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Avatar f tn Im 20w6d and was just given meds to help with nausea because I was throwing up so bad that I ended up coughing up blood. It was just broken capillaries in my throat. Nothing to worry about. But still call your doctor.
823825 tn?1265075031 if you have bad morning sickness, it is possible to scratch the back of your throat and throw up TINY strands of red blood, i have done this myself. If it's more blood than that, or certainly if you could describe it as being like coffee grind...
290018 tn?1240369468 I'll try it. It is getting. Not only is there the no ovulating thing....but my son has a stomach virus and i think i may have caught it. I wish I would just throw up already. I hate throwing up but it beats being this sick. It's like JUST GET IT OVER WITH! Thanks for the advice....i swear i have no gag reflex. Good luck with your pregnancy.
Avatar f tn Yes I'm only 6 weeks but I have the same problem.
Avatar f tn I'm four weeks pregnant and I'm always neasuas and I start gagging, like dry throw up but I don't actually throw up I just feel it in my throat and it's so gross and makes me sick and I constantly feel horrible! Anyone else have this?
1615999 tn?1307465542 Last week, everyone in my family had a stomach virus and we were all throwing up. My son has recovered from the bug (no more fever or diarrhea at all), but will still randomly vomit and it is always associated with eating. Or not wanting to eat, rather. I began to become suspicious about it and started asking if his belly just throw up or if he made his belly throw up. He says "I just make it throw up", very casually.
Avatar f tn For the last 6 months i have had this tickle in the back of my throat.. it come out of nowhere and don't stop until i throw up from'll last for a couple weeks and then nothing for the next couple weeks...not being able to stand it anymore..i went to en ENT..he scoped me and said i have acid reflux..huh?? i don't ever feel like heart burn or any chestpain..the pills don't help and it's still weeks bothering me and weeks not...HELP !
Avatar n tn For 4 days now I keep having a feeling in my throat that i'm going to throw up but my stomach feels fine.
Avatar n tn is it safe for me to throw up or will I even be able to throw up? I can burp, so I was just wondering. Thank you.
178590 tn?1294180367 well this morning I was just fixing my hair for work and (TMI) well since I've been pregnant I've had alot of mucus in my chest....and well some was in my throat and high my gag reflexes and made me have the heaves until I was actually throwing up blood....I guess my question is can this hurt my babies?
178590 tn?1294180367 well this morning I was just fixing my hair for work and (TMI) well since I've been pregnant I've had alot of mucus in my chest....and well some was in my throat and high my gag reflexes and made me have the heaves until I was actually throwing up blood....I guess my question is can this hurt my babies?
5793136 tn?1375298104 My throat feels very raspy like after you throw up the acid and that pain in your throat any way to help it go away?
Avatar f tn Apparently the blood was coming from my throat- originally starting in my nose- but it just seemed like too much to be the case. Needless to say, it was. So long as the blood is not a dark red, you should be fine.
Avatar f tn i had this feeling in the left sde of my throat life a piece of patatoe chip was stuck i tried to cough and throw it up but its still there now i am statrting to feel sick whatver it is its sticking the side of my throat which is making it very irritating. an someone pleasetell me what's going on with me?
574617 tn?1217366915 I have alot of Mucus in my throat, i try and swallow and it doesnt go down. Also i try and clear my throat and it doesn't go awayIt has also made me throw up once. My nose is stuffed and i feel like i constantly have to blow it. And since my nose is stuffed i have to breath out of my mouth, but the mucus in the back of my throat that wont go away, is making it hard for me to breath. I'm pretty sur ei have no allergys to anything either. I am guessing it could be post nasal drip but i am unsure.
Avatar m tn I was put back on a regular diet. Then I had a camera put down my mouth down to my stomach. I also had a camera put in my colon because I had a history of loose bowels every time after I ate. The colon test came back normal and the stomach test showed no signs of Cancer. I was put back on a diabetic diet because I have type 2 diabetes. The Gastro and Liver Specialist said that my throat looked okay but that when I eat the area where the food enters the throat doesn't relax.
Avatar n tn It's like someone sprayed air into my mouth. When I sleep on my left side, I have noticed that it feels like my throat is closing up and I start coughing and my eyes water. I've tried antibiotics, allergy meds, cold and asthma meds. sucking on cough drops. Nothing seems to help. What can it be??? and how can I stop the cough and watery eyes?? I work and it's so embarrassing.
Avatar f tn For about a month now I have had the feeling of something stuck in my throat that never goes away, It is worse in the mornings after lying down, When I clean my teeth I have the need to gag.I tried making myself throw up thinking its going to come off but it doesn't change a thing...Even if i try drinking lots of water... I do not have any pain but it doesn't feel normal. Do I have Throat cancer? Is it something i should be worried of?
390388 tn?1279639813 I don't feel sick at all and this happens about every couple months with me where the right side of my esophagus about 2 fingers up from the dip in my neck becomes swollen. In a couple days the uvula and palate will probably turn white.
Avatar f tn It happened to me once and it ended up being a slight tear in my throat due to throwing up so much. If it doesnt stop within a couple hours to one day id go to the hospital.
Avatar n tn My husband and I thought she may have gotten something stuck in her throat. She drank a lot of water and ate about a cup of her food and has licked the carpet and tried to eat other things (i.e. a bookmark) a few times. She has been doing this constantly and goes between laying down and pacing around the living room. Her breaths seems very shallow. Also, several times she has seemed like she is trying to throw up but nothing comes out.
Avatar f tn There is no bile, no pain, no acid, no headache, no nausea or any other problem. I just throw up all food in a chewed condition immediately after eating. I can retain when I eat very little food including liquids (like 2-3 cashews or 1-2 apricots or 1 plum or half an apple or half a glass of juice or wine), but the moment when I eat or drinks more than that, I throw it out. This problem has actually started since year 2000 although at that time I thought it was some food allergy.
Avatar f tn I was dieting and exercising and lost about 17 pounds. Eventually, I started throwing up everything I ate. It happens each time I eat - though it is not as bad in the mornings. I have cut many things out of my diet - such as sugars and dairy - in order to lessen the nausea and throwing up, though it still occurs. I have consulted may doctors and currently take lansoprazole (Prevacid). The vomiting and nausea continues no matter what I eat, how much, or how little.
Avatar m tn About a year after having the procedure I started getting this feeling of mucus in my throat. It started in the winter so I just figured I was getting sick, then it stayed. I assumed I developed allergies as spring came. Summer came and went and I still have this near constant feeling on junk in my throat. Of course i am not a doctor so i figured i could throw in anything that has happened in that region of my body, wondering anything is related.
Avatar n tn Sometimes I have to throw up or it will release and go down. Happening more frequently. Hurts from chest through to my back and up into my neck sometimes when this happens.
Avatar n tn Hi, I took my usual dose of Zoloft about an hour ago and immediately experienced an intense throat pain which hasn't gone away and is accompanied by excessive saliva and the feeling of needing to burp/throw-up. I had lots of water, tried eating a piece of bread....what is going on?
Avatar f tn Hi all, I am just wondering if this is part of FM or CFS I woke up last night with that awful burning feeling in my throat. Felt like I had to throw up but didn't but when I burped I got that awful burning in my mouth too. This isn't the first time this has happened. I have acid reflux but I am taking pantoloc 40 mg for that, so I can't figure out what this could be. Thanks for any response.