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Avatar n tn I know strep and allergies are definitely two different things, but it could be that if he has an allergy issue, his nasal passages and throat get irritated from that and then an infection occurs - the strep throat. This past winter I, myself, got strep throat twice and pneumonia once - the first bout of strep actually landed me in the hospital for 4 days.
Avatar f tn One of my bosses at work had strep throat..she was out but came back early because she was bored at home...I go home later that day, and by that night, i'm burning day, my temp reaches 103.7..i have a migraine, body aches, nausea, huge lumps in my throat that make it hard to talk and boyfriend gets the same symptoms the same day...he waits a day to go to the doctor...he comes back and they're treating him for strep throat...
Avatar n tn About nine days into it, I asked my boss/family doctor to do a throat swab. She looked at my throat, did a swab and did a rapid strep test at my request. It came out positive. I had immense problems with swallowing due to pain and after three antibiotics did not help, she sent me to an ENT, who put me on Clindamycin 300 mg qid with food. That helped but we never followed up to make the infection cleared. About two weeks ago, I started having similar symptoms again.
Avatar m tn Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen didn't do much to relieve the pain. The rapid strep test said I did not have strep throat, but after looking at my throat a few times the doctor believed the test was wrong and gave me Augmentin. So after 2-3 days the symptoms gradually got better and life resumed. I finished taking the antibiotic on Wednesday (the 16th). Yesterday (Saturday) I started to feel sick again. I slept most of the day with a fever and my throat is sore.
Avatar f tn When using antibiotics, you can get fungal problems in the mouth and throat and in the genitals, and again this would be confirmed by a swab. Sometimes the doctor can identify a fungal problem in the mouth by looking at your tongue and throat. Fungal problems in the mouth are treated with antifungal gels for oral use like Dartarin. Eating natural yogurt will also help. Make sure that you drink plenty of fluids and warm drinks, use pain relief medication as prescribed to relieve any pain.
Avatar f tn So me and my mom went to the doctors, they said I had a strep throat and gave me penicillin for that, but after a day my right ear started to hurt so much I couldn't sleep. It felt like I could hear my own heartbeat through it, but was really loud. A sharp pain would also go through my jaw and it felt like someone was pinching the inside of my ear. The doctors told me to get Tylenol 1 for it but that didn't work either, I'm only 15 years old does anyone know how to help me?
Avatar n tn My grandson,8, was diagnosed last week with strep throat. He has a throat culture done for that diagnosis, and he also had a fever and body rash on his chest, stomach and pelvic area on the front of his body only. He now has peeling hands - the skin started peeling at one nail bed and has spread to both hands. It seems to start as air-filled areas under the skin that are thick dead skin that break open on their own and peel.
Avatar f tn It could be strep throat or possibly an abscess. If you go to a neighborhood clinic they usually have a sliding fee of some type so how much you pay is based on your income. Also depending on where you live they have clinic type offices at some Target stores and CVS pharmacies. To help alleviate the pain you can take acetaminophen or ibuprofen and gargle with warm salt water.
999780 tn?1263675571 My son has had strep throat 6 times this year.He has had it 4 times since July 9th.He was put on 10 days of antibiotics and then he went back for another test.It was positive.He then was on another 10 days of omnicef as they said that maybe it wasnt enough for him so in total he had 20 days of omnicef.He then went back again after 10 days and tested positive again.He was then given clindamyacin for another 10 days and came back after that and tested positive again.
Avatar n tn However, I have recently had a bad bout with strep throat with about a month of fatigue preceding the infection. I attributed the fatigue to moving and starting a new job, but in the back of my mind, I wondered a little about my valve. Now with this strep infection, I wonder if there is reason to see my cardiologist before my next scheduled check-up (in March or April), or if I should just not worry about it. I am on antibiotics, and am feeling better. The Dr.
335728 tn?1331418012 I had my third and final Steroid Treatment yesterday afternoon and I just discovered after waking with a sore throat this afternoon that my right side of my throat has 4 white "lesions" on it and it feels like I am swallowing bubblegum! Could this be related to the treatment and is there anything I should do? I have had strep in the past but don't remember how serious it is or if it could be more serious due to the steroid treatment?
Avatar n tn with Sinus/allergy problems. He tested me for strep, it was positive, and gave me med for the strep throat. The conditions have gotten worse and now my ear has started to hurt. While blowing my nose i got a real sharp pain in my right ear and now a little brownish disharge is comming out of my ear and it is continuing to hurt. it feels like there is water or some sort of liquid in it and all noises are muffled and there is a mild pain in my ear.
1108194 tn?1378428122 I've never been diagnosed with strep without being swabbed. When I was 17 I got strep throat 7 times over the year because the antibiotic they put me on didn't fully kill it so I'd just get it back again about a month later.
