Throwing up after a workout

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Avatar m tn First of all it is not a good idea to do any workout on a full stomach and then go running for 2 miles. Eating something light to keep up your energy is fine. Because you passed out for a duration of 20 minutes and there is a possibility that you may have banged your head, I suggest you make an appointment to see the doctor to check you over immediately. Get someone to go with you.
Avatar f tn Eating or drinking sugary foods and beverages before a workout may cause nausea for the same reason because your insulin will rise in response to the sugar, causing a blood sugar drop. A vigorous workout makes you sweat, and your body gets dehydrated if you do not replenish the lost fluid during and after your exercise session. People performing lengthy workouts and endurance athletes are at particularly high risk because dehydration chances increase with lengthy workouts.
Avatar n tn But other times, I will vomit intensely, usually just dry heaves because I know not to eat a lot prior to a workout. Once I vomit, I'm fine and can go right on with my workiout. Wish I could teach again, but this situation is so unpredictable, I can't teach. Any ideas?
15388876 tn?1440346642 Truth be told, I'm a little nervous to get back to the gym for a serious workout. I haven't gotten up the nerve to go balls to the wall yet! This summer has really been eventful for me health wise. I failed to mention that a month before my Ablation, I was bike riding (brand new bike so excited to ride for the first time) looked up, snake on trail and didn't want to run over it, stopped too fast throwing me off my seat and crashed down on the crossbar.
Avatar m tn In 1992, I had successful treatments for recurrent metastatic testicular cancer. After a recent heavy-lifting right hand strain with pain, I now have wrist-crease and adjacent forearm pain on the ulnar side, mostly with is done when throwing a football. this has persisted since approximately 5/11/2013. I've also been doing extensive work on my new laptop, especially since 12/25/12, working on researching ancestors, literally for hours at a time, with breaks.
Avatar m tn Then i hit the stair stepper. Its a machine that rotates a set of step that you have to climb up with a vary of difficulties. After 4 minutes and a hard difficulty, i was hanging on the machine because it was killing my legs. I burned more calories in 4 minutes than i did in 10 on the tredmil. Then after i stepped off the machine to clean it, i started having PVC's for about 3 - 4 minutes.
293845 tn?1228001130 but he is the one who throws things and yells and I always end up in a ball locked in the bathroom sobbing.. In all, he is treating me with the same expectations he had when I wasnt pregnant. He just doesnt get it! I can't help being clumpsy and falling on him sometimes.. or being moody. I love him and I just want him to be sweet. I am trying my hardest to walk on eggshells around him but I wish he would just be loving and not so harsh on me.
Avatar f tn I felt totally awake and grabbed my phone to light it up but there was nothing there? Bottom line is though, I wake up and see things but i find after a few seconds nothing has actually happened or been there? I have had sleep paralysis before so i wondered if it could be linked to that in some way?
Avatar f tn Whats a good snack or food after having softball practice ? I heard a a lot of protein helps you loose weight and it takes your hunger away is that true?
Avatar f tn All I can say is, I must be doing something right, 'cause that year anniversary is only 20 days away, so leave my ass out of it!!!! But then, those Canadians, they're a whole 'nother ball a' wax....... Keep up the great work.
Avatar f tn also after you're healed up wouldn't hurt to workout a little bit.. but don't over work yourself you'll be extremely exhausted with a newborn. Waist cinched are good too.. maybe try the "it works" body wraps..
Avatar n tn I know a lot of people experience a lot of depression when they stop using drugs. After all, it is a big loss--a death, if you will. A person might go through a period of actual morning for their lost "friend." I think that there are many addicts who actually self-treat their depression with narcotics and so then when they stop their own self-medication, they find themselves depressed again.
1736094 tn?1314760990 PLEASE HELP ME!!! My husband is two weeks into a 4 week program. The kids and I visited him last Sunday. Love, hugs, encouragement, etc. Then, two days ago, out of the blue, he WANTS A DIVORCE! He is my LIFE! I have been through hell to stay with him, love him, and support him, and now he is throwing us away! just like that! What can I possibly do???!!! He says he still loves me, but wants to split!?
Avatar f tn Is it normal to have mild pains after a heart attack or stent? If so, do they typically go away after some healing time?
Avatar n tn i had a hysterectomy in 2003 at the time I was 165 and could diet and lose weight after the surgery my weight kept going up I know weight 212 I am currently stable a couple months ago I took the diet pill phetermine cut out all sodas and only drank water I also stuck to a stict 1200 calorie diet after one week I lost 13 pounds.once I quit the diet my weightcame back on I dont like taking pills butI will try again with the 1200 calorie diet and only water and see if I can lose again.
