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Avatar m tn Hi, infections in the mouth or throat can cause an inflammation of the uvula. This should subside as the infection resolves. If the swelling persists or if the uvula is long, it may need surgical correction. Please consult your primary care physician for further evaluation. Regards.
Avatar n tn She had huge tonsils. Her throat would swell until the uvula was hanging down on her tongue. The problem got worse. About a year and a half ago we had the tonsils removed. We thought the problem was over. The problem seemed to start after school started again. Her upper throat swells, sometimes worse than others. Even when her throat is not swollen she has low oxygen level. The general dr. continued to say it was a virus.
Avatar f tn You didn't say anything about your age, weight/build.. do you suffer from sleep apnea? How confident are you that you can tell (looking in a mirror?) if your uvula is swollen? I, an older person, have been told by a Pulmonary doctor that I have some minor blockage in the throat, I don't recall the uvula being mentioned.
Avatar f tn People living in arid climates or dry conditions often experience dehydration due to low water intake. This may also cause uvula swelling, as when the body has a dearth of water, the uvula is forced to soak in saliva. The condition is common among smokers, and those who work in highly polluted areas. Smoking and other pollutants or irritants dry up the uvula and cause itching, which causes the swelling.
Avatar n tn m a 23 year old female and had my tonsils taken out when I was 17 because of abscesses on my tonsils and repeated tonsillitis. Up until this year I have had no problems with my throat but now every time I get a cold my uvula gets extremely swollen to the point where it is difficult to breathe. I got a cold about 3 weeks ago and now have what looks like white puss pockets on my uvula and it's very swollen, I had been put on two different types of antibiotics that are not helping.
Avatar f tn Hi, any throat inflammations or infections can cause swelling of the uvula. Try warm salt water gargles. If it is causing problems with swallowing or if it progressively increasing in size, consult your doctor for therapy. Do not take any OTC medications. Take care. Regards.
Avatar f tn I still have issues with water going up my nose when I swallow. Also, I still have problems swallowing some foods; it gets stuck in my throat. What in the world is going on?
1712590 tn?1352392772 My uvula swells and I get bumps on back of throat and redness. What can cause this? I am afraid one day I won't be able to breathe. I take Benadryl or diphehydramine when mine swells because that is what the ER pumped through me when my uvula swelled the first time. I am still having it swell 5 times in 3 years. This last time was not a allergic reaction to meds.
Avatar f tn I have bumps in my throat behind my uvula, my uvula seems a little red as does the palate around it. Both sides of my throat by the uvula are swollen and I don't know if my tonsils are swollen or not but it looks as if so. There is a bit of white patches on both sides of throat by uvula. Also my tongue is always dry! I don't know exactly what's wrong. Anyone have any idea?
Avatar n tn I just turned 19 years old and i have been dipping smokless tobacco for about 2 years now. I have about 2 or 3 pinches a day. I have never had any problems with my teeth or gums but just a day ago i realized that i had 2 very tiny flesh colored "bumps" in the back of my upper mouth near the uvula or w.e. its called. I have had a summer cold for a few weeks now and was wondering if that might have caused it or if it could be an early sign of throat cancer.
Avatar n tn my uvula is enlarged and touching my tounge? what could this be?
Avatar n tn Also went back to the doc yesterday, the Augmentin had not helped at all as of Tuesday and my uvula and throat were actually beginning to swell up. For some reason they absolutely will not give me a shot (I've always gotten a shot before and it usually cures it right up). They gave me prednisone for the swelling and some sample pain pills called Levacet. The pain pills are awesome but I just want the strep to go away, and it feels like its taking forever.
Avatar n tn Immediately after I noticed my throat was very sore (for obvious reasons). I shined a light into my throat and my uvula (dangly thing at the back of throat) was extremely red and had what looked like a cut or slice into it. I didn't think much of it and after a day or so the pain went away, as well as the cut. Here I am today, and for the last 3 to 4 days I have been having flu like symptoms...achy skin, always tired, and bad stomach pains and pretty severe diarrhea.
