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Avatar m tn My cat is throwing up white foam and stomach bile, wont eat or drink, avoids me and is real lethargic (sp?). I know to take it to the vet, so, not to be rude, but please dont respond "take him to the vet immediately" What to do to try to prevent a vet trip, he has one day to get better or at least show progress or he is going to the vet, any suggestions or help?
Avatar n tn It's almost entirely water that she is throwing up the rest is mucus/foam. She is still energetic and keeps trying to play with her toys. Anyone have any suggestions?
687665 tn?1227106840 For the past two days she has been throwing up this green looking stuff. It almost looks like foam or bubbles. This morning she did something I have never seen her do. She got up and started making this sound like crying and she started to drag her bottom across the floor but her bottom was not all the way on the floor. She was acting like something was after or on her. Then thats when she stopped and started throwing up but this time it was more watery and clear but had the blood in with it.
Avatar n tn my pug is gagging and throwing up white foamy stuff. He is 6 years old and has been doing this for the past 5 hours. Its happened before but only lasted a cople of minutes. What could be wrong with him?
Avatar m tn Said its a gnawing, burning feeling, pushing on it makes him feel like throwing up. He just had a scope procedure done and they found 5 or 6 red, raw areas of his stomach. No ulcers though. They are giving him protonix, omeprazole, carafat, and phenegran. For some reason they seem to think its h-pylori even though the tests were negative. They are sure its a bacterial infection..but can't seem to get the vomiting under control..oh they are giving morphine for pain.
Avatar f tn He's trying to be himself and is trying to join us on the bed (more himself than the last time) but he just ends up leaving and throwing up again. Not to mention it smells so bad. Like rotten fish. Obviously it's something. But I don't get why it would come back again. Not to mention around the same time as last wkd...
Avatar f tn I woke up sick throwing up stimach bile and have diahriah omg I feel like I am dying I feel week and very uncomfortable idk what is wring with me
Avatar f tn I wake up in the morning from nausea, not long after i get diarrhea, my whole pelvic area feels like its in knots, along with my abdomen. Most of the time i will retch for about 20 minutes throwing up white foam or stomach bile. Up until the middle of the day i feel really week, have no appetite, and cant eat without getting nauseous. Throughout the day i get horrible pains in my upper right quadrant. Underneath my right rib cage.
Avatar n tn The Upper GI revealed I have a hiatal hernia, which is when your intestine busts through your stomach wall. This is a result of violently throwing up. How nice! I also have a 'pouch' on my small intestine that looks like a pizza crust bubble, simply from a lack of fiber and poor nutrition (and probably caused from the vomiting). These are results, or damage, from whatever the cause of my digestive troubles are, and will heal in time, so my doctor is now sending me off to have an endoscopy!
221122 tn?1323014865 I tried the memory foam pillow and ended up giving it to my husband. That was one of the WORST for me. I am on my third night of no pillow and it takes some getting used to. Last night I woke up around 4am deciding I really needed a pillow so I slept till my usual 5:30 and guess what? I have a horrible neck today. Go figure. Yes, I'm 52 and my husband is 37. We are married 12 years and although I look younger than I am, I feel older.
Avatar n tn I think everything is over and I clean up. I walk out of the toilet and in about 2 minutes time the stomach cramp and the fainting sensation comes back (I've fainted only once to date from this and was out for about 15-20 minutes). 6. When I get back to the toilet I have a really violent Diarrhoea episode in pure liquid state.
Avatar m tn Hi my Chinese shar pei,won't eat and keeps throwing up a white foam substance? Also his testicles have grown in size and are extremely red. He is acting really unusual and keeps going to locations in the house where he normally doesn't. His stomach keeps making strange noises too. Any help would be much appreciated.
15268603 tn?1439504008 Little Lily needs to see the vet. I can feel how much you love her. If she's throwing up white foam, that means she isn't throwing up her food! That's a good thing. But her weight loss needs investigating, and something like an anti-nausea drug might help her. Does she throw up when she has an empty stomach? Some dogs do. I had a Jack Russell once who used to go outside, eat grass, throw up foam and grass, as easily as if he was cleaning his toe-nails....then come in and ask for his dinner!
Avatar f tn It just means there is nothing in your stomach to throw up. Its just the lining or acid or whatever my doc says its probably from blood pooling in our legs while sleeping and getting up to fast its completely normal. He said to take it slow and drink water before getting up, hasn't worked for me ive had it since 34wks now im 39+3. But Id rather throw up that yellow stuff anyday than chunks lol.
