Throw up after smoking a cigarette

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Avatar f tn I had a small relapse in Oct, but never smoked more than 2 cigs a day until Nov 27th which is my official quit date now. I found that smoking a couple vs a pack a day made the withdrawal more tolerable the second time. I smoked for 33yrs and now have never felt better and the way to start quitting is to just do it!! Good luck, we're here for you.
Avatar f tn I'm 10 weeks and smoke sometimes but it makes me throw up. I've smoked for 9 years as well. It's hard as hell but the baby will make u stop. You'll get sick from the smell. At least I did. If you can't stop speak to ur doctor.
Avatar n tn Our mutual friend says that it was just a way of her not having to hide it anymore since she was probably doing it all along, and used the stress of a new house as an excuse to give up pretending. My mom was hypnotized to stop smoking and it worked. After she saw the doctor, she would chew on coffee stirrers to cure her oral fixation and she said that helped a lot.
Avatar f tn even holding a baby up to three hours after having one cigarette causes harm to a baby. really.hope u can find the strength to stop.
Avatar m tn I'd say just dont even bother, eventually you'll end up smoking more than 1 cigarette a day sooner or later. I believe smoking cigarettes is harmful no matter how many you smoke a day.
Avatar n tn Kathy, Well cold turkey was a disaster for me. However, that same Tuesday, found I was entered into the smoking cessation program at the VA hospital on Thursday. Because of my anxiety meds, the doctor put me on the patch/lozenge program, then he sent me on my way telling me to start the patch/lozenge first thing Friday morning. BTW, the quit smoking doctor is an ex-smoker himself (took him 14 attempts to quit, but he did it).
Avatar f tn Not following, well Idk but everywhere I go he ends up there and he's always smoking a damn cigarette it's urking my nerves. And I will be moving like a month after my baby comes, I don't really want to stress myself with apartment hunting. I have a lot going on already.
Avatar f tn i went through and read some of everyones stories about there thyroid problems and medicines they take and how they feel and it doesnt look like i would be better off there , than smoking a couple cigs a day. it would open a whole new set of problems for me. for those of you that think that its just coincidence that when i quit i have a thyroid disorder i am sorry to say i think your wrong. a pill or five pills i dont want to have to take. i dont want the problem.
Avatar f tn It was easy for me,,i smoked menthol and my husband gave me one in the morning before i had ate and i had to stop traffic on a busy streetjust to throw up, since i can be around it but can't smoke it.
Avatar f tn when I returned to India, I started after one week. Usually I start with one cigarette and in a few days will revert 10 cigs per day. On 4th June, because sever heat, I could not go out to buy ciagretts for 24 hours. then thinking that now it is time i must have cig. so I picked up my purse , to my pleasant surprise, I found one packet lying under the purse. I was just euphoric and started to open the packet.......
Avatar f tn I was able to stop smoking by sleeping a lot, also don't go outside with whoever is smoking. It's such a habit to follow my mom or boyfriend outside and smoke a cigg with them, i realized I had to stop the conversation and not follow them out. Also try to wait and see how long you can go without one, don't smoke one right when you get up in the morning... See when you can make it til'. You really just gotta try..
Avatar f tn This is what happened to me. After a day of quitting I have a cough for 3 days. Dec 17, 2016 a pain on my left side bothers me. Its around my lower left ribs.the pain intensify if i lay down flat on bed. On Dec 19 lack of oxygen and my breathing is so shallow you could see my shoulders moving up and down.I am not lying in bed anymore I was just leaning on a elevated pillow Until i fall asleep.I cant laugh just like I used to, I cant sneezw, yawn or burp. It hurts when im about to cry.
Avatar n tn When I heard that I was going to have a baby, I throught I could just throw the smokes away, but that it is not as easy as that. I use to smoke about 15 to 20 a day, now I have cut right down to 6 a day and some times 2 a day. Is there anything that I can do to help me put them away for good. Help Please.
Avatar f tn I thought he had quit for good, but guess what?? I found a cigarette lighter on the bed under the sheets when I got in bed the other night. I was upset that he didn't tell me, but he thought NOT telling me would be better cause I guess he figured I would never find out being he has enough control not to smoke around me in the house.
606078 tn?1247268153 I have tried the patch, the gum, and was going to try Chantrix(sp) but I am taking too many script meds and it would be too dangerous. I tried to throw them down and cold turkey, but after 5 days my Dave told me to go and buy a pack of smokes and not to come home until I had my addiction satisfied. My Dave was really skeptical about these e cigarettes but agreed that anything was worth trying. I smoked my last real cigarette at 9 this morning.
Avatar f tn I get really lightheaded, my heart rate or blood pressure goes up, I'm hot and cold at the same time, and sometimes I throw up just a little bit. And I use to like the way the tobacco made my fingers smell, now the smell makes me feel sick too. What's going on?
