Throwing up after eating

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Avatar m tn How do you eat and/or take pills when you are throwing up/nauseous. Especially after chemotherapy. I'm not sure how to help my mom with this and it's such a big problem and zofran (etc) doesn't help. Thanks for any tips or suggestions!
Avatar f tn And quite a bit. I mean we've all done that once or twice in our lifetime when we burp after eating. But this just seemed odd because I didn't burp at all and it was quite a bit to where I started running to the bathroom because I wasn't sure if more was coming. My husband did *** in me during my fertile window. Is that something that happens during pregnancy?
5739386 tn?1378840060 My son is 3 weeks will be a month on the 12th now all he wants is the boob he won't take a pacifier at all. I feel like he's over eating because all he does after some feedings is throw up a lot how can I cut him back? After he throw up all he wants is the boob again after a while.
Avatar f tn I threw that up 5min after eating. And I just went to bed and let my stomach relax. Didn't want to risk throwing up again.
Avatar f tn To help you with the reflux (if he has it), it is important that the position of feeding is above 45 degrees or more, almost sitting up. Never lay him on his back when he is feeding or right after you are finished with feeding because the acid from the stomach goes into the esophagus and causes pain, plus vomiting. Wait about ½ hour after feeding before laying him down. Raise the head of his crib to a 45-degree angle too so he is not flat on his back. Hoped this helped you.
292932 tn?1209309180 Congratulations on being Pregnant. Always feeling sick and throwing up is not fun at all. Its hard to eat when you feel like **** or dont feel like eating at all. But for your baby you have to eat. With eathing dinner or when ever you eat. My advice for you is to eat slow and take little bits. wait a little then take another bit. If its really that bad. You can always get those drinks you can drink that make you feel like you just had a meal.
Avatar f tn Hi I'm 14 and for some reason have been throwing up after breakfast and not being able to keep food down in the morning. At first I thought I was allergic to eggs so I cut those out of my diet but I keep throwing up!! This makes me insecure because it's making me loose weight. i'm the lightest I've been in a few years and was upset about being too skinny before this happened. I just want to gain weight and be healthy again.
Avatar f tn If you should treat yourself a food that might not be the best choice, just make up for it in the day or two after. Keep your treats to a minimum and just keep the portions small. Everything in moderation. Keep a food diary so that you can keep track of what you are eating and how you are eating. It will help you figure things out. Love yourself. You are lovable, beautiful and very important.
Avatar n tn Ghilly, I actually tried feeding Jake 4 times a day. All that happened was that he started throwing up about 30 minutes to each prior I had 4 times a day to clean puke rather than just twice a day. For some reason I can't fathom, a dog biscuit doesn't seem to have this same effect. If he gets his 2 normal sized meals, he doesn't vomit in anticipation of a biscuit.
Avatar m tn Day 6 without a pill and today I throw up after I brush my teeth,I would have thought that would happen on day 1/2 or 3 not 6.
Avatar m tn Hi, I am living with my gf for 5 years but sad to say that after all these years I just found out that she threw up after eating. She would sneak to the bathroom to threw up and come back for meals again. She is 5.5 and weight 110lbs. I assume that that's healthy weight. She is a very moody person, cannot control her emotion. I always thought that she eats a lot but no in this case. I am not too sure if she still does it after she came back to eat for the 2nd time.
Avatar n tn Prenantals would only make me sick when I wouldn't eat them
10358763 tn?1409576241 Hi ladies, im 16 weeks and last night i threw up after eating i noticed some blood in it. . . any other person exeperience this??????
1672242 tn?1303873089 its my dad, he will be 71 in june, ok back b4 this past christmas he threw up BILE constantly around the clock, wasnt eating anything...every test imaginable was ran on him, they all came back good.... so this past feb they decided lets take out his gallbladder... so they did... very next day started throwing up bile again.... they send him home for 1 week and he was on clindmax( spelling) since he still is not eating or drinking anything he is even on magace adn marinol....
Avatar f tn Also how much is the baby throwing up because a baby spitting up regularly is very normal, but if your baby is full on throwing up I would definitely call the pediatrician.
Avatar f tn Which I can totally understand and I've since then tried to keep her quiet for a while after eating. I'm not baffled by throwing up while playing shortly after eating but 5 hours later?!? She's fine otherwise, still playing. She is slowly being transitioned to Wellness Super 5 Small Breed Adult Health from Wellness Core Puppy.
192055 tn?1263559137 I am not sure whether I am throwing up bile... or just the grease from what I ate. I am 33 weeks pregnant and haven't really had any problems with the pregnancy besides some gallbladder problems around weeks 24-28. I had really bad pain in my gallbladder area (under right rib and right back, under shoulder blade) for about a month. No signs of stones. Can't do the test to see how my gallbladder is functioning since I'm pregnant. No pain currently beside a constant pain under my left rib...
Avatar f tn how do you keep from throwing up while running. Every time I run really fast or try to push myself while running I feel nauseous and throw up. Please help.