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Avatar m tn I m having ear pain and sore throat and also have sore mouth, my tounge, upper area of mouth and also hav pain behind the ears...been like this for a week now. I m worried as I had a pap smear wich came back with hpv and ascus and I also hav large fibroids wich I m getting treatment for. My great worry now is that is this sore throat related to hpv as hpv can also cause head and neck cancer. I will be glad if someone can help me on it.
Avatar m tn Hi, Someone has played mischief on you, there is no evidence to prove that sore throat can be reduced by sucking the genitals. There are many causes for sore throat, like long standing sinus problems, gastric reflux, recurrent infection of the pharynx and tonsils. Get yourself evaluated from an apt ENT specialist and also try taking medicines depending upon the cause. Drink plenty of warm water, avoid smoking and eating greasy food. Any more doubts you are welcome.
Avatar f tn Hi, i am 16, a few months ago i made out with this girl and then a had a sore throat for 2 weeks. I went to the docter and i had a fever but they said ir wasn't strep and it was probably just an infection, but ever sine that girl, i have a sore throat after i make out with someone. I was just wondering iif it was some kind of disease or what?
Avatar f tn Hello, for the past week i have been having a sore throat. It isn’t causing any pain nor is it causing any difficulty swallowing or breathing. It becomes alright when I drink any liquid, warm or cold for a little but then returns. I should also say that I am a moderate smoker. Could this be related to the smoking or something else.
Avatar f tn Well anyways im getting a bad cough and its causing a sore throat. I read online that this is caused by quitting smoking cause ur body is healing and what not. Well just curious if any other former smokers went through this and how long it lasted. Does cough med help in this situation? I cant sleep its so bad. Coughing up phlegm every few minutes its soo annoying especially since i just got over a cold... I only have 4 wks left til my c section and just want to feel better by then.
Avatar n tn Your first step is to go to your family physician and have him/her check it out, including a strep test for strep throat. Any sore throat lasting a week or more should definitely be checked out. Strep throat is very common (especially in children and young adults) and very treatable, but can lead to serious complications if not treated. So please get your parents or a trusted adult to take you to the doctor and get checked.
Avatar m tn I have been having that sore throat for the past 6 months. my symptoms are as follow. feel like there's something in the back of my throat like a little tiny rock going up and down but when i am trying to spit it out it will not come out.also, i have been very stressed out lately and i always eat late before i go to bed. Recently a lot of mucus has been running in the back of my throat,especially when i am taking that natural remedy called bragg organic apple cider vinegar.
Avatar m tn around october i started getting chronic sore throat for the first time where the pain varied from the lower to upper throat right to left and since then it has been recurrent. I had been to a specialist doctor and said that i was perfectly alright. I now fear that i may have throat cancer cause the sore just do not go away.What do you think?/or is it just smoking that irritates my throat cause i have not quit yet. Please help.
Avatar m tn Thanks , i was just worried because of my sore throat that has been for a long time . I guess it's a result from smoking ..
Avatar f tn I have a stuffy nose now and like a sore throat so it might just be me catching a cold idk
966444 tn?1254100169 I would think if this was smoking related it would have been an issue from the get go.I think I would call my doc. Let us know what he says?
Avatar m tn Dear All, I am suffering from mild sore throat ( ON and OFF) for last 1 month. No cough but some times irritation throat and most of the time one of the nasal is blocked. Visited ENT specialist and after checking he confirmed suffering from " PHARYNGITIS" He had given anti-biotics for 5 days and assured recovery after that. After 5 days my problem has almost gone away but still very mild irritation and sore throat is there.
Avatar m tn HI, I have a sore throat for almost a month and it just won't go away, use to be a heavy smoker, now have stop smoking, feeling better , but still there is some pian there , have seen a doctor a few time. any advise?
331673 tn?1199354285 Sounds familiar, back in may of 2007 I got a soar throat on one side, mine also was tender to the touch from outside. My son and husband had been sick also having a sore throat so I thought nothing of it and assumed I to had cought their cold. My sore throat turned into me going hoarse. Long story short , for 2 mo. I lost my voice. I went to ENT was told I had the beginning signs of Throat cancer. I was a smoker.
