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Avatar n tn After A While Youll Just Stop Wanting To..With My Son The Smell Make Me Throw Up Instantly And iSmoked For 4 Years Heavy.. And With This Pregnancy It Does The Same Thing..
Avatar f tn I began my quit last July with the lozenge, but only took it for 5 days because it caused too much heartburn so just went cold turkey from there. I had a small relapse in Oct, but never smoked more than 2 cigs a day until Nov 27th which is my official quit date now. I found that smoking a couple vs a pack a day made the withdrawal more tolerable the second time. I smoked for 33yrs and now have never felt better and the way to start quitting is to just do it!! Good luck, we're here for you.
Avatar f tn I'm 10 weeks and smoke sometimes but it makes me throw up. I've smoked for 9 years as well. It's hard as hell but the baby will make u stop. You'll get sick from the smell. At least I did. If you can't stop speak to ur doctor.
Avatar n tn Would someone hook me up with a good link to read up on smoking and the liver, Hell I know its killing my lungs and heart, but I dont want to throw my poor battered beat up liver into the mix too.
Avatar f tn I'm not saying that. obviously its not good but its her decision to do what she wants. hearing everyone's experiences help. I'm sick of people downing people because they don't quit when the only know what "studies" say they don't know what real people have to say. smoking is completely up to what you want to do and yes there are risks but not to all. if you ask most doctors they will tell you what percent of children actually are affected.
Avatar n tn What are your thoughts about smoking 3 cigarettes a day while pregnant ...
Avatar n tn Our mutual friend says that it was just a way of her not having to hide it anymore since she was probably doing it all along, and used the stress of a new house as an excuse to give up pretending. My mom was hypnotized to stop smoking and it worked. After she saw the doctor, she would chew on coffee stirrers to cure her oral fixation and she said that helped a lot.
Avatar f tn I plan on quiting eventually, but it doesn't motivate me when my wife says she still has cravings after a year of not smoking, and she expects the craving will never go away. I do my best not to smoke around her or where she will smell it. My GP says I should quit, maybe after I get off the anxiety meds. LOL!
Avatar f tn They've given me meds and I would throw those up. It's really starting to take a toll. I don't have the energy to do anything..... I feel so lazy.
Avatar f tn I left smoking after 50 years. Since long my priority was to be free from smoking. 3 times I stopped for 3 months when I was abroad with daughter and her husband. they are medicos and do not like smoking. I could stop because of their attitude. when I returned to India, I started after one week. Usually I start with one cigarette and in a few days will revert 10 cigs per day. On 4th June, because sever heat, I could not go out to buy ciagretts for 24 hours.
Avatar f tn It was easy for me,,i smoked menthol and my husband gave me one in the morning before i had ate and i had to stop traffic on a busy streetjust to throw up, since i can be around it but can't smoke it.
Avatar f tn I wish i could give you great advice but i didn't have that problem once the morning sickness kicked in just the smell made me throw up. but i can wish you the best of luck.
Avatar f tn I smoked for 30yrs and finally stopped cold turkey!! Never going back to that way of life!! When I quit smoking,the cigs, I picked up the e-smokes and puffed on those to lower my nicotine down. Been 135 days without the cigs and 20 days no e-smoke. Now I have noticed like everyone else that I have some chest pain and shortness of breathe. Feels like my lungs are to big for my chest. And almost like a sulfer disorder/panic attack all the time and taking deeper breaths then I used to.
806553 tn?1238145380 But it takes like 6 weeks to finish, I dont want to take that long so im going to do the 21 mg for 1 week the 14mg for 1 week and the 7mg for 1 week, well thats the plan anyway. Mean while I will not be smoking so hopefully the mental part of smoking will have gone away. Thats my plan, maybe you could try it..............
Avatar n tn I am 2 1/2 months pregnant, I have been smoking for over 10 years now. When I heard that I was going to have a baby, I throught I could just throw the smokes away, but that it is not as easy as that. I use to smoke about 15 to 20 a day, now I have cut right down to 6 a day and some times 2 a day. Is there anything that I can do to help me put them away for good. Help Please.
