Thyroid and leg cramps

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Avatar n tn can my thyroid cause that. I forgot medication yesterday morning and I am getting bad leg cramps all day today.
Avatar f tn 075 for about a month or so it was just incresased from .050. I have been having leg cramps the higher the dose the worse the leg cramps. My doctor said just to increase my intake of potassium. He did not say how much and I have read about potassium having effects on my thyroid. I thought potassium made hypothyroid worse. What would you suggust?
Avatar n tn What is the connection between Hashimoto's and leg cramps. Is there a way to quiet the cramping?
Avatar n tn Hi, Sorry to hear, your aching. I am hyperthyroid and ache, all over daily, mostly my left shoulder/arm. Pain meds do not seem to help at all. But what does help, is just laying down and relaxing, when the aches get intense. Hope you feel better. Good luck to you !
Avatar f tn I started having leg cramps a couple days ago and its been 2 weeks since I started methimazole. Is this Grave's Disease or a med. side effect??
Avatar n tn Routine lab work should also be done to look at thyroid, muscle proteins like CK and aldolase, and electrolytes. In the meantime, over the counter magnesium supplements in recommended doses as well as soda water *which contains quinine, a substance that may have cardiac side effects when taken as a pill in predisposed individuals, but is ok in the amount of soda water* can be helpful for symptomatic relief.
Avatar n tn Is that what they mean by being nauseated? Leg cramps...I don't have leg cramps, but I have pains shooting in my leg (left) every so often, and I'm like, what in the world is this. Now, today for the first time my left breast is sore. I usually hurt under my arm a little before AF. I took HPT on 7/7/07, AF was supposed to be here and did not show and I got a BIG FAT NEGATIVE. And did I mention tired. Today is the first day that I have not fallen asleep at my desk.
Avatar m tn Healthcheckusa is on that members have had good luck with, but there are others available. Besides the leg cramps, do you have other thyroid symptoms?
800427 tn?1324949319 im just about 26 weeks btw and the cramps are low like right where period cramps happen and in my vagina they hurt just like Af cramps except for tylonel doesnt do a damn thing for them.
Avatar m tn 75 the next. i did this for 60 days and felt pretty good, i had leg cramps but not as severe as now. i am back up to .75 because of my lab test showing me to have very high numbers. its pretty much just my right leg cramping , you can actually see the muscle tighten up starting at my lower calve and climb right up yo my knee. my foot contorts and stays like that for a few minutes , its unbelievably painful. what should i change, I'm willing to do anything .
1043913 tn?1279685292 I have Graves and I get wicked leg cramps. Not sure why but they hurt really bad when I get them and thats quite often.
Avatar f tn I woke up at 0530 this morning with sever bilateral leg cramps. I could not get out of bed as I could not use either of my legs. It is now1020hrs and my legs are still quite sore and tight. I am 44 years old, I am a smoker and was drinking quite heavily until about 4 weeks ago. I now drink only a couple of nights a week. I have a chronic whiplash injury sustained in a car accident about 13 years ago. I am overweight (5'2' 79kg).
Avatar n tn In the past month, I've had 3 episodes of incredibly severe bilateral muscle cramping in the calves, thighs, and buttocks. I've had your normal foot or calf cramps many times in the past, but this is way beyond that. Twice I've ended up on the floor, unable to do anything except cry out for help. The spasms simultaneously affect both calves, the back and sides of both thighs, and both buttocks.
Avatar n tn leg weakness/numbness/tingling/cramps (most recent) dizziness, not vertigo lightheadedness on occassion headaches that can last for weeks or up to 2 months burning or stinging pains in legs and arms head fullness, or pressure sinus tachycardia, which hasn't been figured out yet but so far, no known cause fatigue intolerance to heat can't walk or stand for more than 5-10 minutes at a time buzzing sensations in the head nausea, which can happen with or without dizziness All of these occur daily
Avatar m tn I am still having leg cramps and nose bleeds which come from low platelets.Does this mean the treatment is not working.I would think that if the virus was gone the leg cramps would stop as well as the nosebleeds.Has anyone who has cleared on sovaldi-olysio still experiencing the leg cramps?
