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Avatar n tn I have never had dry eyes before and the last two days I have had blurry vision and really dry itchy eyes. Could thyroid be causing this? I know it can cause some sort of eye disease, but I really don't know much about it. Thanks in advance!
Avatar f tn I was blaming my fibromyalgia for my eyes hurting. I went to eye doctor and he informed me that my "eyes are a mess". He said my eyes were not producing tears and the surface of my eyes have all kinds of micro-abrasions. Has anyone out there had this problem?
458072 tn?1291418786 Well, I have started having another problem. I am getting dry eyes. I have never had this before, so maybe you can shed some light. Is this associated with the thyroid as well. I am starting to think that even hang nails are a result of hypothyroidism....(funny, don't you think). Seriously, I was reading an article that says that the T3 and T4 hormones are in every cell of our blood. That must be why it affects so many different things.
Avatar f tn Can hypothyroidism be the cause of dry eyes and if so can thyroid medication stop the eyes from being dry?
Avatar f tn Significant increase in dry, weepy eyes all day Sunday. Was with friends at a bonfire all evening and got home after 1am. Read a little before going to sleep. Both eyes were watering, but only the right eye was gritty. Since Armour Thyroid is no longer available, I'll tell the doctor my symptoms have increased when I call for a change in medication. Gotta love this freakin' disease....ugh.
744962 tn?1270945638 I am Hypethyroid but due to over medication was Hyper for about a year during this time was on Thyroxin 100mcg and Armour Thyroid 125mcg. Medication was adjusted to 50 Thyroxin and 40 Armour after a liver reading. Recently been put onto 50mcg Thyroxin and 20mcg of Cytomel. My energy levels are much better but still find from time to time that I have a sore throat and notice that my eyes feels dry, gritty and itchy - my righ eye is red on the lower eyelid.
Avatar f tn I had been taken Synthroid for several years and missed one blood test at a physical. My eyes started to have a staring look and at that point I asked for a thyroid blood test. Sure enough, I was going hyper and always been hypo. My eyes got a little better after going from 100Mcg to 75Mcg, but they have never straightened out completely. I have watery eyes all day and than about 5 p.m. in the afternoon, they start to feel dry.
Avatar n tn Hello, There are many possibilities for puffy eyes and the chief causes include oversleeping/lack of sleep, diet, fluid retention, alcohol and tobacco use, allergies, skin disorders, crying, ononucleosis, thyroid disease, kidney disease and periorbital cellulitis. Treatment is diagnosis specific and for this you need to get all these causes ruled out.
Avatar n tn Please use the search feature on this page and read about dry eyes and thyroid eye disease. With your thyroid problem and dry eyes you are not a good candidate for lasik. Crystalens surgery involves making an incision into your eye and removing your clear lens and putting in a focusing IOL. You would have to have both eyes done. Costs will vary but is suspect doing both eyes would probably cost $5,000-$10,000.
Avatar n tn I wear glasses but w/ out correction to the astigmatism, unable to adjust, sever debilatating headaches. When i was on thyroid meds, my eyes were more dry. I have been to the dry eye specialist and he said i have rosea of the eyelid and gve me "Azsite"but its not full solution. i notice that after luch sometimes my eyes feel tired and the energy is drained out of my body through the eyes like as if a breeze is coming out of my eyes. Reading a book is unbarable.
Avatar f tn Hi ! I believe it is and the only reason why is because I have dry eyes and I'm frequently thirsty. There has been research done on this because many CFS patients have symptoms of Sjogren's Syndrome, but do not test positive for the autoimmune illness. My mother has Sjogren's and I remember reading that researchers believed the cause of SS was VIRAL (sound familiar ?
422425 tn?1307996590 I have been diagnosed with Sjogrens, and I had the dryness in the mouth and eyes and vagina. I didn't have swelling, but did have burning along the jaw and below a bit. I looked up the salivary glands on the net and found that the burning pain is my salivary gland. BIOTENE is a brand name of toothpaste that works a little, they also have a gum and mouthwash. You can buy it at Target, walmart and K-mart. Probably walgreens also.
Avatar f tn Can you have LASIK performed if you have SLK and dry eyes? I am currently on Restasis to help with dry eyes, along with OTC drops as needed. I have been unable to wear my contacts for almost 2 years now due to irritation from EKC prior to my SLK diagnosis. I am aware that my eyes must be "quiet" for at least a year before I can even think about LASIK, but will my dry eyes prevent me from getting the LASIK performed?
865758 tn?1285956504 My problem is that I can't seem to focus and I am constantly lightheaded. He told me that I also have very dry eyes and edema of the eyes as well. I only wear glasses when I work on the computer at work for 8 hours. Can my thyroid be affecting my eyes and what can be done about it? By the end of the day I can hardly see and my eyes hurt!!!!!
Avatar n tn Hi everyone I just started on 1 1/2 grain of nature-throid and my eyes are very dry and one has a strange red area on it. Als my skin is really dry. Is all of this normal? Also, one of my hypo symptoms is swollen, tired looking eyes, so does this mean I could have thyroid eye disease?
