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Avatar n tn On November 16, due to the efforts to cough I bleed a little bit. I noted dry throat and oral ulcers. And thrush (candida). I had my duo test for hiv and sifilis after 29 days from my first exposure being negative. The synthomps remain. I read that oral ulcers and thrush is connected with HIV. Could be other StD? I am in panic.
Avatar f tn I am almost over the cold but have noticed that i have small bumps on my oropharynx (almost like pale ulcers) and my throat is no longer sore. I have a funny full sort of lumpy sensation when i swallow although this is very faint. Is this symptomatic of any std?
Avatar m tn i read some where that gargling salt water wud ease the throat pain but it made it even worse .. has any one heard of pple getting sore throat and throat ulcers as an ars symptom ?? or could it be some other oral std ( we engaged in deep kissing for about 30 minutes and she usually gives unprotected bj to all her other clients ..
Avatar m tn I have a burning sensation in my nose and throat, a bit like sucking an extra strong mint and breathing in, my mouth feels very furry, mouth ulcers and general oral uncomfortableness. Any ideas? The mouth ulcers aren't big sores, just feel very uncomfortable. I wake up with a really dry mouth and the roof is sometimes coated with a thin layer of goo that rinsed out easily.
Avatar n tn The only STD that might cause the sort of recurring ulcers that you describe is herpes and your symptoms do not fit with HSV. They occurred for the first time too long after exposure to be HSV, they have been localized to the inside of your mouth and HSV lesions involve the lips as well as the inside of the mouth (in fact, while it is typical for HSV to recur outside of the mouth, it is less common to occur inside), and your initial outbreak did not last long enough to suggest HSV.
Avatar n tn One week after the intercourse i started to have fever and sore throat. But no sores, rashes on penis. Als no symptoms like pain during urination or blood or discharge etc. And the fever and sore throat never stopped and rash especially on the thighs and all over the body came up. When i went to doctor he examined and treated for scabbies.I was ok skin wise but still had mild fever and sore throat.
Avatar m tn 20 copies, hiv antigen at 12 weeks and 13 weeks both -ve, but at 12 week i start to get lot of small whiteheads on my forehead, and lot of repeated mouth ulcers and mouth pimples , some muscles pain and some sore throat , so could this still be related to hiv or does it look like other std and if its other std what tests should i take
Avatar f tn does my wife throat ulcers suggest any STD that needs to be tested?
Avatar m tn i saw it takes atleast 10-14 days or does it occur as early as 8 days and what are these throat ulcers ??
Avatar f tn Did your doc even bother to do a strep test or anything? Strep throat can also cause ulcers in the throat and mouth and strep is definitely something that neeeds to be treated with antibiotics.
Avatar m tn I am still getting svere muscle aches in calf muscles and headaches.Also I get bad apothus ulcers in the mouth and georaphic tongue.
Avatar m tn You really did not have a risk for a STD and your symptoms would be unrelated.
Avatar n tn I had protected vaginal sex and I received unprotected oral sex 11 months ago from a CSW. I also kissed the girl deeply. I tested for HIV after 3 months and the result was negative. However, I'm facing swollen gums, Aphthous Ulcers & white tongue problem severely. I'm also facing discomfort at throat. I've seen doctors for swollen gum & discomfort at throat and I have taken a teeth scaling. But still I'm facing those problems for the last 6 - 7 months.
Avatar m tn After aprox 7weeks ish i discovered many white/yellow spots in back of my throat, white/infected tongue, blisters/ulcers in upper, lower lip and side of tongue, white inside the cheeks, some redness on tip of tongue. And some ulcers/sores on the lip Had for 1-2 days swollen tonsils. I also discovered i had an rash on my eyebrow and that my eyebrow hair comes if really easy if i just drag in them( both sides) aswell for the beard.
Avatar m tn Both non reactive. I ve been having sore throat and mouth ulcers for the past weeks. Should I test again? In percentage how accurate is the ag ab test at 33 days? Can I have unprotected sex with my girlfriend?
Avatar n tn Today exactly 1 week after I notice that I have a number ulcers on my tonsils and on my tongue. I am not new to ulcers I do have them every now and then and from memory I had an ulcer on the side of my tongue a day or two before. But never do they need any medical attention and they have never bothered me.
Avatar m tn I'm a gay male and gave another gay may oral sex. I've started to experience some strange symptoms. After a night out with friends, I drank a lot and took some plant food. It's been 3 weeks now since the sexual contact and it has been a week since the drink/plant food... For the past week I've been feeling quite unwell. Dizzy, nausea, slight fever and sweating.
Avatar f tn After 2 weeks from exposure, i had runny nose and mouth and throat ulcers. The runny nose have gone except the mouth and throat ulcers and thus feeling a sore throat. I am really worried. Should the ulcers and sore throat be combined with a rash or fever to be a symptom of hiv?? When can i take a typical antobody test the earliest time after exposure??
Avatar f tn Long story short, I was on vacation last week and went horseback riding for the first time Friday. I noticed after, I was so sore and uncomfortable. We flew home Saturday and Sunday i saw small ulcers on my vagina. One on my outer 'lip' and a couple on my perineum. No blisters, just sores. They aren't red or anything. Then I started to feel like I was getting a fever and I noticed my throat had white spots on my tonsils and it's hard to swallow.
Avatar n tn i have sore red ulcers in the back of my throat. I have had these for at least 2 years now. I went to the doctor and he gave me some antibiotics...they did not work at all! Recently i went to a GUM clinic to ask about causes etc. The nurse was very unhelpful and asked why i though it was an STD. He then mentioned an HIV test which freaked me out. He told me to go to my GP. I am sooooo worried now. Until recently i also had a type of white head on the side of my toungue at the back.
Avatar n tn Can you please tell me do I need to to get tested for STD? And what are the risks of herpes, bacterial STD, and HIV? Thank you.