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Avatar n tn You breathe in very deeply, hold it for a couple seconds, blow it all out, breathe normally a couple times, and repeat on up to ten times. But now you, you actually have something front and center that bothers you, not something that's all in your mind like me. I think definitely medicine, if you're not on any now, and some therapy of some kind, tho, would help you. Fear is fear no matter who, what, when, where, or why.
1615999 tn?1307465542 My son (will be 3 in June) is doing the same thing. He had a few random vomiting episodes in the month of February. His actions do not involve sticking his hands into his mouth though. Of course this alarmed me in the beginning and I assumed he was sick, but then he'd be fine. I'm realizing it happens mostly during mealtimes. Last week, everyone in my family had a stomach virus and we were all throwing up.
1356767 tn?1277278668 I have an 18 month old son who has devolped this thing where he'll throw up every hour starting at 5 in the morning going until about 9 in the morning, and with diarrhea all through out the day. Sometimes its green and watery, others normal colored diarrhea. He has no fever and is normal up until he gets sick. The doctors keep saying that he has a stomach bug such as the "day flu" that is going around, however, no one at his day care is sick and no one in our household is.
Avatar n tn Hi, is it possible you just have the flu? How long have you been suffering these symptoms? I hope you feel better soon.
Avatar n tn It's not surprising if your poop is different, especially if the prenatals contain iron, but it does surprise me that there would be diarrhea from a vitamin. (Iron, for example, often gives people constipation.) I agree with peek that maybe you should switch brands, or maybe check the pull date on the bottle to be sure they are fresh.
Avatar f tn Have had colon surgery all removed ,have diarrhea can not get rid of it ,hope some one may help
Avatar n tn Don't be scared of the diarrhea, it is your body getting rid of what it doesn't like in there. I would rather do that than throw up, personally. I know neither is pleasant when it is happening to you. It may very well be that you have some kind of parasite or food poisoning. Be sure you tell your doctor about the vacation and your BF being sick too. Good luck. Don't be scared.
1468158 tn?1363029895 Some people get headaches when they have food poisoning. Some people get diarrhea. Some people have diarrhea and throw up. I don't know where you live. In Canada, for example, they have a service called Telehealth where you can speak to a nurse over the phone and talk about what you're experiencing. If you live in the US, they might have a similiar service. It sounds to me like you ate some food which made you sick.
Avatar f tn I'll be 31 weeks tomorrow and I woke up with shooting sharp pains in my tummy and feeling like I'm going to throw up and having diarrhea I mean these pains are like I have my period but no matter how much I move for comfort it is still the worst pain... I don't know what to expect I'm a ftm show I call Labor and delivery?
Avatar f tn Then that night he didn't throw up any and the next day was fine but still some diarrhea. Then that night he threw up again and had diarrhea the next morning. He skipped throwing up the next night and threw up again the next night. So breakdown he has had diarrhea everyday since he fell but threw up 2 days in a row skipped a night threw up the next night skipped a night and threw up the next night. I am a nurse and I am not convinced it is a stomach bug. Please help!
Avatar f tn I had it when I was 25 weeks along...
Avatar f tn My Boston is almost 4, my boyfriend and I woke up today and found a big thing of throw up on our bedroom floor. Through out the morning he has thrown up at least 5 times. By the 3rd time of him throwing up is was a red liquid with white foam. After this he started pooping on the floor, I then let him outside where he continues to poop and now it is straight diarrhea. I have him in my bathroom now, I have tried to get him to drink some water and he wont.
Avatar m tn ON 1/13 (Friday Night) I ate some leftover food in the fridge and an hour later I began having tremors and feeling like I may have to throw up. I didn't throw up and ended up going bed without throwing up or having diarrhea, but then having a fever. I woke up the next day feeling no appetite, chills, fevers, soreness, aches, and a fever; this was the entire next day for me just sitting around and feeling sick. I ate the brats diet that day.
Avatar f tn I have tried to hold it in and brush off the feeling but never can and i eventually throw up. Some mornings I vomit twice. A few days ago while I was vomiting, my nose started to bleed too. The mornings are really only the time i feel nauseas and the rest of the day I feel a lot better. I thought that this started happening because of stress but now I feel as if I can't control it anymore. (I've had a urine sample done too and nothing has came up.
Avatar f tn Its very common believe it or not, the nurses will clean you and continue, that is exactly what youll be doing when pushing, push like you have to go poop, i doubt your partner will freak out, and if he does just throw the "you fu.cking did this to me a.
Avatar n tn It was a one time thing, since then blood sugars have been normal. Every morning I get up I am usually nauseated and many time I throw up. At first it was clear, and now it its a yellowish mucous. When I eat, I often have to go to bathroom with urgency, about 10 minutes after I eat. My stool is soft with yellow liquid. I have gone from having a bowel movement from once everyday or or every other day to 5 or 6 times a day.