Avatar f tn I started taking 50mcg of Synthroid 3 months ago and I've been suffering with extremely dry eyes for 2 months. Could this be related? I've been to three eye doctors and all they say are that my eyes are dry and to use drops. Just wondering if there is a connection or anyone else has experienced this.
Avatar n tn com/health/dry-eyes/DS00463/DSECTION=7 If puffiness is severe and persistent or you notice swelling (edema) in other parts of your body, see your doctor. Let us know if you need any other information and post us about how you are doing. Regards.
Avatar f tn for example, I can barely brush a door frame with my arm as I am walking by and it hurts so bad it brings tears to my eyes. I am extremely frustrated and just want answers. Could this be thyroid even though my tests are normal?
Avatar n tn If you are menopausal or post-menopausal be sure you and your gynecologist maintain optimal hormonal balance. (Many women with dry eyes have dry mouth and dry vaginal canal). If you have joint pain have that evaluated to be sure you don't have Sjorgren's syndrome. Many medications eg antihistamines can make dry eye worse. You might review your medications with your ophthalmologist.
Avatar n tn After years of pain and fatigue and begging for thyroid test and being diagnose with Fibromyalgia and CFS and unable to lose the baby fat like I so easily did with the first 3. I suffered from a bad root canal that was misdiagnosed as trigeneral nueralgia I went in for some trigger injections in the back from muscular pain from the oxycarbazine and mentioned my right sternomastoid muscle was hurting.
Avatar f tn Hi, I have hypothyroidism and athma have had the puffiness around eyes, moody dry skin jsut wondering if the medication can be harmful with the athma. Also Im 34 but would liek to have one more child but hasnt happened yet don't know how this could effect that process. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/1436760'>FREE Health Chat - Thyroid Disorders: When Your Thyroid Malfunctions</a>.
Avatar m tn Rash on back and itching, loud noise in ears, blood pressure spikes, rapid heart beats, heart beats pounding in ears, blurred vision, puffyness around eyes, lightheadedness, dizziness, nervousness, anxiety, tense, occasional diarrhea, dry mouth, irregular heart beats, hands trembling and probally many more. Before I found this site, I had know idea what was wrong with me. I even went to the ER and they told me that I had to go to my primary MD that they did not treat high blood pressure.
6517347 tn?1382030440 I'm having night sweats, I'm constantly cold, I'm always tired, very on edge as well but could also cry at the same time, at times depressed, but my worst symptom are my eyes they itch all day and are red feel dry but with moderate drainage? But eye symptoms are usually only with graves disease? I also told doctor I feel something when I swallow some mild pressure, but doctor didn't seem too concerned with that I just hope that the medicine helps?
Avatar n tn then in , nov 2011, t4 14.6 , tsh 3.
Avatar f tn The jugular diagastric nodes are prominet bilaterally with the right measuring 1.2x1.8x2.1cm and the left measuring 1.0x1.6x2.0cm. The thyroid gland appears mildly prominent. A few tiny low density regions are evident in the right thyroid lobe the largest measuring approx. 4mm. Should I be concerned my ENT has scheduled me with a appt with the endocrinologist but I have been having a hard time swallowing and my voice is hoarse.
Avatar n tn I should also mention that recently these symptoms have caused me to experience some anxiety, depression, urninary frequency, and I have also noticed that some of my hair is falling out around my hair line. Oh, also, my eyes feel dry and irritated. I should mention that I am a 27 year old male. Please Help!
Avatar f tn I take .75 of synthyroid. Been taking for 4 yrs, but I still have all the symptoms of hypo, leg cramps @ night, insomnia, no sex drive, chronic dry eyes & skin, forgetfulness, etc. I went to an endo, but all he wanted to check was my total TSH and tell me I had Hashimotos Disease. All he did was check my neck. Should I try another dr? My dr. sent me to one because he thought I may need Free T3 and T4 checked.
Avatar f tn I see an Endo and the only thing she seems to be concerned with is the TSH. She says it is in the normal range so there is nothing to worry about. This is the 3rd Endo I have had. They all seem to be the same around here, if the numbers are ok, I am ok. She wants me to have a sleep apnea test. I know I don't have it, once I fall asleep, I sleep through the night, I wake up tired and feel tired all the time. I have dry skin, dry brittle hair and nails that break at the drop of a dime.
Avatar f tn He says I have Hashimotos Disease, but I don't know how he knows other than feeling of my neck area and letting me know my thyroid was very small. I do have nodules on thyroid, and did have an ultrasound once a year, but he said there wasn't any need to have this anymore. When he called yesterday he told me to say on the .75 of synthyroid and come back in July. The trip to the endo in April was my first time to see him. I have been treated by my DO dr. Who also only tests for total TSH.
Avatar m tn They check my thyroid levels and now I have gone hyper and to the extreme. My pcp took me off my medication to see if that would help but it didn't and he said I probably have had a bout with thyroditis and I should be getting better. Well now it is October and I haven't gotten anybetter. My endocrinologist stated if my newest levels didn't stablize he would look into other possible things.