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Avatar n tn I had my thyroid removed a week ago today, and I have had zero problems with my voice. I had a bad sore throat for a bit from the breathing tube during surgery, but that was really it. I do local community theatre and was worried about my voice, as well, and the doctor (general surgeon for me) he couldn't guarantee anything, of course. I'm not sure how rare of an effect it is, though. It really can be the luck of the draw, I think.
Avatar m tn Hi, I'm a guy and 2 days ago I performed and received unprotected oral sex from another guy I met online. We did some deep kissing and some brief orals with no deep throat. Both of us didn't ejaculate into each other's mouth. We didn't do any penetrative sex either. He didn't seem to have any sign of STDs on his penis but less than 2 days later I developed sore throat. I'm now a bit panicking about if I got STDs like the oral gonorrhea.
Avatar m tn The very back of my throat is a little sore. I expect that to be due to singing earlier, but would that increase the risk.
228936 tn?1249094248 Hi, I have some reflux problems and swallowing /throat problems that my doctor said could be from long term untreated reflux. Could this make it difficult to sing, ie, making my throat feel irritated while singing? This is a problem because I am a musician and am expected to sing sometimes.
1679858 tn?1346765181 Hi....when u say the lump in ur throat affects ur singing...what do u mean? It can be GERD/acid reflux...or it can be chiari affecting u.... When it affected my singing, my throat felt like I had spasms...and my voice was gone, nothing was coming out....and it felt strange like when u cry or get emotional, this is y I asked this of Heather....I had no idea it was chiari and b4 I got my dx my DD thought I was just lip singing in church...I felt bad, but I could not get nething out.
Avatar n tn Singers put great strain on their vocal chords and throat. Do what the Opera singers do, and stop speaking or singing for a couple of days to give the throat time to heal and rest.
Avatar n tn But still have throat pain, and sore throat since more than 13 months. If u get any more info about throat pain and sore throat, from any once let me know Please.
Avatar m tn Hi, sorry - this is a bit of a long one: CURRENT SYMPTOMS Right now, I have lost my upper range and have to belt to get a note in that range. The lower range is shaky and weaker and I do not have very much ease in producing or holding a note. My speaking voice is weak as well and goes a little hoarse sometimes and when I say something with a higher pitch, I struggle a lot and can feel it is straining - the ability isn't really there anymore.
Avatar f tn swimming with head out of water mostly (i.e., cocked up) 4. extensive singing (mostly incorrectly - from throat as opposed to the correct method. Also, periodically when doing certain shoulder weight lifting, I feel a concentrated 'point' of sharp (not oppressive) pain in, approximately, the center of the upper rt quadrant of my back. Also, I feel extreme tightness throughout the entire back of my neck (I actually feel something like 1/2-3/4 inch twisted wire.
Avatar f tn I used to sing alot as a child but after puberty I stopped due to an aching pain below the chin on each side of the middle throat. It worsens after talking and has been there every day for the past 7 years. Some days I try to avoid talking and singing due to the discomfort. It has nothing to do with swallowing. It just always is a dull ache. I've had a camera down my throat to look and there was nothing abnormal. I had my thyroid checked a month ago and was normal.
Avatar n tn Other symptoms include increased pain after singing (I take voice lessons and am in a choir so I sing a lot) as well as increased pain after sneezing, and coughing. Also a sore throat and a scratchy voice, I can't walk in a straight line, my friends get mad when I'm walking next to them because I keep bumping into them. I have just general mental fogginess. Is it possible Chiari could've been missed on an MRI, I can attach a picture of my MRI if needed.
Avatar n tn The singing will most likely come back .. check out Choirgirl's posts ... last I hear she is SINGING AGAIN very well and she was so hoarse after surgery! Not sure on the lump; but ice is a good idea when it appears .... they do alot of internal things inside during surgery and takes 6-8 weeks for stitches to fully disappear inside where we cannot see them. do ask your Dr.
Avatar n tn I have reflux although I take medicine which generally controls it. A few weeks ago, the reflux was really bad throughout the night and I woke up with a serious taste of blood in my mouth. So I spit and blood was in it. I talked to my gastro and didn't think anything else of it. I sing in my church choir and have done so for the past 14 years. Yesterday while in service I noticed the blood taste in my throat again. This accompanied feelings of strain while singing.
1028452 tn?1537448484 I am sure singing this song from your heart will improve your spiritual connection to your son
Avatar m tn So ever since this summer, my singing voice has drastically been reduced from its former range and tone. I can't hit the same notes, my voice distorts when trying to hit certain notes that I used to be able to, and I don't have as desirable tone that I used to have. When I sing now, my nose feels congested, like nasal singing, affecting my voice. I'd love to hear any proposed explanations for this phenomenon and also, more importantly, any possible solutions.
Avatar m tn The sore throat could be infectious ( viral or bacterial) in nature, or also caused by acid reflux and not from the dirty object. If the sore throat persists, further evaluation and diagnostic tests like blood test or throat swab may be done. Treatment will depend on the underlying cause. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar m tn I just finished one yesterday and today the front left muscles of my neck are sore (no singing on these gigs, just talking - but a lot of it) and next week I have to do 7 shows over the course of the week. I'm not quite sure how I'm going to manage it. Thought I'd throw all this out there and see if ANYONE has any ideas. Again, I FEEL fine except for the loss of vocal range and endurance. Thanks for reading my novel.
Avatar n tn t cause a fever and sore throat. You probably have a fever from the sore throat and it should pass within a few days. It's not HIV, so try to stop worrying about this because fear feeds anxiety, and you don't want to make your anxiety worse. Take care...
Avatar m tn I too suffer from this problem, have done since childhood. Now in my sixties I still suffer from the problem,that is if I FORGET! You will say 'Forget what?
1891853 tn?1344648442 Im starting to get a sore throat, im almost 9 weeks pregnant. Anything I can take to help, or prevent it from getting worse? cough drops maybe?
Avatar f tn Hi, yes you can take halls, but this provides only temporary relief from the throat irritation. The sore throat could be due to an infection, most probably streptococcal or a viral infection. Strep sore throat needs to be treated with an antibiotic as strep is a bacteria. Viral sore throat is best treated with rest, warm oral fluids and (OTC) Tylenol (acetaminophen) or ibuprofen for pain.
Avatar m tn It appears in the alternate days, one day after the other. I had a sore throat for the first time in the recent times on 13th of last month and it was there for 4-5 days and it cured without any treatment. Now it again started appearing from 26th of last month. It is not continuous appears usually during the afternoon hours. But today i had it right from 11 in the morning. I've not consulted a doctor yet. Is there any thing serious in my concern?
Avatar f tn All of that but also an antihistamine would be good many times our sore throat is from mucus running from oyr sinuses down our throat. Dr.
800724 tn?1254440318 m not sure if im right but i feel like i remember someone saying that sometimes people with chiari have a change in the tone of there voice or like there singing voice and recently i noticed that my singing voice and talking voice had kind of changed...i dont know what this is lol but does anyone know what I mean?
Avatar f tn possibly just from being ruff..a std wont show in just one the fact that it will show in that SAME day isnt likely AT am no expert but ive heard it enough to tell you that symptoms wont show in just one day..of course it wont hurt to get checked just to be on the safe side :) im really not sure about the red sure it could be from being rough..but i know that thee sore throat can occur from ruff oral sex.
938921 tn?1257296256 A six week hiv test is 99.9% right, sounds negative to me. I think you just have a normal sore throat. Could be from strees too, so don't worry about it. You are ok. Talk to your doctor if you need to but I think your test proves you are fine. And ALWAYS use condoms in the future.