Avatar n tn My girlfriend had ivf and had to stay after at the clinic for 4 hours with her pelvic up. my clinic let me go after 30 minutes. that made me nervous. any thoughts.
Avatar n tn Last week I had to leave in the middle of my workout due to hitting a wall with flu fatigue. After cycle training yesterday my entire body ached and I had to take to my bed for several hours. Specifically, my legs were throbbing and I had to take Tylonol, which I have never had to do before. Now keep in mind that I was in an anaerobic state for 45 minutes of my ride. Only 15 minutes was aerobic so I know I wasn't "pushing the envelope" thus making me fatigued.
Avatar f tn I had a HSG with my 1st IUI and did get A BFP, but it showed nothing wrong with my tubes. I lost that pregnancy due to low hormones. I had another HSG with this IUI and also had a D&C due to uterine polyps. Now in my 2ww. I've heard after a D&C your chances go up alot to. I posted a new question on the forum about it to see what people had to say but nobody replied to it... Im so not loved! lol. But thats what I read and thats what I have been told. Anyone with experiances?
Avatar n tn I had my tubes tied with our last one so it would REALLY be a miracle if I were to conceive, ha!! However I've heard of conception after a tubal, just not after a tubal and an ablation. I wish you the best of luck, and your in my prayers...along with everyone else wishing to conceive after this procedure or who is pregnant already and concerned with their babies.
Avatar m tn My doctor doesnt have a clue, i just thought it might be down to having iron deficiency aneamia, where theres a lack of oxygen in my blood after excercise which causes acid to build up in my legs, abdomen, and taking prescription iron tablets over a few months does help a little. Its probably best to get a blood test done, to check.
Avatar m tn I am not a completely frequent binge drinker but drink a few times a month with some of my friends. About 3 nights ago , I had a large amount of alcohol and completely blacked out after a certain point and do not remember anything. I had a few beers and many mixed drinks and shots of vodka. Normally when I get drunk I have a hangover that lasts a day, then I move on with my life.
Avatar m tn I've never seen someone drink like that. He was drinking it like I would chug a big bottle of water after a workout or something. Unbelievable! I'm suprised that guy didn't die from alcohol poisoning. Absolutely unreal!
Avatar n tn But today I went walking with my mother and step dad walked for 45 minutes and then I did the bike and forced myself didn't know my step dad had it on the highest level did the bike for 10 minutes and when i got out my heartbeat dropped too 45 and I felt very weak and like throwing up like if my blood pressure was low for like 5 minutes then it went too normal and I drank a soda felling better. Is this normal it only happened too me once before like 2 years ago when i forced myself also.
Avatar n tn My stomach kinda churns and makes noises, especially at night, but I've never felt like throwing-up. Three days ago I got a pinpoint stabbing type pain on the bottom of my left foot that lasted for a few minutes then stopped. I had a much milder sensation again in the same spot a few times over the last two days, lasting a few seconds, then stopped - nothing now. My appetite is fine and I have had no fever or swollen lymph nodes (as far as I can tell).
Avatar f tn When it's a workout just to put on a pair or pants
1331422 tn?1326570197 I really felt odd. I spent two days after that throwing up. The doc thinks that had to do with my heart. My primary rushed me in for a cat scan at the time and nothing was wrong with my brain.
674555 tn?1272603976 A little more than a year ago I had a PVC or perhaps a run where it spiked my HR to around 200bpm, I went to the hospital, stayed for observation, EKG, stress test, echo, full work up all normal. Then got a 30day event moniter and the cardiologist recorded what she called a few benign PVCs "nothing to worry about" back then I was quite overweight, drank and smoked and drank a lot of caffeine. The funny thing now is, I'm in much better shape and they seem to be getting worse.
Avatar n tn well my situation is diffrent from the ones i read,before my baby i was 102 lbs which i've always had a problem with because i would love to be a little thicker so after i gave birth i was about 130 and loving it. after my 6 week check up i decided to take depo and i'v been loosing weight rapidly my son is 9 months old and i'm about 100 lbs. so i took my last dose of depo in march i wonder will i gain any weight back because i look like a child.
Avatar m tn Keep in mind that I am in Peru and here unless you are paying top dollar at top notch place you are not getting quality healthcare, so after reading up on all the different things the discoloration could be, her flat out dismissal of any other possibility kinda put me off as her not really knowing what she is saying or maybe throwing me a scare tactic. So in the next few days I am going to visit a dermatologist and then wait the month to get myself checked for STDs.