Avatar n tn I'm getting terrible cramps at night in my leg. Last night it was in my thigh and I couldn't walk or move it was so pain full. That was the fist for having a cramp in my thigh. I was ready to call 911 I just couldn't move the pain was that bad. I also put on weight with each increase in my medication. I'm not hungry and haven't increased my eating. I can go all day without being hungry. But I can't get the weight off other than fasting for a couple of days I just can't drop a pound.
Avatar m tn As far as I know I am not diabetic but for the past three or so years I've been getting these lower leg foot and toe cramps while I sleep. Sometimes I can do an opposite stretch while still in bed and that will make the cramp go away and other times I have to get up and walk around the bedroom. The toe cramps are the worst. My big toe will spread away from the other toes and then go back toward my shins and I have to use my hand to push it back to position.
Avatar f tn I take .75 of synthyroid. Been taking for 4 yrs, but I still have all the symptoms of hypo, leg cramps @ night, insomnia, no sex drive, chronic dry eyes & skin, forgetfulness, etc. I went to an endo, but all he wanted to check was my total TSH and tell me I had Hashimotos Disease. All he did was check my neck. Should I try another dr? My dr. sent me to one because he thought I may need Free T3 and T4 checked.
1170411 tn?1263412058 9 (30-100) For the past couple of days I've been having leg cramps, and i get a tingling sensation all through out my body. Somtimes, some of my toes, only one my left foot feels a bit numb. Last night, I took a calcium supplement, 1200 iu, and almost a minute later, I felt a burning sensation all throughout my legs, it felt like my legs were on fire it was so bad, I've never felt this before, ever, especially after taking my calcium supplement. I still feel it, a day later. what is this?
Avatar f tn As T3 is produced by the pituitary gland its mode of action in terms of development and release is regulated by the thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH.) Once thyroid hormones both T3 and T4 reach a certain level in the blood production is decreased as increased levels block TSH from being released; however, once the levels fall TSH is again released and more T3 and T4 is produced.
Avatar n tn The quick prednisone dose had its place that time! Thanks. I'm leary of DHEA and quinine. And wouldn't you know it! I haven't had any leg cramps since I posted. It seems that sometimes all we have to do is complain out loud and the problem resolves! lol Well, it sounds good anyway. Have yourself a very good day and thanks again.
Avatar f tn He says I have Hashimotos Disease, but I don't know how he knows other than feeling of my neck area and letting me know my thyroid was very small. I do have nodules on thyroid, and did have an ultrasound once a year, but he said there wasn't any need to have this anymore. When he called yesterday he told me to say on the .75 of synthyroid and come back in July. The trip to the endo in April was my first time to see him. I have been treated by my DO dr. Who also only tests for total TSH.
Avatar f tn I get calf cramps (partially from a thyroid condition). I was looking here and thingking of posting, but I see no one has abswered your question. So I dont know how to eliminate calf cramps, but have learned how to manage it better. You need to work out knots before stretching. I use a tool called Thera Cain to do this. Then stretch against a wall. I have found that tight hamstrings can pull on the calf muscles as well (muscle tightness spreads).
Avatar m tn Hi I have been getting cramps in the leg... usually left leg but also sometimes in right leg and foot Usuallu get them when laying in bed... big pain.. if an when I can stand up and walk around on it then gradually the pain goes away... Recently had a thyroid test T3 - Result 1.37 (Reference Range...0.62 - 2.79 nmol/L ) T4 - Result 107 (Reference Range 65- 138 nmol/L ) TSH Result 0.027 (Reference Range 0.50 - 8.
Avatar f tn About 10 months ago, I started experiencing terrible muscle cramps in my right leg and toes on both feet. I have seen a neurologist and tests indicate that I have muscle damage in both legs. My legs are so weak, that it is hard to do much walking without getting absolutely exhausted. I have had elevated muscle enzymes for many months now, have been tested for various autoimmune diseases, but all tests come back negative. The doctors seem to be puzzled as to what is going on.