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Avatar m tn Hi, infections in the mouth or throat can cause an inflammation of the uvula. This should subside as the infection resolves. If the swelling persists or if the uvula is long, it may need surgical correction. Please consult your primary care physician for further evaluation. Regards.
1712590 tn?1352396372 My uvula swells and I get bumps on back of throat and redness. What can cause this? I am afraid one day I won't be able to breathe. I take Benadryl or diphehydramine when mine swells because that is what the ER pumped through me when my uvula swelled the first time. I am still having it swell 5 times in 3 years. This last time was not a allergic reaction to meds.
Avatar f tn I still have issues with water going up my nose when I swallow. Also, I still have problems swallowing some foods; it gets stuck in my throat. What in the world is going on?
Avatar m tn I had an outpatient gyn procedure done 4 days ago with post procedure mouth, uvula, and throat soreness. By the evening, my uvula was so long and red, it was gagging me. The area of the throat directly behind the uvula and the right tonsillar pillar was red and sore. Slowly, over the past few days, the uvula has shortened, but still rests on my tongue. The lower third of it is now grayish-white.
312330 tn?1245180352 the problem I'm having since then has been with my throat....somehow during the intubation my uvula took a hit and is quite swollen and bruised at the typical is this? and about how long does it take to heal? It's not having an adverse effect on my breathing....but it does cause a gagging sensation and makes swallowing/eating difficult.
Avatar f tn Hello, my sister has a lump in her throat next to her uvula and I am nervous. It's to the right side and is probably the size of a dime. It looks like it's about the same color as her throat but isn't raised much. It has a black dot on it, like it's a blood vessel or something like that. I'm wicked nervous and can't get her into the doctors for the next few days. Can someone help?
195647 tn?1198854134 I used to have sore throats constantly and a few weeks ago had patches on my tonsils which went away with anitbiotics. Well my husband has had a sore throat for 2 weeks now. Today my throat became very sore, I looked at it.. It is very red, with a blister on my uvula i have about 6 or 7 small white dots around my tonsils and in my throat and a few red spots. I am a very paranoid person. I have never had white spots around my tonsils, always on them. Now I have none on my tonsils but near them.
Avatar m tn To give a quick background I am 21 years old, quit smoking cigarettes a few days ago after about 2 1/2 years of a pack a day, quit smoking marijuana 3 weeks ago after about 2 years of smoking every day, and my girlfriend who I have been sexually active with for years was treated for genital warts over the summer due to HPV 16. My tonsils and uvula have been swollen since August and in early October I ended up in the emergency room because my neck began to swell up.
Avatar n tn I am also having problems with my throat and have lumps on my uvula as well as pain further back and feeling of having a swollen tongue. I was wondering if anyone ever got a definate diagnosis? I too suffer from anxiety which I am doing something about and am four weeks into CBT to tackle my health anxiety problem. Ive got myself convinced that Ive got the start of throat cancer and the ongoing lumpy feeling when I swallow doesnt help to alleviate my fears.
Avatar n tn The "dangling thing" in your throat is called a uvula. I suggest that you get evaluated for sleep apnea, and you could also try some benadryl at bedtime if you think it's from allergies. You should consider trying to lose some of that extra weight as well, as being overweight increases your risk of sleep apnea in addition to other weight related problems. Many health plans offer weight loss programs, and nutritionist consultations.
Avatar m tn The problem is that when I search for symptoms everywhere says that sore throat goes along with that symptom. I do not have a sore throat. It has gotten bad enough now that my throat feels closed off and when you look inside my mouth you can clearly see there is not much space between tonsils and my uvula is rubbing one of them.THe tonsils appear to be slighty red but other than that they do not appear to have spots or white anything on them.
Avatar f tn I, an older person, have been told by a Pulmonary doctor that I have some minor blockage in the throat, I don't recall the uvula being mentioned. He said it is due in part to age and to my weight which is about 25 pounds over, and I'm over 6' 5" so that is not a lot of weight, still it may be the cause of what has been diagnosed as mild sleep apnea. I can not make any judgement about my throat including my uvula by looking at my throat in the mirror.
Avatar f tn For 6 months now my throat has been yellow, with very red, inflammation on either side of my uvula. My larynx is strained, and I can't rid myself of a white coating on my tongue, no matter how often I clean it. I also have asymmetrical lesions inside my cheek which were successfully treated on a temporary basis by an oral suspension, but soon reappeared. The conditions are growing worse and are very very worrisome. I would very much appreciate any help.
Avatar f tn I dont know what to do.. My doctor seems a little enthusiastic to cut my uvula. It does cause me problems, but reading the post on the surgery, I am not sure weather to get a second opinion, or go with it? It seems like he's eager to cut whatever to make some money as long as insurance will pay. If insurance will pay for it, do I have it cut or not?