Avatar m tn Last weekend my dog's muzzle, forehead, and ears were swollen and she wouldn't stop throwing up yellow foam. She would hardly eat and it had to be soft food if she did. We took her to the vet and they thought it was a sting of some sort and gave her benedryl and something to soothe her stomach. Today I noticed that her breath smelled horrible and I saw a tooth in the very back that is black and green. The swelling from last weekend seemed to begin in the area the tooth is located.
1152046 tn?1305771088 OMG my stomach feels always hungry. I eat a little bit so I dont feel like throwing it back up but then about 20mins later I feel starving again. When I wake up I feel like I havent eating for a week. WTHeck. Update: Ok this morning after I kept having a burning hungry feeling I decided to try some apple/cinn' oatmeal. Figure its a healthy and thick food to make me feel full.
518117 tn?1429279873 Last several days, I know she not well at all. Not much eating, throwing up small amounts of white foam, been missing her litterbox totally when urinating and starting to lose some weight. I have had many pets in my life, but none like this precious cat. I love her so much. Everywhere I go, my Hissie(her name) is right there beside me. She is so smart. Smartest pet I ever had. And I know this animal loves me as much as I love her. Any input would be so appreciated.
Avatar f tn Finally, if you get that rush of saliva and you know nothing will stop you from puking, swish it around your teeth to help protect them from the stomach acid, and after throwing up don't re - brush your teeth as it can really damage your teeth in the newly acidic environment. Instead, just rinse a lot and brush an hour later.
Avatar f tn I wake up in the morning from nausea, not long after i get diarrhea, my whole pelvic area feels like its in knots, along with my abdomen. Most of the time i will retch for about 20 minutes throwing up white foam or stomach bile. Up until the middle of the day i feel really week, have no appetite, and cant eat without getting nauseous. Throughout the day i get horrible pains in my upper right quadrant. Underneath my right rib cage.
Avatar n tn I am on the 7th week too just like you... I had been throwing up since yesterday.. But u feel so much better today... How are you feeling?
Avatar f tn I got tired alot, I have backpains sometimes, headache , feel like throwing up, both side of my stomach (mostly it's the right side) , bloated . And I took a test it came out negative. Wat should I do? Could I be pregnant?
Avatar n tn I have been throwing up stomach acid with flecks, and strings of blood, also foam that is a pinkish red color. should I be concerned, I have acid reflux with a hiatal hernia and severe Gerd.
Avatar f tn Throwing up white foam, abdominal pain, sweating, body heating up, feet/hands cold, strong back headaches, numbness on left arm and leg, blurry vision, runny nose, ringing noise in ears, rough coughing, and upper and lower back bones hurting what does this mean?? Should i be scared...
Avatar m tn But i do get stomach aches sometimes but i have never thrown up from a anxiety attack.But i am not sure why you would be throwing up white foam i think i would go to the Doc and get that checked out.
Avatar f tn If it was light red and just a small amount of it, out could be irritation of your esophagus/throat from throwing up. It happen to me a few times in my beginning weeks. I was violently sick at all hours of the day and night for almost 4 months. With the medicine try lemon water and spermint mints it helps reduce neasua greatly, at least for me.
Avatar f tn And I woke up this morning with chest pains (I cant take in deep breaths and it feels like something is crushing my chest) and nausea (I puked up some foam and a bit of blood). I don't know if these things have anything to do with each other. Also I take Yasmin which I have not heard great things about. Can someone help??
Avatar f tn (I'm a college student, and sometimes I go a couple weeks without a single dollar to my name) I gave it to him yesterday, and he's had a very small amount of diarrhea still but he hasn't really been eating anything to create waste to begin with but he isn't throwing up anymore. Last night I had to carry him up the stairs, and this morning when I took him out, his back legs started wobbling and he fell down. I had to carry him back inside and his breathing is labored.
1283791 tn?1276821914 maybe your dog isn't getting enough food and the stomach acid chourning in an empty or unfull stomach may be causing her to throw up. the yellow foam is stomach acid. i would just suggest either leaving food out for her around the clock, or simply upping her amount of food.
Avatar f tn lightheadedness, throwing up everything i eat, constipation, bloating, cramps one week before my period, and not being able to sleep on my stomach because its uncomfortable.