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Avatar f tn I have hypthyroid and didnt realize Green Tea had a negative effect on Thyroid...could you please tell me in what way....
Avatar n tn I am not aware of any study of green tea and the thyroid that would address this. If taken as directed and there are no over-stimulation symptoms (anxiety, palpitations, etc) then the green tea should not interfere with your thyroid treatment.
Avatar m tn Excerpt from Natural Endocrine Solutions - Green Tea and Thyroid Health "Can Green Tea Inhibit Thyroid Gland Activity? There is some evidence which shows that the catechins present in green tea might have antithyroid activity when consumed in high doses (23) (24). However, these studies were performed on rats, and as I just mentioned, involved high doses. I don’t see a problem with most people with hypothyroid conditions drinking one or two cups of green tea per day.
Avatar f tn I also went full fat (olive oil, coconut oil, clarified butter) and all organic . What thyroid medications are you taking barb? I walk everyday and do everything in my capacity but never loose weight. Finally, I am thinking of juice diet. anyone had sucess with juice diet please comment.
Avatar f tn Only your doctor can answer your question, however can tell you I drink about16 oz of black tea a day... this is the regular Lipton tea, nothing special and full caffeine. I also take 25 mg of Metoprolol a day. I am not aware of any problems caused by my practice of BB and Tea.
Avatar n tn I am recently on Cymbalta and I take green tea tablets and occasionally drink green tea. I had put on 10 lbs in a relatively short time. I exercise everyday approximately 11/2 to 2 hours a day.Can the green tea lower the effectiveness of the Synthroid.?Would the Cymbalta have a reacttion on the thryroid. Thank you.
Avatar m tn Since most people in the world drink a lot of green tea and some a lot of black tea and some in between (India and vicinity) it's unlikely to be harmful. But try to buy organic, and again, green will be better for you. Hard to see how it could deydrate you, first that's hard to do from a medical standpoint, and second, tea is mostly water.
Avatar n tn 2 years ago a whole new set of symptoms emerged, in my mouth with burning, swelling of tongue and tissues of my cheeks/lips and sores on roof of mouth and under my tongue. Included in the symptoms is sore throat and dry mouth. Last year my lip was biopsied for autoimmune (mother died of sarcoidosis...other autoimmune disorders run in family). The results showed "suggestive of sjogren's" but I've seen 3 rheumatologists and there is doubt in that diagnosis.
Avatar n tn 1 Minor Interaction green tea (L-theanine) + clonazepam green tea decreases effects of clonazepam by pharmacodynamic antagonism. Minor or non-significant interaction. Caffeine component of green tea may decrease sedative effects of benzodiazepines. Is it possible that your thyroid treatment is not working well for you? You may want to do Dr. Barnes Basal Temperature Test, so you can actually test and monitor your current hypothyroid treatment with synthroid.
Avatar m tn 5mg niacin 20mg vb6 16mg folic acid 500mug vb12 100mug biotin 150mug pantothenic acid 45mg olive fruit extract 15mg mixed natural tocopherols 17mg rutin 60mg quercetin 12mg hesperidin 12mg green tea leaf extract-decaffeinated 7.5mg pomegranate fruit extract 5mg cinnamon bark extract 2mg bilberry fruit extract 500mug inositol 75mg choline bitartrate 50mg n-acetyl l-cysteine 50mg bromelain 25mg alpha lipoic acid 10mg coq10 6mg turmeric root extract 7.
Avatar n tn I love drinking tea. I've been drinking lots of black tea for years and years. I don't care as much for green, white, and red (or even herb) but I'm working on it. Genmai cha (which is a Japanese roasted tea with rice) is pretty tasty. Also Kambucha (sp?) tea from Yogi is good and theoretically good for the immune system. BTW, UDO'S CHOICE is a wonderful oil full of the Omega 3/6/9 complex and it even tastes good. I mix it with balsamic vinegar and put it on my salads.
Avatar m tn Yes my throat was sore for 2 days, but I drank beef bouillon and hot green tea and it soothed my throat. Heat was much soothing than cold on my throat. Clear liquid diet is what you must have for the first three days. I was able to drive my car on the 4th day after surgery. I was able to eat tuna salad on the 5th day. I was able to eat at the restaurant on the 6th day after surgery. I ate oatmeal for breakfast every morning beginning the 3rd day after surgery.
Avatar f tn Just had my thyroid removed and was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer. I am currently waiting for a RAI scan. Any advice.
Avatar n tn I had no function left either. When they took mine out my labs didnt flinch. The thyroid was yellow and green.
