Throwing up after stomach surgery

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Avatar m tn They took out 1/2 of my stomach, due to it was lack of blood flow and part of it died. I have been throwing up sence the surgery. I am still throwing up. I throw up at least 3 or 4 times a day. Every day. I have lost 22 lbs in this last 6 months, and it seams no one cares. I am getting really scared for my life. 79 lbs. is no joke. I really need help..
292932 tn?1209309180 Everytime after I eat dinner- I have to throw up! It is at the point where it is so bad and it hurts my stomach that I have to literally make myself throw up! Tonight I had to stop on the sideof the road to yack! Does anyone else have this?? I am 6 weeks and 4 days pregnant. I also had gastric bypass surgery a couple of years ago which may be adding to the evening yacking . If I eat to much I have to throw up.
1802044 tn?1316007025 I started with cramping and pain, then the cold sweats and anxiety, then 2-3 hours after that all started I starting violently throwing up. Now I'm back to the pain and cramping all around and this clouded feeling in my head like it weighs a million pounds. Sorry, I'm ranting now. Anyway, I really appreciate all the support.
Avatar f tn Thanks! After reading about her throwing up blood, it was pretty concerning. Glad to know she's doing okay.
203342 tn?1328740807 Every time I've taken her to the vet I've mentioned it. There's a million reasons why she could be throwing up, I'm told. She could just have a nervous stomach, eating too fast, isn't tolerating food well or it could be a medical reason. They ran all kinds of expensive tests on her before doing her surgery a couple of months ago and everything came back fine, including diabetes, kidneys looked fine, etc. I'm not sure what else to do at this point to help her.
Avatar f tn Around 5pm I started throwing up and getting the stomach pain again. I truly have no idea why this is continuing but I do have an appointment with the GI doctor again in a week. Hopefully nothing else bad is happening. I've spent ENOUGH time in the hospital this year and do not want a repeat stay. Any suggestions?
541150 tn?1306037443 I'm so glad thats out and done with...its served its purpose and it was time!!! poor baby, if only they could tell us. Snickers not well again either...poor little guy, what is causing his problems do you know Sara?
12679876 tn?1426981493 I have an 8 year old male cat who started throwing up yellow bile on Saturday. I got him to drink a little tuna juice and he acted like he wanted to eat dry food but only ate one piece and that was after several times of picking it up and putting it back down. All test results from the vet came back normal. No bacteria. He did have blood in his stool. But no infection. No temp, and barely dehydrated. He's going in for a teeth cleaning tomorrow because he had severe tartar build up.
Avatar n tn Best of luck with the post gallbladder surgery. My son's surgery was two years ago and he still has relapses varying from weekly to a couple weeks apart. The benign tumorsin his gallbladder did not necessitate the removal; it was a knee jerk reaction in that he did not have insurance at the time.Rarely will he go a month without chills, cramping,then vomiting bile in that order. Sometimes after a day he recoups other time its back to the hospital for rehydration and continued pain medication.
Avatar n tn He has previously done this all the time when he doesn't feel good and will usually end up throwing it all up. I was told that this was a normal behavior for some dogs and that as long as it comes out and there's no blockage, he should be fine. However, this time, he started ingesting the strap on my backpack, the handle of my duffel bag and some other random items and I do not believe it has come back out. He has already been admitted to the vet.
Avatar n tn said to add rice ceral to her formula, and she is also on reflux meds. and still throwing up shes only eating appx. 2 ounces of formula every 3 hours but after every feeding is throwing up, any suggestions???
Avatar n tn As a blood test has been done, I wonder if it was tested for any possible infection? But you could ask about that. If he hadn't been eating, and regularly throwing up, it is fairly natural that he wouldn't have a bowel movement. The only thing you can do now is to wait for the results. I am sure they will do all they can. You could ask about whether they think this could be infection of some kind? And whether his liver is functioning normally.
Avatar f tn I cant let my stomach get empty at all. Because when I start throwing up the bile I cant stop I think I could die, so I have to eat something, and now my problem is I am slowly gaining weight and now my weight is hurting me. I'm getting older and dont know what to do. I have seen a Doctor and no one knows what to do, they say surgery is risky for me. Can any one help, does any one have this and can please tell me what they eat so they dont gain weight. Help please.
Avatar n tn Anyway i was the first baby to survive this desease it only took three operations and a bout of gangreen after the second that made my stomach blow up like a ballon and pop; I was told that should of killed me right a way and that the doctors at the time had know idea why i was not dead but my heart kept on a pumping and i like to beleave that God sent an angel my way for both me and the doctor for insperation.
546787 tn?1214519529 If you type in gallbladder on the search you will find that alot of people have the same symptoms after removal as they did before surgery. Also some are still complaining of issues after a year. I hope yours and mine will improve with time. I know where you are coming from/ very discouraging. Good luck!