Avatar f tn All night i started having upper abdominal gas pain and cramping and the next morning had a strong urge to throw up bet held it in. The bad pain and nausea went away after the first day but its now Wednesday and I'm still having watery stool like all liquid. I've been keeping up on fluids but I'm really sick of the constant water diarrhea and gurgling. Any remedies or advice? I have been able to eat.
Avatar n tn I assumed it was food poisoning because that seemed to be what the symptoms were, especially when on sunday i didnt throw up one time and the runs got better for me. But on sunday night when i urinated before bed, i noticed some blood in my urine. This has not occured again since but it concerned me. Also, I have woken up with the night sweats on Sunday and Monday night, and on tuesday morning I had really bad diarrhea again. Any ideas?
Avatar n tn An hour later I went back to sleep and I woke up at 9am and went to the bathroom - to my surprise I had very dark (greenish black) and watery diarrhea- and then I had nausea and I threw up once, and then went back to diarrhea again. I usually don't get a bad reaction from alcohol and I have no idea what could have triggered this stomach problem and yesterday I didn't have diarrhea... SO a little advice please...
Avatar f tn Well 2 weeks to the day, I began to throw up and had diarrhea, and thought maybe I had food poisoning due the the fact I was the only one in my family to be ill, and the only one to eat different foods that day. Well 5 days later, I still have diarrhea and its really liquidy and inconsistant. I have been drinking plenty of water, but its just passing through me. Should I seek medical attention or is it possible that its still a bout of food poisoning left?
6669309 tn?1462651742 My dachshund/pug mix is healthy (five yrs old) but had white diarrhea today and it scared me. He has been eating white snack edible bones from Walmart. Should I be concerned? I've taken his food up for now. Please help?
Avatar m tn Hello everyone, I have had diarrhea for about 4 months now (Mid March 2013 - mid July 2013). I have gone to see a specialist (gastroenterologist) concerning my problem but he can't seem to solve my problems. I usually have loose watery stool once or twice a day, sometimes more depending on what I eat. I have had three to four stool sample cultures taken over the course of the last four months, testing for parasites and multiple possible abnormalities that could be present.
Avatar f tn I've just been laying in bed all day bc i don't want to throw up. It feels like a stomach bug. But then again idk. This is the first time ive made it to the third trimester so i dont if this is common or if I'm sick orrr if I should call dr. I can never get ahold of the lady anyway so whenever I have problems I just go into hospital but idk if I should.
Avatar f tn I started Lamotrigine (lamictal generic) 2 weeks ago. On day 9, I developed severe diarrhea and cramps. It was slowed down with 1 pill of Immodium, but after 2 days I decided to eat a "regular" meal and got diarrhea again. So it's been on an off for 6 days, and this morning it was worse than it was the first day! I am worried that it is from the Lamotrigine because I don't feel bad otherwise, no fever, etc. I just can't be too far from a bathroom.
175861 tn?1428186013 (I'd be surprised if it was--that doensn't involve 'liquidy' waste). I had no appetite at ALL and was scared i'd throw up. I didn't (so far). I was also sweating a lot (like you do when you're in immense pain, but I wasn't necessarily). is this common? How can I tell if this is related to food/a bug, bacteria, or a virus?
Avatar f tn About 3 weeks ago I had a bad bout of diarrhea as a result of eating too much fiber e.g within four days I ate wholegrain rice, wholmeal bread, museli, orange juice,malt loaf and a host of vegetables as part of my meals. The diarrhea lasted 24 hours and went away of its own accord. I eat as i normally would and then had another bout of diarrhea 3 weeks after that and have had intermitent diarrhea(evry other day in the morning) since.
Avatar n tn I have Graves Disease, which probably doesn't have anything to do with this, but I thought I'd throw that in just in case (yes, I know diarrhea is a symptom of graves, but I have not had chronic diarrhea until just after the enema). Anyway, they had me scheduled two weeks later for a colonoscopy, but because I was having diarrhea I had to cancel. I can't reschedule the colonoscopy until the diarrhea stops, but in the mean time the bloody stools have stopped.
359574 tn?1328364024 I guess I'll go back on clear liquids to see if it clears up. So no chewy Thanksgiving food, and none of the fun soft stuff like ice cream and mashed sweet potatoes for me. I think I'll down some Imodium, too. On a brighter note, the overactive bladder medicine is helping a lot. OK, now that I've grossed everyone out, enjoy your holiday dinner!
Avatar m tn The appetite was very good yet every couple of days he would throw up bile and white foam...But NOT food. However the past 2 days he is not himself...does not have much of an appetite and he just threw up his UNDIGESTED food. The Vet told me to give him 1/4 pill of pepcid -and probiotic yogurt. It's the weekend and don't know what to do.