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Avatar n tn So I started gargling Listerine, is it possible that by gargling too much listerine I can make my throat more raw? Or will the Listerine just keep on helping?
Avatar m tn they could be,where you have been ill its a sign of being run down
Avatar m tn As we've told never had a risk. Listerine can be harsh on mouth ulcers. Try some organic licorice root tea for your sore throat.
Avatar f tn Did your doc even bother to do a strep test or anything? Strep throat can also cause ulcers in the throat and mouth and strep is definitely something that neeeds to be treated with antibiotics.
Avatar m tn About 3 weeks ago I performed oral sex on a man (I am male as well) he ejaculated in my mouth and I immediately spit it out. about 5 to 10 min later I rinsed with listerine. I went to the dentist about a week later and he found no ulcers but I did have peridontal disease. Does this increase my risk? I had also had some dental work (a temporary filling) a little over a month prior. I appreciate your help.
604185 tn?1233960857 While rinsing I accidentally swallowed little listerine. My throat started burning. I quickly gargled with water. Later I found out it contains alcohol. I am very scared now. What should I do?
Avatar f tn I have receding gums and at a tooth the gum is very sore hurts when I gently brush and swollen. I use Listerine 2 times a day. I take meds and I keep dry mouth. Sometimes I will get mouth ulcers. Over a month ago I started wearing a removable partial denture. The denture seems to fit fine I have been to the dentist for adjustments. He knows about the tooth but says that he thinks everythings ok I just have a sensitive mouth. What can I do??? I do not have a gum disease. Thanks.
Avatar f tn Sometimes there are days when I only do it once but I have been flossing a lot more now and I use listerine. But the other day the roof of my mouth on the right side was sore and i noticed there was an open sore and it was bleeding. I just ignored it and kept brushing my teeth normally but now the other side of my mouth is starting to bleed too!! So when i drink juice or soda it realy burns because of the open sores.
Avatar f tn i felt like something was stuck on my throat so i kept swallowing than i finally looked and it looked like a white pimple i tried wiping it, nothin happend i made my throat tight and pinched it, whatever it was came out like a pimple but not pus kinda like a solid? i than rinsed with listerine and it hasnt come back or anything, but im still really curious what it mighta been? any help?
Avatar m tn I later got a sore throat (so sore that I can hardly eat and have difficulty even swallowing water). I reached a 103 degree fever, had headaches, had nausea, very stiff neck, cold chills.. etc... I got tested for strep and mono and both were negative. Almost all of my symptoms have passed except for my sore throat, but now I am developing a large amount of canker sores... I have 4 on my lips, 4 on my gums and 2 on my tongue... my gums are swollen and my tonsils have many white spots on them...
Avatar f tn Hi I need your help I am in a pain management program and I"ve been with them for four years now, I have a pump and I also take morphine pills every six hours anyway I have cotton mouth real bad and I was using listerine like water we'll the other day My urine test came out positive now mind you I don't drink could it be possible that the listerine that i was rinsing my mouth all the time could that of made it positive, Now this Dr.
850029 tn?1238857820 Does anyone know if I could put a drop or two of listerine in my dogs water? I know they have stuff specifically made for dogs but not sure what's good? I would like something that cleans and freshens. My Chihuahua has bad teeth. She's lost a few and I think brushing them would be painful for him. I've tried the stuff that you spray on them but it is extremely difficult. (I get more on his face then anywhere.
Panda I have a sore throat. It's very uncomfortable for me to swallow. I'm not coughing, yet. Nose is running a little. I touch my neck and it's a little sore. I feel my glands might be a little swollen. I've been taking Alka Seltzer Plus cold medicine. I've gargled with warm salt and water as well. Is there something else you could recommend or should I go to the doctors?
Avatar n tn normal... I have bumps on the back of my tongue to...
Girl however after less than 5 days, i had this killing mouth ulcers 2 days ago,i do not know it there gonna be anything difference between these or not! Thank you for help ,and btw i do wanna find some good medicine for curing these 2 problem!
Avatar n tn I was drinking cranberry drink and it felt like my throat was getting smaller. I told my friends, and they thought I was playing. Now my throat feels like there's a lump or something stuck in the back left side of my throat. I have gargled with listerine and it went away for a while and then came back. I've gargaled with warm salt and water. same thing. What could this be? Is it caused by stress? Is it an disease?
Avatar f tn But especially when i eat Anything with salt. Ive been brushing it, rinsing with Hydrogen Peroxide and Listerine. After rinsing the pain goes down but it flares back up in an hour or so. I cant even fully rest my tongue in my mouth cuz when it touches my teeth or anything in my mouth it stings. How do I get rid of it?
Avatar f tn Hi, I'm new here, apologies if this is in the wrong place or i've not got it right. Basically my sister has been ill for years, she's seen hundreds of Doctors and nothing has helped. It's making her miserable and she's desperate. The problem is that she permanently has a mouth and tongue covered in ulcers. It causes a lot of pain, she can't eat properly and is tired all the time. She has also had other symptoms at times including dizzyness, palpitations, depression.
1875073 tn?1320454493 get some brown listerine an cotton swabs , wash your mouth an throat out with listerine spit it out the little that left swallow it .take a cotton swab an put it in the listerine an swab your ear with it .it kills 99% of germs do it three times a day for 3 days an it will go away .my grandmother did it to us i did it to my kids an my kids are doing it to there kids. it helps the pain as well.
Avatar n tn Hello, Welcome to the Pain Managment Forum. I am sorry you are suffering with mouth ulcers. They can be painful. My grandmother use to tell me to put salt on the...ouch!! Mouth ulcers, sometimes called canker sores, are a common affliction. Often they are simply caused by trauma and heal quickly on their own. The recurrent, bothersome form is known as recurrent aphthous stomatitis or simply aphthous ulcers. Cause is unknown, though it is believed to be some sort of immune mediated condition.