Throwing up after taking birth control pill

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Avatar n tn I started taking Ortho Tri Lo on Dec 30, the next day I threw up my second active pill. I took the rest of my pills on time. I switched to Necon 1/35 after only one cycle of Ortho Tri Lo. I did not take my Ortho Tri Lo inactive pills, instead I started my Necon 1/35 immediately. I have been taking the Necon 1/35 for about 11 days now. My breasts are very tender and I experienced some light brown spotting a few days ago. Should I be concerned about pregnancy?
Avatar f tn I began feeling nauseous every morning and lost a lot of weight and started losing hair as a result of not eating. I stopped taking birth control and everything else stopped as well. I began taking birth control again recently (I'm now 25) to curb horrible cramps. I thought maybe trying a different kind of birth control would help and it would be different this time. Almost all of my symptoms are back.
Avatar f tn i started birth control with the nuva ring, but decided to switch to oral contraception after being uncomfortable with it, and reading about the nuva ring increasing the chance of blood clots more than any other birth control pill. after that i started yasmin and it did not help me whatsoever. if anything, it only made me worse. i gained weight, i was irritable all the time, depressed, and just wanted to eat and eat! i prefer Yaz over anything else.
Avatar n tn I never thought it was a possiblity to be allergic to lactose from a birth control pill. I would like to mention that I did not see a doctor to confirm it was the pill that caused the lactose intolerance but I stopped taking it and was able to eat lactose with out being sick. This was my first birth control I have ever used. I am 19 years old and have never been pregnant before. Just thought I would mention that.
Avatar n tn I finally decided to stop taking the birth control pill and now Im much better. The birth control pill lowers serotonin levels, among other things. I wish I would have stopped taking it sooner. I was on it for 6 years. The doctors said I wouldnt get better without drugs but they were wrong. Im now sleeping and eating and working and Im going back to school to get my degree in psychology. I used to feel like I was going to die but not anymore.
Avatar f tn pregnant, but my metabolism and sleep schedule are both unusually off, which I attributed to going back to work full time after being unemployed for 4 months. Also last night I woke up to use the restroom and had to brush my teeth because the taste in my mouth made me nauseous, but that could have been from the two glasses of wine I had before bed. I don't want to be 'that girl' but what is going on?!
Avatar n tn I just read that while on birth control pills, ovulation does not occur. Is this true?
Avatar f tn I have been on birth control pills before and I had stopped for nearly a year due to some thyroid testing but now I am starting up birth control again and in this first month it has completely thrown me off. I feel nausea and extreme moodiness, I have been throwing up mainly in the morning but still throughout the day. My period did start Sept 9th. and was very brief and then restarted again the 23rd of Sept.
Avatar n tn I've been TTC for 4 years now (with a miscarriage a little over a year ago) and I just can't take it anymore. I asked him to put me on birth control pills when I start. I think their office must think I'm nuts after how hard I pushed to get Clomid. The roller coaster has just become too much. TTC is all consuming (as a lot of you know), but I didn't expect giving up to be this hard. I feel like I need to mourn the child I will never have. Is that silly? Anyhow- feeling kinda down right now.
Avatar m tn Dear Dr, I have been on Apri 28-day birth control pills for over a year. I take the pill on time, as directed, every month. Last Sunday I began taking Sulfamethoxazole-TMP (generic Bactrim DS) to treat a urinary tract infection. I have continued to take my birth control pills every day on schedule, but I was advised to use a back up method of birth control, as is standard. The day that I began taking the antibiotics was day 16 of my cycle (using the first day of my last period as cycle day 1).
Avatar f tn This is an interesting point, as he said, doesn't MS tend not not be so bad in pregnant women and isn't the birth control pill a way of fooling the body into thinking that it is pregnant (I'm not sure if that is what the birth control pill does but this is an interesting thought) Does anyone know if such research has been done, or is there any anecdotal evidence to say that women taking birth control pills find their MS gets a little better?
Avatar n tn My family and friends also noticed that my moods were very erratic -- worse than when I started taking the pill! I don't need it for birth control, so I just stopped. My last pill was on Saturday night. I already mentally and emotionally feel better, but the bleeding is still there. When can I expect it to stop?
Avatar f tn I continued to take my BC like normal but about 2 days after I took plan b I threw up about 1 hour after I took my birth control. My husband and I haven't even had sex since then and I have about 8 days left on this pill pack. What are my chances of getting pregnant and will I be protected once I start my new pack?
Avatar f tn it go's away through the day but always comes back when I eat. I was wondering if taking the birth control in the morning was making me feel sick or do I need to get a different kind?
565474 tn?1217992042 Hi, i was wondering could i be pregnant if i take birth control (Loestrin24 Fe) When i first started taking birth control i threw up the first morning, and that was the only time i threw up while taking Loestrin. And during the first month i was spotting and i eventually got my period on normal timing.
