Throwing up after appendectomy

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Avatar n tn I know you should be in some pain, it does take awhile to heal from a surgery like that, but I'm concerned with your vomiting and diahrrea because you can get dehydrated and if your still taking something for pain then you are probably throwing it up. Please call someone, or if your married have your spouse take you back to the hospital. If you have nobody, don't feel bad about calling an ambulance, I'd rather you be safe than sorry. When did you have the WBC count?
329994 tn?1301666848 The CT scan showed an inflamed appendix so they thought I had chronic appendicitis, where it flairs up and backs down over and over. So they scheduled emergency appendectomy. When they operated for that, the appendix didn't look that bad, so the surgeon took a look around and he found a foot long section of my instestine that was scarred, twisted in two places and obviously blocked. So he did major surgery to remove and resection that.
Avatar n tn After I had my son we were still in the delivery room for an hour becasue he ever time he tried to close me up I my uterus would contract and he would loose his grip and I would open back up again. After numerous attempts he finally was able to close me up but he rushed this procedure. While I healed my uterus & fallopian tubes bind together and became attached to the lining of my stomach.
Avatar n tn Hello, I was wondering if any of you all have been put on hormones after a total hysterectomy. My doctor says there are too many risks and I don't need them...I am 38. I don't know what to expect here 2 weeks after surgery, I keep waiting for a hotflash or something weird to happen. :) What can happen if I don't take them? I've had nightmares of growing hair on my face or my voice getting manly. Are my fears real? Can anyone share their experience or knowledge about hormones?
Avatar f tn They say if you're going to Hyperstimulate you will do so a few days after retrieval. Well, my bloating, etc....just got worse and worse after retrieval. I really thought they were going to cancel my transfer. Luckily, it didn't get too bad, but progressively kept getting worse AFTER my transfer. It's been a rough week, BUT, yesterday I started feeling better. I've had more IVs and blood this week than everything else combined! I'm still having cramps, but they're definitely mild.
Avatar n tn Just to follow-up. It is now Friday...over one week after my EGD. Ironically, the sternum pain that radiates to my back is most likely cause from my gallbladder. I had an ultrasound on Wednesday and they found a lot of gallstones. I had a HIDA scan today and am waiting for the results. I see a surgeon on Monday. I wonder if a lot of reasons people get the EGD end up being the gallbladder. Mine was chest pain (bottom of my sternum) that radiated into my back between my shoulder blades.
Avatar n tn I didn't do anything the day after surgery but the following day I was up and around doing stuff around the house....I know I probably shouldn't have but I didn't lift anything heavy and still am not. My belly button is still a little sore although almost completely healed now. The pain was really not bad at all for me, but everyone is different. Best of luck to you!
298579 tn?1192250448 The pain at times lasts up to 30-45 minutes after. This has been happening for 4-5 years (I am 39) so i'm not sure what changed in my body to trigger the onset of the pain later in life (I have never been pregnant) My doctor has no clear cut explanation. I do, however, have endometriosis & fibroids. Although not officially tied to the orgasm pain they could be a contributing factor. I even have pain at times waking up after having sexual dreams.
Avatar n tn I've since had 100% desk jobs with no improvement. Pain isn't really all that big of a deal since it rarely lasts past 30 minutes after I wake up. I'm just sick of the insomnia. I've been to a variety of "care providers." with absolutely no results. - Sever pain, enough to wake you up, usually about 3-4 hours after falling asleep. - Laying down is all that's needed, not necessarily sleep, and starts after lying on a flat surface for about an hour.
Avatar n tn Shortly after he threw up. He did this all night having about 6-7 episodes. He's very weak, can't stand up, has the shakes, but no diarreah. He had an emergency appendectomy this past Jan, and a tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy this past June. He has me really worried. It took several trips to the doctors office bofore they gave the go-ahead to see an ENT specialist. This morning he has a fever. I'm not sure if it's something he ate. His grandmother called last night saying she threw up too.
Avatar n tn You might want to read my posts about RUQ pain radiating around my r ribcage and up and down my right back after my colonoscopy on June 30. I have been to the ER, 3 blood workup's, to my gastro and when he went on vacation to his associate, and finally to my primary care. I never ever had this before the colonoscopy. I thought I had had my colon perforated but I'm not nauseated or throwing up or feverish so I'm not textbook.
Avatar n tn Cholecystectomy with an incidental appendectomy. After surgery, I spent the hole night throwing up bile, the anti nausea medications just made it worse. I went home the next day and felt okay. Within a week I was back at work and feeling pretty good by week two I noticed superficial thrombosis and cellulitis in my arm. So, here I am at 7 weeks post op. I now have a palapable mass growing over my ribs, which the sugeon is assuring me is just a fatty lymphoma.
Avatar f tn The nausea continued for days following this and the pain would come and go, but not as bad. Then a week after this first incident, I started throwing up and threw up all day long. This was accompanied by abdominal pain (mostly right below my navel and up under my ribs), diarrhea and this horrible pain in my chest when I would throw up. I thought I was having a heart attack! The vomit and diarrhea were green and my stools, the days leading up to this, had been green.
Avatar f tn The surgeon released her late Saturday. She called him after being released still throwing up. He advised her to stop taking pain meds. She did so. Monday I returned her to the er because area around surgery as well as a good portion of her abdomen was red and swollen. It was abscessed. She has been in the hospital ever since. They kept saying the high doses of antibiotics and pain meds were the cause. The surgeon never spent more than 2min with her when he would visit.
