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Avatar f tn If I can get the throw up out I will be fine but nothing will come
Avatar f tn I have taken meds that I have had before that I never threw up on, but seems after brain surgeries I throw up for weeks. I hate it so much. Makes my head feel that much worse w/ all that movement. I gotta get off here as I am nauseated and in so much pain right now. I threw up not long ago.
Avatar f tn There is no bile, no pain, no acid, no headache, no nausea or any other problem. I just throw up all food in a chewed condition immediately after eating. I can retain when I eat very little food including liquids (like 2-3 cashews or 1-2 apricots or 1 plum or half an apple or half a glass of juice or wine), but the moment when I eat or drinks more than that, I throw it out. This problem has actually started since year 2000 although at that time I thought it was some food allergy.
Avatar f tn on the third to fourth day of my period i get really bad cramps like to the point where i can't walk eat i throw up and get hot one minute and cold the next it's the worst pain ever ... what can i do to stop them ?
Avatar f tn I have been on heroin for 4 years now ever since I got on heroin my period has never been right but now I'm on methadone why is my period still acting up real bad I get my period almost everyday if not every other two days
Avatar m tn I've been TTC for 3 years after coming of birth control I never got my period on my own....diagnosed with PCOS...I went to my family DR who gave me provera, and we did this 3 or 4 times before she referred me to an RE. The RE is fantastic, ran a thousand tests, semen analysis, blood work, cycle monitoring, sono, and said that everything looked good...i just wasn't ovulating.
335728 tn?1331418012 However, she has also not come up with any other reason for these symptoms other than perhaps I was overmedicated by my last neurologist. This is why she will not give me the DMD's that I feel I have every right to have to slow the progression of the disease! My g.p. has since lowered my dosage of meds and I am feeling better. However, I was not on the high dose of meds when these symptoms occured.
Avatar n tn I have been feeling really sick on the first day of my period. Every time on the first day I have felt a very strong urge to throw up and I usually do. I have been feeling sick for the past week. Today I have felt a very heavy pain in the lower abdomen and I have pain in the left side of my chest. I have been really stressed out lately and so I'm not sure if some of these are related to stress. I usually feel the pain when I'm stressed out.
Avatar n tn IT did help though i know how it feels espeacially when i am on my period its nasty i get •acnebloating fatigue backaches•headaches•diarrhe•mood swings THEN THE NIGHTMARE I THROW UP but its something we all have in common i hope this helps your not alone
Avatar f tn I want to forget I ever let myself become weak to my meds. Period. I've never allowed myself to become that way with anything. It irks me. I've always been the tough girl, the one others came to for help & then to wake up one day and find that I was the one needing help really bugged me. I think that was a big part of my resolve. Like, how DARE I let myself become addicted.... thanks vicki, you're one great person & I'm glad I met you.
Avatar f tn My boobs usually hurt before my period but they are fine and don't hurt but my nipples are sensitive. I woke up this morning feeling really sick and neaseous but didn't throw up. I went back to sleep (I've been sleeping alot lately) and woke back up with this excruciating pain in/on my ovary. I can't hardly move cuz of it. So could I be pregnant and it just be gas or could my body be doing something funky?
Avatar n tn If you are stressed it can throw off your period I went three months with no period around my grandads death
390388 tn?1279639813 I'm not sure, but I don't think swollen glands will throw off your thyroid hormone tests. Now a CBC (blood) panel, yeah, it could throw it off. It might throw off thyroid antibody testing.
Avatar f tn Every few months there is a time period of about a week where i just throw up everything i eat. are there any explanations for this?
Avatar f tn What i want to know is can a yeast infection mess up your period ? i was about 3 weeks late for my period this month and im usually never late at all. I did end up starting yesterday but im still concerned about why i was so late and my doctor didn't have any comments about it..
Avatar m tn Look how much time I let slip by with my little boys growing up while i was in a haze!! I had to make myself stop dwelling on that because that kind of BAD THINKING can lead back to relapse.
Avatar f tn went to the doctor was told to stop taking the birth control as it was messing me up. Even if i did take it, i would throw up.. and when throwing up the birth control, its not working... has anyone had this happen to them and if they have any idea of what this would be? i have bought a pregnancy test but im hoping as well someone could give me some information. i keep thinking if its bowel syndrome.. but wouldn't the doctor have told me while i was there?
Avatar n tn lately i've been having cramps(they feel like menstrual cramps, but of course i don't have my period), i've been having stomach ache's only at night, like i need to throw up but i never actually do, i've been more tired than usual, i noticed the other day when i was gettin in the shower that my nipples were purple, and just today i started gettin heart burn. i'm not really sure if i've been urinating more frequently cuz i drink lots of water/soda to begin with.
Avatar f tn Strong smells like exhaust, cigarette smoke, and tar anything like that would make me want to throw up. Eggs for some reason also made me sick. Funny thing is my oldest hates eggs. Fast food and anything greesy would make me sick also.
Avatar f tn Hi Lottie, Small world, First I would have a good read up about depo shot side effects, this may throw up a couple of clues, depo shot does not have a very nice reputation for giving problems, why other women think its a gift from god, till they have to come off it. Knowing what a coil will do, try forgetting that. But do you think this could be the start of your menopause? But I would get back to your doctor and ask for a gyno appointment, you may find better help there.
Avatar f tn When I get my period, on the very first day I get it I get very dizzy, i sweat, I have to poop like 3 times in a row and usually while pooping I throw up. It just started happening this past summer in june. I have no clue why. Can someone pleaseeee help me? Why do I get like this?
Avatar f tn my period this month was moderate and then light and lasted 2.5 days. It just doesn't seem right, can this be normal and I still be ovulating with this????
Avatar m tn Sarah, I agree with pooh bear on this one; the only one that can make the decision to straighten himsel out is him. I was, not so long ago, just like him. Idrank the hard stuff and heavily. I went to detox and it was fairly painless. Boring mostly, but other than that it was fine. He needs to do it at a medical facility, under supervision (alcohol DT's can cause brain damage or death if not handled properly.
488264 tn?1226523907 But will throw out a general question. Has happened more frequently in recent days, whether well slept or not, home or out. I blink, and when I open my eyes a period of time has passed. GP suggested unlikely idea of absence seizures, which I thought belonged to children. Relations so bad with my neuro even after I mentioned it no reply. Eye pain at weekend was excrutiating, never known anything like it. Could not move my head from the pillow.
Avatar f tn And since this week, Tuesday, I've been waking up feeling sick and like i wanna throw up but it goes away after an half an hour of being awake. I've been having diarrhea a lot too, which also happened for the past few years when starting school again. Do you think that's all that it could be? im trying to give you as much information as i know of that could help you help me out. So just give me your opinion and i take it into consideration.
Avatar n tn I think Provera usually produces a period within 3 to 5 days after the last pill. If you do not get a period with provera then you most likely are pregnant. As for getting a period after the provera period im not sure if it will be normal probably depends on the person. I have not yet gotten a period since last taking provera in Jan. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn In January she began her period (I believe) on the 18th. Her most recent period began on February 10th, only 23 days after her previous period had begun. I did a google search on early periods, and I was very alarmed to see that many of the search results mentioned pregnancy. I did a bit of research on implantation bleeding, and from what I have read I don't believe her period resembled implantation bleeding in any way.
Avatar n tn gagging, no throw up. constant head aches usually around the same time, and missed period. i did a pregnancy test and its negative. whats wrong with me?