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Avatar n tn yea, well Im here because my boyfriend gave me oral and he's been having a sore throat ever since. It seems to be getting worst. I feel like its my fault somehow. at first his throa t just felt scratchy and now he has a swollen lymph-note. ummm could I have given him something. Is there something wrong with my vaginal fluids? I feel so bad for him. please help.
Avatar f tn My boyfriend seems to get a sore throat after every time he performs oral sex. We've both been to the doctor in recent months and have tested negative to all STDs. I do not have a yeast, bacterial or any other infections at this time. At first, it seemed like just a coincidence. But after every single time of performing oral sex on me- he comes down with a soar throat, chills, fever and he can't seem to shake it for 3-4 days.
Avatar m tn Hi, After giving oral to girlfriend for the first time, I came up with a sore throat the following day. I know this isn't STD related since we both were tested and both negative. I went to my PCP who said it was a sinus infection but this sore throat happened the day after oral so I think it's from that. He insists it's not & gave me some medicine for the sinus infection. I have been taking the medicine (Flonase) for a month now but still have a sore throat on and off.
Avatar f tn sister had been sick with a cold/flu for the past few weeks but they didnt have any symptoms of a sore throat but the next morning my little brother and I both had a sore throat. My brother's kind of went away but mines is really bothering me...I took some medicine like Nyqill & Dayqill but it only has worked a little bit. I just want to know if you can get symptoms of an STI in the same day that you perform oral sex?
Avatar f tn Is it true that a sore throat within 24 hours after oral sex can be considered a coincidence because it takes gonorrhea 3-10 days to develop in the throat? If that is true then what would my sore throat be? I performed oral sex one night around 12AM or so and then about 24 hours later I had a swollen throat. It doesn't hurt too bad and it goes away if I drink hot tea with honey or eat something by the end of the day it's as if it were never there but then the next morning its back.
Avatar n tn Of course they are going to get a sore throat after an intimate contact such as oral sex. Especially during these times where flu virus and the common cold bacterias are going around. Also just because they have sore throats, and you were their receptive partner of fellactio does NOT mean you are their source of infection (STD or non-STD infection).
Avatar f tn I am wondering if I should be concerned about a sore throat after giving oral sex. It showed up 3 days after I have given oral sex. My partner reassured me that he is clean. Right now, my tonsils are swollen and have white spots on it while my inner left cheek is a little swollen, red, and has a small white spot on it. I am going to the Doctor very soon, but I still would like someones opinion on these symptoms. My question is "Is my sore throat a sign of any STD?
Avatar n tn Today (second day) I dont have fever and sore throat is going away... I was reading that semen can burn and give you a slight sore throat.. so I want to know if what I got is normal... or is it possible that I have some kind of allergy from his semen? If so, would it also cause any problems for us in the future (pregnancy)? I'll appreciate any feed back...