Avatar n tn Hey, I take Yasmin 28, and am not familiar with your birth control. As far as me when I first started taking it, I was crampy and ended up throwing up, but am fine now. Maybe your body is just getting acclimated to the hormone changes. Best of luck!
6012171 tn?1381683220 , for which I have never been officially diagnosed and have never taken prescription meds for. Then he says it is probably birth control pills then. I have never taken birth control pills and I don't have high blood pressure. 5) He says that the numbness/tingling and pain in my left leg and foot is probably due to a bulging disc in my lumbar spine. I tell him that I already had a MRI of the lumbar and they found nothing. He still wants to repeat it.
Avatar n tn I was on birth control (pills and then the patch) for 5 years and my boyfriend (now husband) always went in me and I NEVER got pregnant on birth control. If you do take the pill at the same time EVERYDAY, then you have nothing to worry about. If you are concerned then use condoms also. Good Luck.
Avatar f tn These drugs do not just leave the system if you miss a dose. Once started the effect of taking the pill can last up to 4 to 6 weeks if not longer. Its a hormone you idiot (doctor) not a vitamin... :( I almost fell off my chair also when you said "He thinks its Hashimoto". He thinks? hmmmm... where's the autoimmune labs indicating it? You don't rely on an ultra sound only either. A TPOab abd TgAb test can assist and should be drawn.
659957 tn?1224857787 The baby may also experience heavy withdrawal symptoms after birth. I would def try to decrease slowly until your not taking it anymore. Addiction is addiction and in my opinion you shouldn't replace an addiction with a new addiction. Kick the suboxone and stay can do it. Congrats and good luck.
Avatar n tn this naturally and get back to my fun loving self. Can birth control pills cause anxiety after all this time? I have heard of women having problems right after starting what to do? I would come off of them but what to use then...I have read a lot on IUD's(the non-hormonal)and they seems pretty good for someone like me. If anyone has some good stories to share on how they beat the anxiety...
Avatar n tn I didn't throw up, but I felt sick often. It made me feel tired and depressed. I was on a couple of different pills and the patch. It could be that it is the pills. Ask your doctor. If you need to be on them, then you may just need to switch to a different kind.
172826 tn?1423426556 I have painful periods anyway, but the first year after giving birth each time has been rough on me. Worse off the pill, I even tried a few months back to go off and see. I was rewarded with over 3 weeks of heavy bleeding and clots that pushed my tampons out. Even on the pill I have really bad cramping. After about a year from the birth of my first son it got better, I'm hoping it will do the same for me again, still waiting.
Avatar n tn I been taking the birth control pill for like two months now. And i missed two pills and i had unprotected sex. The next day i took the two pills that i had missed. And then i started having a brown discharge. Then i got really sick and starting throwing up. I threw up five times yesterday. Can i be pregnant??
Avatar n tn i'm 19 yrs of age and have been on tha birth control pill for about a year and a half now. about 5 months ago i had switched brands because i was having break through bleeding. so far this brand has been working really good until now.... i started a new pack on august 13, i had a very stressful week, i was extremely sick and threw up lots. i had septh throat (i think thats how you spell it) and have been taking penicillin.
Avatar f tn what was your doc? and how many were u taking? how often did u drop a pill? Thanx for responding to me I need to the support. I think I will start at 12(Im usually at about 20...It pains me to say that) it will take me a little longer and require more pills but it shouldn't be such a shock to my system as 8 was. I am going to take my daily dosage w/ me and leave the bottle at home.
Avatar n tn I am on my 8th month of Yasmin birth control. I take my pill at 9pm every night, but one night I had ONE incident of loose stool 30 minutes later. I had a stomachache from eating dinner too late that night. It was loose, but not really watery and not a TON of "stuff." That was the only time it happened and I have not had loose stool again. I had sex that night with a condom and 3 days later with a condom. I am still somewhat concerned that my pill failed.
Avatar f tn I have, on SEVERAL occasions, woke up about an hour or so after I dose off (at night) to sleep and I think I see things. Example: I woke up one time swearing that there was a spider on the wall. I woke up my husband and he said there was nothing there. I feel like I'm totally awake, eyes open, speaking clearly, everything. I just don't understand why this happens. Sometimes when it begins, I tell him that it's not like before and I tell him that this time I really do see something. So...
Avatar n tn If still no success after another three months she would then refer me to a fertility specialist after taking some test. Sorry, I forget the name. I am currently taking Provera to induce another period so I can take the second round of Clomid. It just all seems too weird. I have always been irregular but I know that I am capable of becoming pregnant At 18, I miscarried but that was almost 10 years ago. I get yearly exams and have never shown any other signs of any other issues or concerns.