Throw up after taking vitamins

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Avatar f tn Is anyone else throwing up after taking prenatal vitamins? It doesn't happen every day, but when it does happen I'm only throwing up the gummy vitamins I've been taking. This is my first pregnancy and I'm only 6 weeks.
Avatar f tn The vitamins made me throw up too. So i stopped taking them and both my kids are healthy.
Avatar f tn Two Flintstones vitamins equal the same stuff as most prenatals so that might help you. I always take mine after I eat or I throw them up, and that was true of any vitamin I took before I was pregnant.
Avatar f tn My doctor gave me something called Natacaps, because I told him I would NOT be able to handle any big, yucky horse pills. They are in capsule form (larger than a Tylenol, but still smaller than the huge vitamins I've seen)so they are easier to swallow. I knew that the taste of a vitamin (if didn't swallow it fast enough, or if it got "stuck" in the back of my throat before swallowing) would make me throw up...morning sickness or no morning sickness.
3203877 tn?1358036121 They have prenatal gummies those are a life saver!
Avatar f tn I take mine right before going to bed since that's the only time I know I won't throw up from morning sickness and I'm over 28 weeks
Avatar f tn I throw up every time I take vitamins. I'm almost 37 weeks and my baby is healthy.
342988 tn?1299785956 if you throw up your prenatal vitamin, should you take another later on in the day????
Avatar f tn So Ever since ive been taking my iron pills I throw them up on most days, I cant take them with water or apple juice. The doctor told me to drink them with orange juice.. .they also told me to take them on an empty stomach But, thats just worst considering I have to take 2 iron pills now since I came low on iron. Im thinking about taking them at night . Help ...
114870 tn?1210301946 She is working really hard for very long hours (My parents own a restaurant business) I know shes very tired and her hard work is putting strain on her body. I want to know if anyone takes any vitamins to keep up the good progress after chemo. She plans to take it easy in the next few weeks, but currently she needs to be at her job everyday because of certain situations in the restaurant business. Any advise would be great.
Avatar f tn I called my husband and told him and he was proud of me and said he was going to throw away the rest of pills and we could do this. But around 7pm tonight I got scared. Not to sure of myself? I am hanging in there, and I am not going to back down. I do have anxiety about tomorrow. I how the taper that I have done will help with wd. But I am afraid I am going to miss them? They have been controlling my whole life and that it not good.
Avatar n tn I Just Started Taking My Prenatal Vitamins A Few Days Ago. I Get Up This Morning To Take One & I Go Back To Sleep After I Do So. When I Wake Back Up My Baby Decides He/She Doesn't Like The Pills & I Throw It Back Up. Is This Normal? Like I Don't Want To Take Them If I'm Going To Throw Them Up.
Avatar f tn If I throw up right after I take my prenatal vitamin should I take another one or no?
1116022 tn?1305689593 But, my sister would throw hers up all the time (she is due any day now). She finally would take them right before bed instead of in the morning and that worked for her.
Avatar f tn I've tried two we'll, and they make me throw up. Can't take them. Hopefully now that in the second tri,I can resume taking them. Good luck!
Avatar f tn Does anyone else get sick after taking prenatal vitamins? I got some that are over the counter until to take until I can see my Dr. I take them with food, but yesterday I took them while I was eating and it made my stomach cramp until I threw them up. Today I waited 30 minutes after I ate and now I'm Nauseous.
Avatar n tn I throw them up if I take them by thrmselves so wat I discovered was that u take them with ure food. I heard a lot of girls take them before bedtime.
8367118 tn?1442609020 If you take vitamins you may have to eat with it I know I took my vitamins on empty stomach and I would throw up and started eating with the pill and everything was good
Avatar f tn Ingf you are throwing up immediately after taking them and you can see them in your vomit I would be concerned but if it's about 15-20 minutes later after taking them your body has pretty well absorbed them by then. I would try switching to gummies also, they are much easier to digest. I found with the gel caps the fish oil in it would make me feel sick after taking them.
Avatar f tn Same thing happened with me. With my son I was fine. And with this baby I would throw up after I took my pre natal every day. So I don't know how much my body actually took in! After 12 weeks pregnant I took a break from the prenatal. Then at 20 weeks I bought a women's multi vitamin for pregnancy which doesn't make me sick at all. And it includes folic acid and iodine and iron and all the things you need. So you could look into different brands.
Avatar f tn I tried a few different ones just to see if others wouldn't have that side effect. I ended up taking the vitamins before going to bed each night. That helped tremendously. I was no longer getting sick. Maybe you can try this also.
4430052 tn?1355006842 The other ones, there is something about the texture that makes me throw it all back up, less then 5 mins. after taking it. However I pretty confident that a Gel-Cap type would be prefect.
7922758 tn?1396299670 I had been taking my centrum prenatal vitamins and they we're making me vomit. Then went to the doctor and they gave me different ones . I started taking them today and once again made me sick. . Is it that they're the big horse pill looking ones or what . Should I try the gummies? Those other ones make me feel awful.
Avatar f tn Does anyone take similac prenatal vitamins? I was taking select ob plus dha but they are way too expensive $128 for a month supply. I want to try some different ones that are cheaper and over the counter.
Avatar f tn Okay first of all I hate any form of pill whether tylenol or vitamins I don't take them. I started taking prenatals and all I do is throw up. Even on a full stomach it comes right back out. I'm about to quit taking them and do this the old fashioned way like I did my first two pregnancies. But does anyone else get this sick??
Avatar f tn Are u taking them after u eat a meal?
Avatar f tn When you get that sick during a pregnancy, taking them can actually cause more harm than good if it causes vomiting because anything you are eating/nutrients are coming right back up. It may not just be the smell. If you are already sick, taking vitamins can cause the vomiting even without the smell. I had tried instant breakfast drinks and tried getting my vitamins that way, but the vitamins themselves made me sick.
Avatar f tn Is there a chart out there somewhere that will describe the best time of day to take each type of vitamin and supplement, whether to take them with foods or on an empty stomach, which foods to avoid taking them with and which vitamins should or shouldn't be taken together? I get so confused and I can't find any good information that will help me get the greatest benefit from taking vitamins and supplements. I want to put together a schedule telling me when to take everything.