Avatar f tn The only time I have ever experienced anything similar to this was when I would get strep throat as a child. I used to get it once a year, sometimes twice. I have not had strep since grade school. But the location and type of sores is almost the same. My ENT said he didn't believe it to be related in any way to the face pain. He said the only thing he could think of would be that I am dehydrated and it is a clogged saliva gland.
Avatar m tn Usually, Strep. viridans is normal oral, and skin flora (bacteria) and doesn't cause problems unless you have it in a sterile body site such as blood, body fluids (joint fluid ) etc. The strep group B can be found as a sore throat or a normal vaginal flora (except when you are pregnant it can cause problems for the baby) and sterile body sites or wounds. Strep group B may or may not cause a sore throat. If it does it isn't serious but sometimes they treat you for it because of the pain.
Avatar n tn I did just get over being sick with a head cold and possible strep throat. The Dr. put me on Cephalexin for the sore throat and it's been a week now on the meds and although my sore throat is gone I still get that lump feeling. I feel no lumps on the outside of my neck and eating/drinking/taking meds is not affected. Voice is fine too.
Avatar n tn Hi, I'm female, 56 years living in the UK.. It's now 2 years last month since my problems started and I'm no nearer a solution. I have recurring pain in my neck & throat, constant thudding in one ear and when I get a bout of this I feel extremely fatigued and fuzzy headed. I find I have to concentrate much harder on things.
Avatar n tn It is now Saturday, my daughter was diagnosed with strep throat Wednesday night and started amoxicillin in the urgent care, Friday afternoon she broke out in a itchy rash...mostly on her torso but some on her legs, neck, and arms. She has been on amoxicillin several times before from ear infections when she was little. The only difference with that is it is no longer pink (the amoxicillin).
Avatar n tn Sometimes is is a tightness that my doctors have told me accompanies anxiety and at other times it feels sore or like there is mucus in the back of my throat. I've also seen an ear, nose and throat doctor who told me that my airway, sinuses and throat appear to be fine. Could the sensation I feel still be related to anxiety?
Avatar n tn I am a 21 year old male. I have been diagnosed with strep throat two weeks ago after rapid test. Symptoms were mild no fever and I had mostly stomach problems rather then throat but a huge swollen node under my jaw which hasn't gone away. I was taken z pack antibiotics for 5 days but still felt sick. So I was given clindamycin which worked I felt better after two days.
Avatar n tn In these past years, other than palpitations(which I am so used to, that I hardly notice them anymore)I have had very little awareness of my MVP. A few months back ,though, I had strep throat and felt very fatiqued,and dizzy,ever since.I can become out of breath very easily. I am running a constant low grade fever 99.5 to 100.2.My blood pressure has been lower than normal on more than one occasion also.Blood test and urinalysis came out ok.
Avatar m tn The problem with an untreated strep throat is that it can lead to kidney problems called strep nephritis which can permanently damage the kidneys. Also, it can lead to rheumatic fever which can affect the heart valves. And it can also cause severe joint pain to the point where walking becomes difficult, fingers become swollen. My son had strep nephritis and I had the rheumatic fever and joint pain.
Avatar m tn Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen didn't do much to relieve the pain. The rapid strep test said I did not have strep throat, but after looking at my throat a few times the doctor believed the test was wrong and gave me Augmentin. So after 2-3 days the symptoms gradually got better and life resumed. I finished taking the antibiotic on Wednesday (the 16th). Yesterday (Saturday) I started to feel sick again. I slept most of the day with a fever and my throat is sore.
Avatar n tn My question is if 1. if the test result shows strep throat but I have no symptoms and no sore throat any longer, do I still need to take the antibiotics? 2. if the test result shows something viral or bacterial or fungal (but as I say, the red dots have almost completely disappeared), do I still need to take the antibiotics? Can such an infection get healed in any other way? Please help. Thank you.
154927 tn?1205246451 I tried the throat spray too, but for me, it only worked for a very short time. Last night I tried Cepacol throat lozenges and they numb the throat & last almost 1/2 an hour. Kept them by the bed. Maybe I should just start sleeping out in the hot tub!!! NY..damn we are just turning into prunes!!! I Can't stand the dryness. time to go do some painting! Later!
Avatar f tn Our pediatriacian thought maybe the joint pain may have been caused by strep throat. So we had a strep culture, and there were still antibodies in his throat (Assuming because he had strep throat weeks before that was undetected). The culture was positive, however our son had only had 1 day of sore throat with a short fever 4 weeks prior to this throat culture. The doctor then wanted our 3 yr old to give blood to look or Rheumatoid factor and Titre tests, so we did that today.
Avatar n tn My friend's family of 5 had recurring strep throat last year. They passed it back and forth between them, and it was months before they figured out what was causing the re-infections. It turned out to be the toothpaste that they all shared! Touching the tube to their toothbrushes passed the germs on.
Avatar m tn The bacteria make little crevices where they can not be reached and burn ur throat. Hurts worse than strep. Snort a little of that tub water and then do the same with faucet water. Burns a little but goes away right then .