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Avatar n tn On my right side of my neck it feels like there is a little lump but i been having that for a few years. Do you think that small lump on my right side of the neck could be causing me to have difficultly swallowing. I have also notice that there would be like a small red bump in the back of my throat but it would come and go. Do you know what that could be.
Avatar f tn Hi! I'v been having a lot of pain in my throat recently and a sensation that a hair or lump is stuck in my throat ,it comes and goes and i'v been finding it hard to swallow this has been happening for about 4 days now. I'm 16 years old and currently doing a lot of work for exams and also at uni part time i'b been to the doctor a while back and he said that i'm such a big worrier and nothing is probably wrong with me, has anyone got any opinions on this?
Avatar n tn I am 50 yrs old and also just become menopausal. When i was 18 yrs old I often complained about a lump in my throat. I had a thing put down my throat but was told there was nothing there. Over the years I complained about this lump especially when exercising and lifting weights. Was told it was a stress lump. 3 months ago I went onto Livial and after being on it for 8 weeks I suddenly put on weight at the rate of a pound a day. Stopped taking Livial just over a week ago.
Avatar n tn In January I choked on some food and from that moment on I have had continued problems with daily heartburn (pain in chest and between shoulder blades at times), burning in the back of my throat, lump in throat, and generally feeling like I had something small (the size of a piece of rice) stuck in my throat. An xray was taken of my throat (normal) and a barium swallow was done. The diagnosis was esophagitis and I was told to take OTC Prilosec daily.
Avatar n tn Hello, Wondering if anyone can advise me here, since the beginning of Oct last year I have been feeling under the westher right up to now. I was feeling totally fine one day then woke up the next day feeling 'off', I had slight headaches, dizzyness and my head felt hot. The problems have always been slight and never major but they just keep reoccuring on off on off.
Avatar n tn Hi, I just had a question to see if anyone has experienced this type of issue before. As of a few weeks now, I've noticed what I believe to be a lump feeling inside my throat maybe about 1/3 of the way down. It seems to be there then seems like it goes away. Seems like lately I'm always swallowing a lot or trying to clear what I think is just mucus from there. I did just get over being sick with a head cold and possible strep throat. The Dr.
Avatar n tn Ultra sound shoed fatty liver and endoscopy showed inflamed stomach and the cardiac sphincter not functioning properly. Also have a lump in my throat sensation continually.
Avatar n tn my baby 10 months feel lump in his throat uneasy while sleeping due to blockage what to do
Avatar f tn I went thorough a similar problem 9 years ago with the lump in the throat and anxiety. I also had a stricture in my Esophagus just 3 years ago that had to be stretched and for me,there was a definite difference between the two and how they felt. With the stricture, I was having bad Acid reflux, to the point that it caused the Esophagus to scar up and it actually was narrowing. When I would eat or drink, it felt like the food just moved so slowly down my throat, especially cold drinks.
Avatar m tn along with electric shock type pains in arms, stomach, thighs and sometimes tongue...also sometimes it feels like a I have lump in my throat .also headache, lower back pain and stiff neck. also muscle twitching everywhere..these symptoms have been daily to this day. I have never had any of these types of sytems in my life. My General Doc seem to think it might be a result of questin is, Do these symptoms sound like some type of nerve problem?
Avatar n tn Every time I take a drink, or swallow anything I feel as though there is a slight lump in my throat and it feels as though my body is trying to force air up. It's slightly painful but, mostly annoying. It's sort of a constant 'choked up' feeling. What could this be? and what can I do to resolve the problem?
Avatar n tn I feel a tightness in my neck and throat, almost as though my throat is swollen. There is a lump there all the time. So far all my test results have been normal and they can`t find my problem. The only medication I`m on now is Ziac for blood pressure. I have been on this about 2 years and I`m wondering if it could be the cause of all my problems? Please could you give me any information that could help me find an answer I would really appreciate any help. Thank You, Bob P.S.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know anything about the anxiety related lump in the throat? Does it go away? How do I treat it.
Avatar n tn For 5 months now, I have had a constant sore throat on my right side. Initially it started on the right side then switched to the left side then back to the right side. Along with that, I had involuntary breaks in my voice when speaking. It wasn't alot, but more than what I've ever experienced. That was early on. I thought it was just an infection,went to the doc,was given antibiotics. It didn't work. Was given antibiotics again, still not better.
Avatar n tn Magnesium deficiency symptoms include throat problems (such as problems swallowing, tightness in throat, lump in throat or gagging), dizziness, tinnitus. Increase magnesium in the diet or supplement. Do not take magnesium supplements if you have kidney or heart problems.
Avatar n tn You should see your doc and be evaluated for acid reflux or other problems. Even if you're not having distinct symptoms of acid problems, many with GERD experience the feeling of a lump in the throat called globus. You don't have to have overt symptoms for GERD to be present. Get it checked out.
Avatar f tn Hello, my sister has a lump in her throat next to her uvula and I am nervous. It's to the right side and is probably the size of a dime. It looks like it's about the same color as her throat but isn't raised much. It has a black dot on it, like it's a blood vessel or something like that. I'm wicked nervous and can't get her into the doctors for the next few days. Can someone help?
Avatar n tn I deal with chronic throat problems and know the lump feeling well. What you are describing could be any number of things.