Throat problems in toddlers

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Avatar n tn My son (aged 2) has 3 enlarged nodes in his neck, one over 2inch long and pretruding, and one in his groin. He has seen the pedritician and they have said that 2 in his neck and 1 in his groin are all within the normal limits (although the one is larger than a grape?) the one that is longer than two inches she said was larger than normal but felt ok to her. They did a blood count (normal) and test for glandular fever and told me to not worry.
Avatar f tn All i know is you get these lil red bumps on u they can be on ur hands feet and in your mouth. I started out with a fever and a sore throat then started gettin the red bumps on my hands.
Avatar f tn What you've read, I think, is that most people get major depression or anxiety problems in their late teens or twenties. But some do get it at other ages. Childhood anxiety is considered to be different from adult anxiety, but again, if for you it's been the same all along with no break then that's you. But it sounds like your childhood anxieties did calm down. For some, anxiety is caused by trauma, but for others we can't find the reason.
Avatar n tn Although oral thrush can affect anyone, it occurs most often in babies and toddlers, older adults, and in people with compromised immune systems. Oral thrush is a minor problem for healthy children and adults, but for those with weakened immune systems, symptoms of oral thrush may be more severe, widespread and difficult to control. Signs and symptoms Oral thrush usually produces creamy white lesions on your tongue and inner cheeks and sometimes on the roof of your mouth, gums and tonsils.
Avatar f tn it looked like i had a sweet in my mouth but thismorning i woke up and the swelling has reached my left eye and my glad in my throat is also sore i have been told by family that it may well be an abcess. i know i have to vistit the dentist but with 2 toddlers and a partner in hospital its imposible to vistit, whats the longest time i can go untreated before it gets serious.
Avatar f tn ive noticed in my 27 month old this evening something like which you have described its like a small curled (at the sides) tongue in the back of her throat i saw it whilst she was screaming (happily) its worrying me a bit as well as she has started to cough a little bit over the past couple of days nothing major just and not all the time but on and off coughing dryly.
Avatar f tn I am just looking for some opinions. I have been doing lots of research in hopes of helping him in the interim year that we are waiting for an appt. and we do have another appt with the ped next week. I have also gotten him into a clinic that is funded by the Autism Alliance for an evaluation by them...although it will not be an official diagnosis it will help sort some things out, I hope. Thanks so much for reading and giving any input.
Avatar f tn I woke up today feeling sharp pain in my chest/lung area and up through my throat. I am having a lot of trouble breathing in and feel like its an infection somewhere but I can't pinpoint where because it hurts throughout my chest and into my throat. It doesn't hurt when I cough or when I'm in an upright sitting position but it hurts a lot when I lay down probably because of gravity. I also get very dizzy like when I went up the stairs I almost blacked out.
Avatar n tn My son, who is rarely ill, has all the sudden gotten fever, headache, severe stabbing pains in his head, sensitivity to light, dry throat, dizziness and nausea. I thought that he had been in the sun to long and have given him ibprophen and had him take a cool bath and given him ice water to drink. It assists the fever, but the stabbing pains remain, and are untouched by the pain meds. This of course just had to fall on the weekend.....
1214043 tn?1266316769 To make a VERY long story short, he would wake up in the middle of the night screaming in pain, he started to cry in the middle of something, then it would go away like nothing happened. It was either head hurting, knees or feet. It was hard to get a specific with a 2 year old. I kept bringing him to the dr's. I was told growing pains, too. I brought him to the ER at one point and he had a spinal tap and was admitted. But they couldn't find what was wrong.
Avatar f tn We have seen in the past few months a HUGE difference in the behaviors regarding temper and dealing with day to day problems. We have an 11 year old and also an 8 year old who did not have the problems our youngest has. I am wondering if there is a RELIABLE source for any behavior documentation on Meth & Cocaine addicted infants and toddlers. We are really wanting to help and right now we feel really lost.
Avatar m tn Please can you help my spouse has had discomfort in his throat ,swelling,and problems swollowing .he has had 2 courses from anti-biotics with no help pain persists,blood tests have been done showing no problems,he has been advised a cat scan is this the next step.
Avatar n tn dryness in throat, food particles coming back in throat, nasal congestion , throat congestion, some thing stuck in throat feeling, little burning in mouth, constant clearing of throat, swallowing difficulty, sore throat. consulting with doctors for many times , some doctors says that i m having gerd, and some says that i am having allergy. Hence taken medicine for allergy and gerd for a very long period. but not worth of any use. somebody please advice me what problem i have.
Avatar n tn I noticed my adams apple on the top part is sunk in and when i breath in it sounds like there might be a hole in my throat. My question is am I just expecting the worse or should i just quit smoking. I have smoked alot for about 7 months and i used to use drugs. Should I be worried that my throat might not ever heal?
Avatar n tn But before you consent to having your tonsils removed, you should see your doctor to be sure that the cough is originating in your throat and not in your lungs. Another reason to be examined is if there is any suggestion of tonsillar enlargement. It could be that, for any of a number of reasons, your tonsils and adenoids are producing more mucus, in which case they might have to be removed. But, again, before going that route, you should definitely get a second opinion. Good luck.
Avatar f tn ll be an angel. Granted, my little one has a very mild temperament compared to some other toddlers.