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Avatar f tn Did your doc even bother to do a strep test or anything? Strep throat can also cause ulcers in the throat and mouth and strep is definitely something that neeeds to be treated with antibiotics.
Avatar m tn The HIV patient has sore throat and throat ulcers. Immediately without sterilizing the equipment, the doctor used the same spoon like equipment to check my throat. I am worried, whether I will get HIV infection. Please help. The spoon like equipment might have contacted the sore throat and throat ulcers of the HIV patient and it could have contacted me too. Please help with your suggestions.
Avatar f tn I was assessed by an infection disease doctor next to my house, and after he took history and checked the vesicles in the back of my throat he indeed said that most likely the virus is HSV1 and not anything else...
Avatar m tn I have ulcers all over my throat by my tonsils, the back of my tongue and the roof of my mouth they have caused alot of pain and discomfort my voice is horse and I also got a cold and cough. the cold has gone and the cough is almost gone but was initially making my ulcers worse, i went to the doctor and assumed it was herpes virus without testing it.
Avatar n tn It is likely that your oral and nose lesions have a common cause and that is most likely to be the virus, Herpes simplex virus. The chronic form of this infection is not as responsive to anti-viral therapy as is the acute form. This condition would best be treated by a dermatologist, an internal medicine specialist, a dentist or an oral surgeon as would aphthous ulcers.
Avatar f tn My cousin is throwing up blood for a month now and the doctor said she has a virus that causes ulcers. What else could this be? she had some blood work including pt/ptt but no results are back yet..
Avatar m tn I had a dermatologist of many years look at the sores/dots and he said they resembled the coxsackie virus. Dots at the back of the throat are much more characteristic of coxsackie than where they are in my mouth but the virus symptoms usually does not last anywhere near as long as yours has (unless you have an immunodeficiency). I would see a general physician or std specialist about this seeing as it’s gone on for so long. Hope this helps and best of luck.
Avatar n tn My doc says my throat is red and the spots are ulcers. But I thought ulcers were painful and not itchy. Is this a symptom of gonnarea, chlymadia or warts in my mouth. Also, I phlegmed in my 20 month year old nephews mouth by accident and it came from the back of my throat directly into his mouth. What are the chances of giving him gonnareah and chlymadia this way?
Avatar m tn htm As for apthous ulcers, they may be small shallow ulcers to larger ones termed major apthae. The cause of apthous ulcers is unclear and they may be triggered by stress, diet and even viral infections. Herpes has been implicated but not directly so as one of the causes. ( These disease conditions may be self limiting. Mucocele are clear bumps on the lip and may resolve spontaneously. Cold sores and apthous ulcers have no definite form of treatment.
Avatar n tn In January, I had problems swallowing, and went to an enterologist who scoped my throat and found 6 medium-large sized ulcers in my esophagus with a candidus fungus growing on them. I also had a round red ring on my trunk, that then turned into many little odd shaped figures, which I was told was something that you developed when you were exposed to a virus of sorts (Dermatologist told me this). I then took acid reflux for my ulcers, and meds for the candidas fungus.
Avatar m tn But far less likely than a standard cold virus. Initial oral herpes usually causes over ulcers (open sores), and not only in the throat but in the mouth and often on the lips. But see a doctor if you remain concerned.
Avatar m tn m 40 and two weeks ago had lower back surgery. I had a small fever blister but forgot about it. Two weeks go by and I noticed all these ulcers in my mouth along my cheek and back of the throat. I panicked and went to see the doc. He said it was the type 2 herpes but only gave me 2 valtrex pills at 1gm each. What's going on? Was this always inside me since I'd get fever blisters? I'm scared and frustrated and I'm scared I could passed this on to my gf.
Avatar f tn I am almost over the cold but have noticed that i have small bumps on my oropharynx (almost like pale ulcers) and my throat is no longer sore. I have a funny full sort of lumpy sensation when i swallow although this is very faint. Is this symptomatic of any std?
Avatar n tn On November 28 I had a Determine COMBO rapid test and was negative, but the sore throat and oral ulcers/white tonge/thrush continue. I am so nervous... Do you thinks that I could be infected?
Avatar n tn After the headache and back pain subsided, I got severe sore throat (with some ulcers on the back of my throat) with night fevers and myalgia on my right thigh that lasted for 2 weeks, I went to two different throat specialists who gave me antibiotics, anti inflammation drugs and even anti Chlamydia antibiotics. Nothing worked. But I tried to stay active and not stay in bed anymore.
1501429 tn?1289309326 They can become inflamed due to injury from hot food or drink or due to irritation from a virus or throat infection. Other causes are canker sores, ulcers etc.Consult an ENT specialist. Treatment will depend on the underlying cause. Hope it helps. Best wishes and regards!
Avatar m tn I had a severe throat pain and inflammation for 2 weeks. So, yesterday (22nd April), I went to a throat doctor in India. Before me, the doctor was attending a patient who is both HIV positive & Hep-B positive. This patient suffers from mouth ulcers. The doctor used a local anesthetic spray to spray on the mouth and throat of the HIV patient. I placed the anesthetic spray photo in[email protected] .
Avatar m tn i was a bit sceptical, he offered to do a strep throat test but he didnt think it was strep throat as my throat is fine, so we didnt do the test. However over the last 3 days i have developed red areas on the inside of my lips and also above my upper teeth, not red around my teeth but further up. its also quite inflamed. i still have the sores at the back of my throat but my toncit area is now also red. im worried of gingervitis (sorry abou that spelling!
Avatar f tn Hi, I'm new here, apologies if this is in the wrong place or i've not got it right. Basically my sister has been ill for years, she's seen hundreds of Doctors and nothing has helped. It's making her miserable and she's desperate. The problem is that she permanently has a mouth and tongue covered in ulcers. It causes a lot of pain, she can't eat properly and is tired all the time. She has also had other symptoms at times including dizzyness, palpitations, depression.
Avatar m tn and still, then after 21days I had ulcers in mouth, and slight sore throat. Now taking antibiotics for this. Dr says its upper respiratory virus infection. Is this a common symptom of HIV around 3-5 weeks? Its not like any sore throat Ive had in the past. I also have about a dozen small red spots (pimple like) scattered on one side of my back. A couple are large (boil like). I have a few other on my shoulder that appeared after 10 days.
Avatar f tn People don't get HIV from oral sex. The ways that people transmit HIV are from unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing of IV drug needles. The HIV virus is fragile and is inactivated by saliva. So, you don't have to worry about HIV. Even with an ulcer in the corner of your mouth. HIV is not a concern.
502242 tn?1210402864 The way to solve the stomach problem is to find a better solution to your work stress. On the other hand, there are physical things like virus or stomach ulcers that can cause the same stomach symptoms, and because of that you should see your doctor for an exam and lab tests.
Avatar n tn Probably. An ulcer is a raw spot. If you got a bacterial infection and it was bad enough, you could get raw spots from it. I got strep throat once and it gave me ulcers in my throat, and it sure wasn't from sex.
Avatar m tn So I have been having a cough, runny nose, sore throat and fever on and off now for a bout a two weeks and a half. Usually I cough up green flem or sneeze out green mucus, some times its dark sometimes its light. The runny nose is getting better now but is still there. My sore throat was getting better but now it is worse is still red and has a little white lines but the white lines are usually there when I have a sore throat. The fever is gone now. I am feeling okay to still go to school.