Avatar f tn You may also want to try telling him that you would go with him if he needs the emotional support- maybe he is afraid something is wrong and doesn't want to know? Throwing up every night for years is not normal. He needs a physical exam with blood work to find out what is going on and probably a referral to a gastroenterologist. Yellowing of the eyes can be a sign of a liver problem- something he should definitely have checked out.
Avatar n tn Now the catchy thing is that he has pain, at first I though because of the throwing up, but later he explained to me that he gets it throwing up or not, and continous to keep vomiting. for the last three weeks he just chils on the couch. I have taken him to the Doc, Ped, they tell me it is normal. I really don't think so. He is starting to lose wieght (our son is slim, so you can imagine). I don't want to make him worry, but I don't want him missing out on being himself.
1003498 tn?1263923126 I just thought it was from all the junk I ate at Chili's. I woke up a few hours after going to bed and was the sickest I have ever been in my entire life. I initially thought I had food poisoning. However, no matter how much I threw up, I felt no better. If it were food poisoning, I would have gotten relief from the throwing up. Eventually that night, I went to the ER and was diagnosed with appendicitis. I had an emergency appendectomy that morning. One thing to keep in mind...
1260255 tn?1288658164 I can clench pretty hard, and it doesn't do a dang thing. I spent the day throwing up before my appendectomy, and that was sheer ****. Too nasty to get into but I eventually just took everything away in front of the toilet and had to disrobe. Then I had to go to the ER - without taking a shower first. Sheesh. Anyway, that may be TMI, but bladder problems can make you feel old before your time.
Avatar m tn I have always carried a little too much weight, 5’9” at 200 to 220 pounds. I have had an appendectomy after my appendix burst about 10 years ago. I have experienced neuralgia in the back of my head every few years. I believe this is from a racket ball incident in my 20s. It responds to stress or oral pain in the back of my mouth. From time to time I have felt a fluttering in my center chest directly between my nipples.
Avatar f tn When sent home with pain med, I do not use them all, I never get the refill, I end up throwing what i don't use in the sink. I usually only use the pain med 2-4 days after the surgery. You were truly treated WRONG....I am so sorry to hear that.
Avatar m tn the whole day had been going fine until i decided to drink and smoke pot. just after i had smoked my heart started pounding and i felt like i was going to die. they had an ambulance drive me to the ER. where they told me i had just had a panic attack. this all sounds pretty normal, but nothing has been the same since then. ever since then, things have gradually gotten worse. starting with my heart, i keep having erratic heart rates which were really uncomfortable.
Avatar n tn Just curious if Pancreatitis has been ruled out. I had it and was sick as a dog and throwing up a LOT. It turned out to be gall stones and they removed my gall bladder because my pancreas kept getting inflamed. Then I got pneumonia while I was in the hospital so they had to keep rescheduling the surgery. I was in there for 2 1/2 weeks!
1562138 tn?1294960669 Him, thinking this may be cancerous, took out my appendix, the large mass, and part of my colon(just in case). The operation was successful. After an appendectomy, you should only need to stay in the hospital for 3 days,usually, they said. But I was in the hospital for 12. I was throwing up and had temperature changes for, as high as, 104.3 to, as low as, 95.6. They didn't know what was wrong with me for days.
667078 tn?1316004535 Alex- just throwing in my 2 cents for support. It does sound like you need immediate help. To be told to stop eating until it resolves itself...seriously??? What if it takes a month or so "to resolve"? I don't think they are hearing what you are saying. I knew a woman who went to the ER and was told that her stomach pain was due to her being overweight. They sent her home and in 24 hours she went septic from a gallbladder problem. Not that this is related to your issue...
15068146 tn?1438223148 They helped with my heavy periods and I no longer had any pain. After struggling for 6 years on the pill (and being on numerous brands and all different hormone levels), I opted to go the hormone-free route. I cannot tolerate artificial hormones at any level (just like my aunts). I was having periods every week, spotting in between, menstrual cycles that were short and then long. I could never pinpoint where I was at in my cycle or when my period was coming.
Avatar n tn My biggest surprise was the first time I got up to walk (about 14 hours after surgery). I got really dizzy and sick to my stomach, and I had severe pain in my right shoulder, so bad I could hardly function. It lasted for a couple days, at varying degrees. They said it is because air gets into the body during laproscopic surgery, and that it would go away as the body reabsorbed the air over time. But, my goodness, it HURT. I wasn't prepared for that!
Avatar n tn i too have had gallbladder surgery 5 yrs ago and ever since then this pain keeps cropping up. it started after i had a tube inserted into the liver to drain it, i had gallbladder infection and was waiting to have it removed. i have always had a 'sore' spot just where that tube went in. the doctor sent me for xrays etc but just said it was 'adhesions' caused by surgery. the pain comes and goes but as time goes on its getting more regular. i'v had it constantly now for 2 weeks and am in agony.
Avatar f tn To this day, my memory is only about 75% of what it was before chemo. My thyroid is shot, funny thing, I lost 35 pounds from throwing up, but after my thryoid took leave I gained 80. I used to have beautiful thick hair and a thin body, now it's thin hair and a thick body. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, I find some dark humor in it. I am thankful that the chemo does not affect everyone like that. Humor helped me a lot.
Avatar n tn Following is my case, please see if anyone can help or relate: I randomly get "periodic episodes" of severe stomach pains that occur roughly about 2-3 months apart, almost always a few hours (anywhere from 1-4) hours of having a dinner (that is, almost all episodes occur at night time right before or at about bed time); each generally lasting 7-9 hours on the average.