Avatar m tn When I get a cold, I always get a sore throat, I guess it depends on the person. My colds go sore throat, sinus, coughing. Now when I feel a catch in my throat, I try to load up on vitamins and take it easy. A cold is caused by a virus just like the flu, too, but weaker. There are many viruses in the world, I know we had an outbreak in the late winter here in Canada where people got bug which just caused a sore throat.
Avatar m tn The sore throat which you are suffering from could have contributed to this.
Avatar n tn you dont really get a sore throat . your throat just itches 4 sum reason. so that maybe y your friend clears his throat.
Avatar n tn Can smoking cigarettes (recently began), consuming alcohol, and frequent exposure to cold dry air cause a sore throat that includes difficulty swallowing, inflammation, swelling, pain, and dryness? Don't seem to have a fever or other illness. The symptoms lasted for about a week and a half and did not respond to antibiotics. I'm struggling to find a cause for these symptoms, thanks in advance.
Avatar n tn you have only been smoking for 4 years. maybe you have a bit of a sore throat, post nasal drip or maybe a small chest infection go and check with your doctor but dont worry 4 years of smoking its not a lot.
Avatar f tn Hi. No. From your description, it doesn't seem to me like throat cancer. Your doctor is probably correct in diagnosing it as an infection, although it may be viral instead of bacterial, which may be the reason why it does not seem to be responding to the antibiotics. The other reason why the infection has gotten prolonged instead of resolving is the fact that you have continued smoking intermittently. Cigarette smoke impairs the immune system, so it would be best for you to quit.
Avatar f tn s sore throat and cough is probably from your smoking in his presence. If you are the least bit interested in smoking cessation, call the QuitLine at 1 (800) QUIT NOW (784-8669). Good luck.
Avatar m tn Often times when I have tried to quit smoking in the past I would get intense sinus headaches and nasal congestion about a week or so after trying to quit, but it seemed to go away when I started smoking regularly again. One time when I was trying to cut back from smoking 2 packs a day, down to only 1 a pack a day, I got the same wracking headaches every afternoon that stayed with me for weeks, even months, before finally getting better.
Avatar f tn I dont have pain when i swallow but i do feel like i have to cough due to the fact that i have a lump in my throat. I also developed a sore on the same place were i have the lump that hasnt heal in over a walk but i didnt pay much attention to it due to the fact that i have acne but when i read throat cancer symptoms that really concerned me.
Avatar f tn I visited my boyfriend in Paris and he had a bad cough that would wake him up at night. But he didn't seem sick at all. So 6 days after being with him I got a sore throat, which turned into a sinus infection). After doing sinus irrigations, drinking a lot of hot water with apple cider vinger, and eating well for 2 weeks - I seem to be better; however, my throat is now hurting again (it never seemed to go away completely, but mostly).
Avatar f tn since march 2012 i felt something wrong with my throat that made me decide to slow down my smoking and tried an e cigarette,but later on after 3 weeks i experienced bad taste in my mouth and chronic sore throat,i went to my doctor and made a test for mono and sterp and its negative i been given 10 days of antibiotics and that doesnt work,then sometimes i felt like there is something stuck on my throat and having a pain in my upper abdimen,i dont feel nausea but i have difficulty breathing and h
Avatar m tn I would get it checked out by a doctor as they have to see if there are any sores or other signs by looking at your throat. Blood in the throat isn't usual for a smoker, unless you have a canker sore or some other type of sore, infection or something else..
Avatar f tn Thank you. The sore throat went away on its own. There were no pustules, which is what I was looking for. I have had strep so many times that I can recognize it on sight, so when I saw that they were absent, I knew that wasn't the problem. All I can say is that if that was the epiglottis, it looks more bizzare than I ever imagined! Again, thank you for answering my question.
Avatar m tn I stopped smoking about three weeks ago and i am now experiencing some severe pains in my neck and shoulder and a sore throat, aswell as this i have been coughing up browny coloured mucus. Is this normal?
Avatar m tn The symptoms could be due to quitting smoking. However, they can also be due to viral fever as you have sore throat, cold, difficulty in swallowing, and while particle (pus) on tonsil. You can drink hot chicken broth and soup, warm lemonade, ginger and honey concoction. You can do warm saline gargles (gargling with warm water in which a pinch of salt is mixed) and apply vicks vaporub over your chest, throat and forehead/nose.If this does not help, please consult a doctor. Take care!