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Avatar n tn Lyrica, Soma and pain meds, but I don't like having to do that to function. Anyone who has had leg pain from thyroid removal and beat it... please tell me how you did it!!! Thanks again for the advice on the magnesium.
Avatar n tn having swelling in legs and acute pain in legs bellow knee somtimes swelling in face olso
Avatar m tn Still I want to share that I generally suffer from pain in legs below knees and while sleeping, i feel much pain. Interesting if I put some light weight on my legs, it gives me lot of relief... I dont know how to describe but there is a lot of restlessness due to this pain in legs. Please suggest.
161647 tn?1280611763 I also think leg pain can be related to thyroid issues. I'm hoping others more informed on this forum will weigh in.
Avatar f tn Hi, I was wondering if leg pain (muscle) can be caused by a too low dosage of synthroid. I'm 60, have hereditary hemochromatosis and am experiencing fatigue, leg pain, brain fog and it seems greater hair loss, elevated ferrtitin, 95, with a normal TSAT%, 33, and have a phlebotomy every 2 months. My GP says my thyroid numbers are normal. I'm taking 0.075 mg daily. Should I see an endocrinologist?
Avatar m tn I have severe nerve pain on the surface of my right leg. Like pins and needles, but painful, and when it occurs there is surface numbness. Can't figure out what the cause. There has been no trauma. Comes and goes. My internist was baffled, saw a neurosurgeon who couldn't figure it out either. Any thoughts?
Avatar n tn I started having leg pain in my left leg about 3 months ago. It's gotten really bad lately, I have it every night now. It starts at my hip and moves down to my foot on the front of my leg. It bothers me a little in the day time but in the night when I'm in bed it's really bad. Paining a lot and keeping me up. It doesn't matter if I sleep on my side or back. I've had an xray and bone scan, both came back normal. I'm scheduled for a CT scan in another month.
533880 tn?1237616052 Did you ever find out what was causing the leg pain, my wife has had severe leg pain that alternates. Currently she is on Diabetic nerve pain but not diabetic to help with they pain. Im no doctor but thinking that my wife has thyroid nueropathy.
Avatar n tn Parasthesias are common in alcoholics and metabolic disorders like diabetes, hypothyroidism, and hypoparathyroidismThey can also be due to peripheral vascular disease, vitamin B12 deficiency or malnutrition. Get your blood sugar and thyroid hormones levels evaluated. You can take some vit B12 for some days and see if the tingling is gone or not. In case the symptoms persist then pls consult a neurologist as it can be due to some neurological disorder.
Avatar n tn they had reached the maximum for the test and gone beyond. But, the leg pain is the most bothersome...there's not only pain but extreme weakness in my legs....this from someone who always had very strong legs. Of course, I see similar symptoms in the postings, but, I'm confused as to what could cause the leg pain....does just being hypothyrloid bring that about...or is it medication. I have heard both, but that seems too vague. Appreciate your help.
Avatar f tn Major symptoms were hair loss, extreme fatigue and exhaustion and leg pain. PCP says that leg pain is NOT coming from thyroid. Levels are normal and would not increase synthroid. Found a doc who switched me to armour. Within a week or so the fatigue and exhaustion improved. In the first couple of weeks on armour leg pain seemed to only come late at night and when I wake up on the morning. Leg pain now seems to linger all day and seems to have gotten worse. Energy level is good.
Avatar n tn My blood test shows tryglycerides and hemocyscine level above normal. Heating pad make the leg pain temproary disappear. Therefore my question is: 1) How do you know if the leg pain is muscular or due to some cardio problem? 2) What other symptomps should I look for potential heart problems?
1445110 tn?1388213311 I have suddenly started having pitted edema in my lower legs and pain. I have had some pain before from the hypo but this is getting really bad. I also have the abdominal swelling but it has also gotten worse. I ended up in ER and had to have IV lasix to run the fluid out. All blood test concerning heart , liver , panceras, and kidneys were fine. No explaination from the doctor. Of course the reccommendation, follow up with your doctor.
Avatar n tn It has gotten to the point that my hands hurt all the time now and my feet burn. I have pain going down my left leg from my lower back and it will cause cramps in my knees and hips. I had a bone scan last year and all it showed was that I had mild scoliosis; so; I was diagnosed with sciatica and told it was probably worse due to stress. I am wondering if either my hypothyroidism or sciatica could be causing all these symptoms?
