiogram, EEG, MRI, 72hr EEG and numerous bloodwork checks for thyroid and other things. Everything came back normal. The first neurologist said it was her head, it was her heart, the cardio said no her heart is fine. The second neuro said PNES which makes no sense because she has had no traumatic events in her life and the seizures only started when her period started. I have kept a log and mentioned this several times and no one seems to make the connection but me.
Avatar n tn They happen when he is playing really hard either inside or out. The doctors dont think its feveral seizures (neither do I), he doesnt have a temperature to begin with, but sometimes has a slight temperature after/during the seizure. He has had an MRI and EKG done, there is some evidence to a seizure disorder, but the doctors are not looking into the body temperature factor. When he has a seizure he doesnt sweat and just goes blank, and most recently has vomited.
Avatar f tn I was unconssious for 17 days and on a ventilator for that hole time and the seizures still continued. To this day they still have no idea what caused them. I have been seizure free for 1.5 years now, but still have a host of medical problems. At this time I am going through gene testing for iron overload and high cortisal levels and really high ferritin levels. I am hoping they figure it out.
Avatar f tn I will get this funny feeling in my hands and feet and start jerking. I know whats going on around me, I but at times I can't respond to whats being said. The last trip to the er had them saying they thought they were maybe stress related siezures or pseudo siezures. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated because they have deprived me of my abilty to work and drive. Thank you very much for your time.
Avatar f tn He is toldly soaking wet after and so tired he must sleep. He can talk and answer questions and is aware. The length of the seizures varies. He is constantly nauseaed. He is 25 years old and had just lost his job then these seizures started. He's very tired all the time. Before this came on he was very active, almost to active. Never still. Now he lays around all the time. If he gets to tired he has a seizure. His moods go up and down. He has problems sleeping.
Avatar n tn she has tremors, drools, and is unresponsive. The doctors have ruled out true seizures, and all tests by gastro, neuro, and cardio, are negative. They have referred her to psych. She was also diagnosed with shingles several years ago and has had 3-4 outbreaks the last few years. She occasionally has loss of vision in one eye that was previously affected by the shingles. She had an undiagnosed dizziness/rocking problem when she was 8 or 9.
1099849 tn?1293496303 The reason I'm asking is that Clonazepam is also used for epilepsy and seizures and I don't want to take myself off this medication until I'm sure that the panic attacks aren't related. I was told by my PC Doctor that my insurance will not approve an eeg or mri since the CT scan showed a very healthy looking brain... so I'm in a bit of a quandry at the moment since I can't test to see if this electrical problem is significant... I'd really apppreciate your thoughts on the subject...
Avatar n tn An out of balance thyroid may aggravate neurological problems -- so yes, get the dose right and see if symptoms improve.
Avatar f tn I also take anti depressants and phenytoin citalapram phenobarbital and levythyroxine for underactive thyroid
Avatar n tn Make sure that you give the medication on time, like if it is 12 hours apart, then do it say 7am and 7 pm, it is very important. I have a dog with seizures, his is from a low thyroid. I would also suggeat that you read about the food a dog should have. Aviod giving the dog treats that increase his sugar in the blood, you might feed several times a day in small amouts? I have not dealt with this condition, just wanted to give you some thoughts to look into.
Avatar f tn Please consult an endocrinologist for the same at the earliest because some of these symptoms are serious . . Please try Neurontin and Gabapentin once again after your dose of Armour Thyroid is adjusted because at present that is causing the main side effects . Long term use of Xanax does not cause a more severe addiction than most benzodiazepenes. If you take the medication in a controlled dose , it will not pose a threat for drug dependence .
Avatar f tn I'm lightheaded almost all the time and everything just seems sort of distant. I'm not sure if this falls into mini seizures or pre-seizure symptoms. My doctor thinks I'm dizzy because of depression but I am taking an antidepressant and still experiencing the dizziness, catching myslef before passing out, forgetting what was going on as it is occuring, pressure headaches... what do you think?
Avatar n tn When the doctor took her off the sweeteners, she quit having the seizures. The first thought of things to cause such tiredness would be anemia, diabetes, thyroid, and sleep disorders. If you don't find a medical cause for your fatigue, consider checking your sleep to see if it can be identified why your sleep isn't restoring you.
Avatar n tn He suffers from slurred speech, uncoordination, hand tremors, he has word aphasia, has impaired vision in the left eye ( which again, doesn't track correctly), sleeps only several hours at a time, fatigue and has short term memory problems. He has also recently been diagnosed with low thyroid and has been placed on synthyroid. His neurologist said that he was depressed and to "get some balls and go back to work".