Avatar f tn I have been feeling fine until I started my diet with the Green Tea Belly Lost Weight tablet pills... In the last month, Ive noticed that I was losing alot of hair when I shower. I would run my hand through my hair and get quite a bit. In the last few weeks, Ive also noticed that my weight was gaining, my throat feels swollen, but no visible signs... I've also tried various test to see if I notice anything yet.. My co-workers and them think that it my be Thyroid? I am confused...
205212 tn?1202198397 I also take supplements thru Pharmanex(NUSKIN), Lifepak(Lunch and dinner also depends if I remember to take them at lunch mainly at dinner though), Tea green, Bio Gingko, and Reishi Max (all Pharmanex brands). I do spread these out throughout the day. Anyone have any explaination on this? Cheers!
Avatar f tn He drinks green tea twice a day but doubles up on the tea bags to get more of the green tea. He squeezes fresh lemon in his water once a day and drinks lots of water the rest of the day to detoxify his system. He changes his pillow case every 1-2 days. He keeps his hands away from his face. Shaves with an electric razor and disinfects razor head with alcohol after. He still gets on occasional whitehead but the Clindamycin Pledgets are by far the most successful treatment.
Avatar f tn I am thinking now, of leaving 4 weeks since the last test, and retest after a month of low fat diet, no alcohol and no painkillers. I am using Bromelain, Green Tea and Milk Thistle supplements and drinking alot of water and tea. Can you give me any advice please and would be very grateful. Am I taking the right approach? Thank you so much for reading.
Avatar f tn So many others on here talked about related symptoms--dark patches on skin, thyroid-like symptoms, pain in chest, fatigue, feeling cold, occasional hair loss, and HIVES so severe that even with taking 13 prescribed anti-histamines and acid reducers a day, my entire body was covered every night until mid-morning. Thinking that it was my diet or bedding, I changed where I slept and went on semi-fasts. I kept a food/drug journal to note trends.
1144849 tn?1395458766 01 Now my Doctor says it had nothing to do with it. Maybe. I also drink green tea, for antioxident powers and this past summer I began to hunt through the woods finding the prized wild blueberry, as well as wild blackberries. The past few weeks I have been drinking green tea with Goji berry. I do believe all the fast foods we eat has aided in the rise of thyroid related problems and there are cases of food born thyroid disease. Japan has had a few cases that come to mind.
Avatar f tn this was 2 months ago I just followed up with my PCP on some issues and I just learned that the CT scan also showed several nodules on my thyroid. now I have to see and endo what can I expect from this appointment? how do they tell what it is on my thyroid. i do have symptoms of tumors in there. like extreme fatigue and weakness which I thought might be something else. do they always remove the item nodule on your thyroid.
4065534 tn?1400552336 I'm curious about this as I have hypothyroidism and I occasionally drink Yogi Green tea kombucha. At a talk I attended by a naturopathic doctor she mentioned kombucha as a healthy source of fermentation like yogurt or Kefir. I mainly drink herbal teas, but this green tea has caffeine. What are your current/recent thyroid levels (TSH, Free T4, Free T3)?
Avatar f tn Sometimes foods such as gluten, yeast, caffeine, dairy, wheat, green tea and sugary foods can trigger those antibodies. Try an elimination diet each week and see if you feel better off certain foods. For now, eat high protein meals with veggies and ease back on the sugar/carbs.
1709522 tn?1308304992 When you go to the product webpage you can't pull up an actual ingredient label. The Metabo Up is basically green tea with 2 other ingredients. Personally I wouldn't waste my money on it. There are many natural forms of fiber you can get and take. Always ask your doctor before taking any kind of diet supplement.
Avatar f tn I wound up in a psych ward and was put on different meds....but after I came home the yellow and green thing started and slowly built up to everytime I nap. Needless to say I did not complain It is nice to know I am not alone.
877337 tn?1249848050 Like MANmom said, its not allways in your chest (actual heartburn). Is the throat feel bad in the morning? A lot of thyroid people have acid reflux at night and dont realize it, then termed silent reflux or LPRD, which is a little different than major heartburn. The difference is you may not feel the burn down low near the LES but you can wake up gagging if the acid makes it way to the voice box area past the Upper Esophageal Sphincter.
Avatar f tn Once in awhile Green tea. I drink loads of water daily. I never drink any alcohol, no smoking, no drug abuse/use. I try keep down on dairy (im lactose intolerant) I avoid soy (bad for my pcos) Wondering if it's thyroid, adrenals, pituitary gland ??