Avatar n tn He does have what appears to me to be an elongated uvula (drags the back of his tongue) but he says it feels like he has something in the back of his throat that needs coughed up. Nothing ever does come up and he has no nasal drip. I've looked at his throat and everything looks good. Nothing swollen. Could this just be from his uvula? Should I take him to an ENT? Our doctor just brushed it off last time I mentioned it.
Avatar n tn I'm not saying difficulty swallowing as in the uvula itself is blocking things, but my throat is. I've had difficulty swallowing for about 2 months. Did blood tests which were fine, x-ray that showed nothing and acid reflux meds that did nothing. Other symptoms are that I felt something in my throat sometimes, which I've now found out was the uvula, and ear pain sometimes. I'm going to an ENT for an endoscopy or barium swallow in 2 weeks.
Avatar f tn I went to the hospital immediately they told me I had uvulitis gave me prednisone and told me to take benadryl. I did the whole 5 days of prednisone the sore throat went away and the uvula went down a bit. Then around the middle of June I noticed it felt like something was stuck in my throat I looked and my tonsils seemed to be really swollen but no pain. At that time I had no health insurance so I couldn't get to the doctor. I gargled with salt water and the swelling went down some.
Avatar f tn I woke up this am with a sore throat. Felt like something in back of my throat. The roof of my mouth is white, and the uvula is swollen and almost touching the back of my tongue. I feel like I should keep swallowing. Never happened before. No new foods, meds, etc.
Avatar n tn Okay. So I have been having throat problems lately, and the other day I was able to touch my epiglottis deep in my throat. Today, as I looked in the mirror with a flashlight pointed in my throat, I could see my epiglottis clearly visible. I was not sticking my tongue out. I've been having some breathing problems lately, and I know a lot of it is anxiety related, but I would like to know if my visible epiglottis could be serious. I am 15 years old. Please help.
Avatar f tn On August 24th I woke up feeling like there was a lump in my throat. It gets to be varying intensities but I pretty much always feel like somethings in there since then. I have had an on/off sore throat sometimes kinda severe. I sometimes cough dry and it seems theres no reason why. Last couple days I have been going hoarse on/off and once had blood in my mucus/boogers. This feels different then anything else I have encountered. I went to a dr and they said my throats no red or swollen.
Avatar m tn The problem is that when I search for symptoms everywhere says that sore throat goes along with that symptom. I do not have a sore throat. It has gotten bad enough now that my throat feels closed off and when you look inside my mouth you can clearly see there is not much space between tonsils and my uvula is rubbing one of them.THe tonsils appear to be slighty red but other than that they do not appear to have spots or white anything on them.
Avatar f tn However through the night last night I could feel my throat getting worse and worse and then thismorning I had really difficulty in talking and even just swallowing a drink. I felt like my throat was closing up and I could feel my uvula sitting on my tongue. And after looking in the mirror I could clearly see that my uvula was very red and swollen. And the rest of my throat very red too. I havent noticed any white spots on the back of my throat.
Avatar f tn i have a visible growth on my throat just after my uvula it's the same color as the uvula i took a video of it using my phone . I am 20 years old male never smoked or drink but i always had a problem with constantly clearing my throat when in a dusty place my throat from when i was a child check out the video
Avatar f tn They were just slightly irritating, so i was looking at them in the mirror and i noticed that the back of my throat is pretty red and it looks like there are small bumps. Also it looks like my uvula is discolored (an almost yellowish spot). my throat doesnt really hurt at all just a slight irritation. I fear it may get worse. Anyone have any ideas of the cause?
Avatar n tn Why is my uvula swollen and longer than usual this morning?
Avatar m tn Hi, I came down with a very severe strep throat about 7 1/2 - 8 months ago in March, and I developed cryptic tonsils from the infection. Today, the back of my throat (beyond my tonsils) still looks very infected and my uvula also appears to be very red and infected looking as well. The soft palate part of the back of the roof of my mouth close to the uvula also feels strange when I feel it with my tongue.
Avatar f tn t have tonsils , but I also noticed that I have a small bump on my uvula and sometimes the uvula drops and makes me gag.I have had acid reflux in the past but have it pretty well under control with change of eating habits, although once in a while it will act up.I also have a chronic sore throat.