Avatar n tn Also went back to the doc yesterday, the Augmentin had not helped at all as of Tuesday and my uvula and throat were actually beginning to swell up. For some reason they absolutely will not give me a shot (I've always gotten a shot before and it usually cures it right up). They gave me prednisone for the swelling and some sample pain pills called Levacet. The pain pills are awesome but I just want the strep to go away, and it feels like its taking forever.
Avatar n tn The hanging flesh at the back of the throat is called the uvula. The problems you describe make no sense to me at all. I think you will need to show them to a doctor or dentist. Best. Dr.
Avatar n tn She had huge tonsils. Her throat would swell until the uvula was hanging down on her tongue. The problem got worse. About a year and a half ago we had the tonsils removed. We thought the problem was over. The problem seemed to start after school started again. Her upper throat swells, sometimes worse than others. Even when her throat is not swollen she has low oxygen level. The general dr. continued to say it was a virus.
Avatar n tn I have a big white spot in the back of my throat in front of the uvula and a small white spot on one of my tonsils. Very sore throat, swollen lymph nodes, no fever, no runny nose at least presently, some sneezing. I have had about a dozen of these episodes in my life. It's always the same thing the strep test is either negative or inconclusive but I get prescribed antibiotics and the spots clear up in a day or two and everything is fine. I'm 38 and have had throat and ear problems forever.
Avatar f tn I have had a sometimes severe sore throat for over a month. Had a scope put down my throat and the doctor says everything is growths, nodules, infection, etc. He suggested that maybe I had a virus and to come back in 6 weeks if the pain was still there and then he would repeat the procedure to see if there was a change. The pain does lessen sometimes but then comes back with a vengence. Mostly it is on the right side and, of course, the ears are also involved.
Avatar n tn She took CT scan to hospital for further analysis and determined I had a throat cyst. Went to her recommended ENT and he performed surgery and removed small throat cyst and viral wart. Still feeling persists. I had an MRI but results aren't back yet. Gastro doctor will do an duodenoscopy this Tuesday to rule out reflux and I am having my uvula shortened because right now it looks like it is touching the back of my throat.
Avatar n tn After a year and a half of horrible throat pain and problems, and doctors performing unnecessary procedures on me (taking out my tonsils, radiating out my ENTIRE thyroid, getting rid of my uvula, scheduling fundoplication surgery for GERD, and almost getting sinus surgery on my nose) I found my savior of a doctor who took me seriously, and was able to correctly identify what was wrong: Vagus nerve dysfunction AND reflux.
Avatar n tn I have been having problems in my throat for past 2-3 weeks, I have burning pain in my throat which radiates to my left ear. Also when I swallow I feel pain in my back between shoulders. I've been taking Ibuprofen 200 mg q 4 hours. I had a Barium Swallow test done, everything is normal. I checked with a ENT doctor who performed Partially Thyroidectomy in August. Last week I had been checked again they told me I have TMJ. I have been taking Zegerid from stomach upset.
Avatar n tn Doctors can be completely clueless and make you feel like nobody understands or believes you.
Avatar m tn In the past 4 days, I have noticed that my Uvula feels like its in an awkward spot. Seeing 'subtle floaters' for past 3 weeks. After a week of headache, went to GP at a local Urgent Care clinic, thought it was Chronic Tension-type headaches as I was not displaying neurological abnormalities. Said to follow-up with a Neurologist if problems persist. Couldn't schedule an appointment with any Neurologist until a few weeks out.
Avatar m tn So I recently engaged in oral sex with a guy. The day after my throat was a little sore. I assumed it was normal from performing the act. However 2 days later I woke up early because it hurt really bad for me to swallow. I do have problems with my sinuses and I have been having some nasal congestion. I am concerned it may be more than a simple sinus infection because when I looked at my mouth in the mirror, on the left and right sides of my uvula there are white spots leading into my throat.
Avatar n tn Doctors can be completely clueless and make you feel like nobody understands or believes you.
Avatar n tn Hi, I'm a 23 year old female and had my tonsils taken out when I was 17 because of abscesses on my tonsils and repeated tonsillitis. Up until this year I have had no problems with my throat but now every time I get a cold my uvula gets extremely swollen to the point where it is difficult to breathe. I got a cold about 3 weeks ago and now have what looks like white puss pockets on my uvula and it's very swollen, I had been put on two different types of antibiotics that are not helping.
Avatar m tn I went to the doctor and was told the back of my throat and uvula were inflamed and was given an assortment of treatments to fix that problem. Yet this past night I was still unable to go to sleep, but the gasping part of the problem appeared to be gone and my throat for the time being seems to be better. So is it a simple cycle of me not getting sleep that is leading to stress that in turn leads to more sleep problems?