Avatar f tn If it doesn't work this time, I give up. If he wants to be that foolish and continue smoking, there is nothing I can do. Thanks to all.
Avatar f tn So I felt high about 10mins later then We go to the garage to smoke a cig and 5mins later I feel like I got to throw up so I get up and head to the bathroom. When I get to the hallway I feel dizzy and my vision starts giving up I'm almost at the bathroom when for some reason I can't explain I grabbed the door frame and I think I started convulsioning but never let go of the door frame that moment I couldn't see I felt like I cosed my eyes but could.
822617 tn?1249600123 Ill keep you posted on what the RE nurse says tomorrow. I have one more test (day 3 fsh...) which I will have coming up in a couple of weeks. After that I meet with the RE to go over results. If his motility is really 5% and morphology is 14%, I don't think he will be as optimistic as his nurse was. Wish us luck! THanks everyone for your support!
Avatar f tn So I felt high about 10mins later then We go to the garage to smoke a cig and 5mins later I feel like I got to throw up so I get up and head to the bathroom.
Avatar f tn I get really lightheaded, my heart rate or blood pressure goes up, I'm hot and cold at the same time, and sometimes I throw up just a little bit. And I use to like the way the tobacco made my fingers smell, now the smell makes me feel sick too. What's going on?
Avatar n tn I think she has seperation anxiety and her dad is making it worse by consoling her and picking her up, then telling her he is leaving, and picking her up again when she crys. He stayed for over 15 minutes today. What can I try to make things better for her? I even told the parents to try a new daycare and they don't want to so I am guessing that she does some of this at home to.
Avatar m tn well we have been dateing for the past 5 months and he has been smoking k2 for the past 3 months and he dont talk to me or come to see me he sits in his throw up every where and its scares me cause thats not the boy i feel in love with he looks like a dead person in his body what should i do ?
Avatar f tn Finally just gave them up. Tried to go back one time after that and just could not stand the taste anymore. I consider myself very lucky in this regard, but there are still times when the thought of smoking still makes me want to try them again. So far have managed to hold off. I highly recommend quiting when the time is right, however, not at the expense of your clean time. Congrats on the 10 days, thats a long time without dope.
1653406 tn?1302387055 Hi, I stopped smoking after 20+ years. I did it, much the way Bill suggested, "Just Stop". From that moment on I never looked at it as somthing I was "trying to accomplish" but rather as something I had done and was moving farther away from 'minute by minute', that way I knew, if I had the strength yesterday, the time away would make it easier. and if I didn't smoke any more, then I didn't need to keep a few out in the car 'just in case'.
3183328 tn?1351187117 I've been having a very hard time since April, I was doing wonderful up until last wednesday. I've been waking up so sad and angry, I have no motivation whatsoever. Lately I've been in physical pain for no apparent reason. I feel like nothing. I feel like a huge walking bruise. Well today I forced myself to get ready and get in the car and I got to school around 2 like I'm supposed to. I didn't go in though, I waited outside in the car with my grandma.
4206170 tn?1389690258 I've smoked for since I was 15, every day since 17, and giving up opiates was easier than giving up pot (staying clean part that is). Definitely my DOC. The root cause is surely the same as any addiction though so yeah, follow the same course of action. As far as sleeping goes, do something physical and tire yourself out. Works better than anything else I've found. The cold sweats I found worse myself, sleep's just something you have you live on minimum with for week or so unfortunately.
1052851 tn?1307744760 I smoke approx 1 pack a day, but recently I have had insomnia, or even if I get up to go to the bathroom, I light a cigarette. I usually take a few drags, and then put it out, but I dont understand why recently I have had the desire to smoke at night? I cant use the patch as I am allergic to the glue, and I dont trust that new inhaler, so that leaves me going cold turkey or using the gum. My Dr.
897990 tn?1248272556 My mom also quit easily, but that's only after my dad got emphysema and copd from smoking...everyone is different, ya know?