Avatar f tn Has anyone else thrown up for weeks after surgery no matter what you take for nausea or pain and any other medication? I have taken meds that I have had before that I never threw up on, but seems after brain surgeries I throw up for weeks. I hate it so much. Makes my head feel that much worse w/ all that movement. I gotta get off here as I am nauseated and in so much pain right now. I threw up not long ago.
Avatar f tn I had to have a blood tranfusion after my surgery and I got a large blood clot inside after surgery so I was on pain meds for 3 weeks once off pain meds the pain returned and even worse. Ipratically lived in the ER I felt like the doctors thought I was crazy and that I was just coming to the ER for pain meds but I wasn't was truly in pain and I felt like giving I when I would eat I was in extreme pain I would vomit and sometimes I would wake up with vomit in my mouth when sleeping.
Avatar n tn Anything I eat causes pain in my stomach and I feel a burning/ache constantly. Every morning I wake I up throwing up because the acid reflux is so bad. I have tried all the over the counter drugs to help this, but nothing even puts a dent in the acid. I have military healthcare and it is VERY difficult to see a doctor, get appointments, etc. For instance I fought FOR MONTHS about my pain and they said it was a pregnancy induced cyst. THEN, when the cyst was gone, they said I just had UTI.
Avatar n tn hi i had my gallbladder outon the10th and last night i got sick after i ate supper like i did before i had surgery i was throwing up for 3 months before my dr. found out i was the problem , so i know your feeling like i am are we still going to be doing this? i hate throwing up.!!!!! i went back to work and picked up a box of bags that weigh about 25 pounds and now the top of my stomach is sore do you think i did something or am i like your feeling did the surgery stop the problem?
Avatar m tn For a few years I have been having intense pain in my stomach/abdominal area after I play soccer and/or run untill I'm very tired. I started going to my doctor first when I was thirteen about this and she has not the slightest idea what is going on. I read the tag about stomach pains after tennis and my syptoms sound very similar. I am in good shape and exercise regulairly, and it only happens on random days spread by weeks of no problems, and it only happens when I push myself to my limits.
Avatar m tn My fiance and kid got the stomach flu and they had it for about 12 hours they had diarrea and vomiting but the day after I got the diarea but no vomiting just nausea for three days then it went away.
Avatar n tn I had this done and now I get heartburn and acid reflux that goes into my lung and I get pneumonia. I was wondering if throwing up all the time is normal after this type of surgery, food gets stuck in teh plastic ring they put around stomach and nothing stays down for all night sometimes, even water comes up. Also, can this cause stomach cancer?
Avatar f tn By the spring of '05 I was having such horrendous stomach pains that I was throwing up after eating and doubling over in a fetal position that I was sent to a gastroenterologist who put me through gastric emptying scans, small bowel follow throughs, endoscopies, telling me I had gastroparesis.
Avatar n tn So, in a nutshell, you still have to not eat the foods that are fatty (which are the only ones that go down and not come back up). I have been throwing up a whole lot, then got a hernia, then had more surgery, now I have lung damage from acid reflux--when I sleep at night it comes up and goes in my lungs and then I am in the hospital for a week with pnuemonia like symptoms. Email me---we can talk--dont do this.
Avatar n tn 00 I almost feel like throwing up and when I eventually start farting then I stop burping and am able to fall asleep. In 2005 this is why we had to do the surgery to keep me from throwing up at 3:00am. Since the surgery it has made it so I don’t throw up – but the symptoms that lead up to it are still there. 3rd day: Stomach Gurgling and Burping–3rd day on the diet this finally goes back to normal.
Avatar n tn I didn't do anything the day after surgery but the following day I was up and around doing stuff around the house....I know I probably shouldn't have but I didn't lift anything heavy and still am not. My belly button is still a little sore although almost completely healed now. The pain was really not bad at all for me, but everyone is different. Best of luck to you!
Avatar n tn that I had irritable bowel, gastric stomach etc. etc. until it reached the point where I was throwing up my coffee... then a Ct scan was ordered, and I was told the bad news. Don't mess around with any Doctor who won't listen to you... and won't do anything constructive to detect what the problem is. Go for a second... or maybe third opinion.. and make sure that you/they explore all possibilities. It's best to act quickly... and get some answers. Best of luck.... and keep us informed....Helmar.
790669 tn?1465192699 I was soo nauseous and this was after them giving me something for nausea during, they even put the sea sick patch behind my ear and when I woke up I was still throwing up and had to have a phenagrin(sp) suppository. I was soo groggy. So thankful it's all over with.. No on to hopefully finding how to treat this and getting better. Thank you ALL so much for the prayers and support. I'm blessed!! Oh and this gas in my ribs and shoulder is killing me!! Is there something I can do for this?