1052851 tn?1307744760 I smoke approx 1 pack a day, but recently I have had insomnia, or even if I get up to go to the bathroom, I light a cigarette. I usually take a few drags, and then put it out, but I dont understand why recently I have had the desire to smoke at night? I cant use the patch as I am allergic to the glue, and I dont trust that new inhaler, so that leaves me going cold turkey or using the gum. My Dr.
1653406 tn?1302387055 Hi, I stopped smoking after 20+ years. I did it, much the way Bill suggested, "Just Stop". From that moment on I never looked at it as somthing I was "trying to accomplish" but rather as something I had done and was moving farther away from 'minute by minute', that way I knew, if I had the strength yesterday, the time away would make it easier. and if I didn't smoke any more, then I didn't need to keep a few out in the car 'just in case'.
Avatar f tn This study suggests that cigarette smoking is a negative predictor of SVR for genotype 2's and 3's but not genotype 1's. That said, there are studies out there that show that smoking can accelerate liver fibrosis. It would be refereshing if some of the energy here directed against social drinking would find its way into an anti-smoking message for those with Hep C.
897990 tn?1248272556 Well I have been smoking about 13 years and Im at about a pack a day. The big problem for me is the stress relief I mean thats all I have left now that I don't do drugs and Im afraid that the withdrawel from the cigs will bring back the drug craving too...anyone know anything about this?
Avatar f tn I got something out of this thread. To cave in to the urge after a period of time, I'll feel worse. Smoking does has an effect on a lot of things, energy, stomach, lungs, anxiety etc. etc. Things haven't been going well for me lately but If I smoked I would feel really bad because that is one of the only things I have to feel good about right now is not smoking after 38 years.
1718855 tn?1401760439 Then I bought a pack of Phillies chocolate cigars and haven't smoked a cigarette in 2 years. I smoke 2 a day and am currently spending about $60 a month on them. It's not stopped, but I have cut down and am saving a lot of money each month. I have too much other BS to deal with besides trying to stop using drugs to deal with quitting smoking now.
Avatar n tn I am a child of a smoking breast feeding mother.. and i am fine. My mom only breast fed me for the first 2 months. If your friend cant help it, then she cant help it. Nicotine is the most addictive drug out at this time. As long as she isnt breast feeding and smoking at the same time, her baby will be ok.. also as long as she doesnt smoke around the baby (that bothers me). I hope she can be strong and quit while she breast feeds, but her baby will be fine (hopefully) if she doesnt.
Avatar f tn There is a lot said against it, but to me, it was a miracle. After a 40 year addiction I have been smoke free 2 weeks shy of 2 years. I still fight urges from time to time, but I am in control now and I will NEVER smoke again nor will I EVER let anything suck the life from me again. Oh, BTW, you will not go insane, trust me. WILLPOWER and SUPPORT are key to a quit. --- 1y 11m 2w 3d 21:06 smoke-free, 15,814 cigs not smoked, $3,795.
Avatar f tn I saw a commercial once (for smoking cigarettes while pregnant) and it was something like a baby smoking a cigarette while inside the mom. It didn't show for very long. Probably because it was pretty graphic and disturbing to watch. Anyway, that's what I think of. I wouldn't hand my baby a cigarette or a joint or a beer. In my mind, it would be like getting your baby high. I mean surely the baby would feel the effects of the pot. What KStar said is right....
Avatar f tn Im 11w5d along and i used to smoke half a pack or a full pack a day of full flavor but after abt a week of finding out i was down to at most 7 smokes a day and instead of full flavor i smoke Lights with a tar bar (soaks up some of the nasty things tht come out of the cigarrette) hoping to be compleatly done by 14 weeks and ur right its not safe to just up and quit tht far along.
Avatar f tn Ashlockmommy, I went from a pack a day to half a pack on my most stressful days so I think I'm doin pretty good so far lol and plan on cutting back until I don't need one at all! Thank you! Star4life1, I have tried the ecigs, but I smoke menthol and they just don't have the same rate or anything, and I can't stand a light cigarette at all, but if it gets to where I can't stop I will just have to try them again! Thank you!
518117 tn?1429279873 I should be honoring his life instead of trying to kill myself with smoking, I have a son and a daughter still living that I need to be thinking of, I have a grandson that is almost 12 and it would break his heart to lose his granny, etc. Many reasons to want to live and I do want to live. I am sorry this is a rather long winded post. I just need to talk this out. Plus, I want others to hopefully learn from me. Thank you for listening to me. This is my wake-up call and QUIT!!! God bless.
Avatar n tn In your case, for 14 years you have habitually lit up whenever and like all of us you have established a pattern of smoking, i.e. upon waking up, with coffee, after meals and the biggest one, stress. Rationally, we know that stress is going to happen with or without a smoke. What needs to happen is figuring out why we give the cigarette such a "God-like" status! When you see how this thing controls every minute of your life maybe then you will be able to take back the control.