Avatar f tn com/sleep-disorders/tc/nighttime-leg-cramps-topic-overview This article from WebMD discusses night time leg pain. It explains restless leg is a fidgety discomfort rather than pain. Yours could easily be due to nutritional deficiencies. If taking a good multivitamin with minerals doesn't solve it, maybe you need to get checked for causes of malabsorption or thyroid disease or something else on that page.
Avatar f tn I feel fatigued, I have generalised pain in both my legs. Pain and energy levels don’t get better with rest or consuming more nutritious food. It is more of a muscular pain in legs. There are no other associated symptoms. It is hindering my day to day activities. I am resting most of the time. Combiflame or any paracetamol 650mg makes it slightly better. I wake up feeling tired in the morning. My left leg is slightly jerky at night.
Avatar f tn I have pain which occurs in my lower back and hip, also down my leg and accross my thigh, this is accompanied by numbness and pins and needles in my leg and foot - i have had a facet joint injection which helped the arthritis in my lower back but not the hip or leg. I have also had an injection in the L5 nerve root which was of no help at all. The pain is worse at night and does not respond to the usual analgeisics or tramal for that matter.
Avatar f tn My legs and feet get very swollen and on the airplane it becomes very painful. I'm at a normal weight and height, I don't have any blood pressure problems - low actually usually between 90/60 or 120/70... I'm hypothyroid (don't know if that matters), but my levels are good, no issues with it. My dad has congestive heart failure and his legs are ridiculously swollen (extreme). Is there something with hereditary componets and cirrculation? I try to recline but I still have problems.
Avatar f tn The cancer doctors say it has nothing to do with the Thyroid cancer. P.A.'s and naturopaths say it is being on only Synthroid. An internist told me in fact if I go on Cytomel it will cause the cancer to return. I also have Hep C. Is there anything natural I can do to help stop the pain in my legs? Is ther a cure for this? Are there any vitamins that help?
Avatar n tn hi my name is sukhpal dhillon i have thyroid gland in my throat and its really painfull also i can't eat properly what shall i do can you help me please
Avatar f tn I have never had thyroid problems before but I have been having a lot of pain in my neck also the feeling that I have a lump in my throat . I often have trouble swallowing saliva,hurting in my back that goes and comes, trouble sleeping at night sometimes I think I have stopped breathing. Went to Dr had ultrasound of thyroid the Dr said it looked inflamed also had blood work done t3/t4 were pretty normal my pth was 179 I don't think that is normal.
Avatar f tn Well, I started getting pelvic pain, back pain, and digestion issues. Been in it for 8 days. I think the armour might be causing my pain, and messing with my body. I think I should go back to 88 and 2.5 cytomel for 6 weeks. 7.5 was to much. And the loss of muscle tone scarey. But the pelvic ache is not fun, and my ph off causing a discharge. I did get tested for std's nothing has shown up yet. I let dr. give me meds anyway for infection before final results come back.
4296916 tn?1352384328 The various causes of leg pain are atherosclerosis, deep vein thrombosis - leg pain on walking (A blood clot in a deep vein), Leriche syndrome (block in abdominal aorta and/or main leg artery), limb ischaemia (low oxygen to limbs), sciatica, spondylitis of lower vertebrae and peripheral vascular disease (arteries of limbs are involved). A color Doppler test will rule out the possibility of involvement of an artery or vein and its blockage by a clot.
Avatar m tn This forum is for thyroid issues. Are you also hypo or hyper thyroid with other possible symptoms? If your thyroid is fine, see a medical doctor then maybe a chiropractor and / massage therapist to figure out any messed up leg muscles or tendons.
Avatar f tn for the past 2 months I've experienced odd twitching and pain in my right leg. It started as twitching in my right calf that would only occur when I was sitting. Drinking coffee usually aggregated this. I have general anxiety disorder so I just chalked this up to anxiety and caffeine. Over the next couple weeks this kept occurring with twitching occurring some in my thigh and ankle. During this same time I began experiencing a dull ache in my butt, calf, and knee area.