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Avatar f tn Having a fever with a flu is a way to fight it off. Same with a strep throat. The problem with strep throat is not the fever it is that the Strep. bacteria has a toxin that can cause heart problems and so forth if not treated. So that the fever and sore throat are ways the body shows there is a serious infection going. Also, a rash. So, I thought you would like the link below. https://www.sciencebasedmedicine.
Avatar n tn Dear Jennifer728: It is not possible for a girl to get breast cancer before there is breast tissue (or before puberty). Of course, it is possible for infants to get all kinds of other problems, including some types of cancer. Your pediatrician will be best equipped to help determine the source of the fevers and other symptoms.
Avatar f tn So I have had a really bad throat, tonsillitis and tonsil stones all the time since I got back from volunteering in a hospital in Africa. This morning I woke up with a really severe sore throat, hoarse voice and just generally feverish. This evening I asked someone to check the redness of my throat, and when she did, she noticed something she described as a "second tongue". I googled it (sorry) and images of epiglotitus came up that looked exactly like mine.
Avatar f tn Has anyone ever seen or heard of an infants throat inflating, just like a bull frog's, when he exhales? It is more pronounced when he is on his belly with neck extended. He doesn't appear to be in respitory distress. Yes, this happens all of the time.
Avatar f tn I feel Gerd and milk allergy are grossly overdiagnosed in infants. Lactose overload has been diagnosed in breast-fed infants now - and I believe it is also found in babies.
385668 tn?1301793880 ve not heard of it happening in adults, but I know that it does happen in infants. They can have sudden severe instances of bradycardia due to feeding and acid reflux. I think most docs would say it couldn't happen, but?
Avatar n tn Second questions, Why Lupron, was and is there nothing else that could have been used that was safer and had been used in infants, we began injections in 1994 and stopped in 1999.
Avatar f tn My friend told me the mass of tiny blisters that I thought was just a deveation of the cold sores I get after a highly stressful episode looked like empetigo. It is spreading up my nose and upper lip and further down my chin and on my neck today. Now I feel bumps on the roof of my mouth. Could this be the same thing? I've had a sore throat for 3 weeks and thought it was allergies. I also ate 2 mangos within the last week. Never eaten them before.
Avatar f tn My child has been in the hospital with pain in her back. Strep b was growing in her throat culture while this occurred. It is growing again. What could be wrong with her?
1361044 tn?1277598308 Honestly, in my opinion, babies are so wrapped up in this new world, all the new things going in for them, that a little cold (virus) hardly slows them down. it could be your baby is behind because she doesn't feel well all the time, and THAT is holding her back. Maybe not, but in either case I would push for them to figure it out. Chalking it all down to a virus is a lazy, sorry excuse. My point is, YOU DO know your child more than anyone.
Avatar n tn if your baby has an innocent murmur, then there really isn't anything to be concerned about. has she/he been seen by a pediatric cardiologist. my now 4 year old ahd a grade 6/6 murmur. meaning that they grade the murmur by loudness. I could put my eat on his chest and it sounded like a washing machine. he had a huge hole in his heart, it needed to be suergically coreected at age 3 months. he nows has a grade 1-2/6 murmur(very soft/quiet.
Avatar f tn It can cause them to not be able to latch onto the breast or bottle, their tongues cannot lift from the bottom of their mouths far enough to clean, they will have speach problems if it is severe enough and some have problems eating solid foods. I took my son in at about 9 weeks and had it clipped in a dentists office because no ear, nose and throat dr. would do it until he was 3. At that age, it's done as a surgery.
Avatar m tn Indications of narrowing have out of breath, chest tightness, coughing and problems in breathing. An asthma patient usually faces these symptoms frequently during night, and in early morning.For more details visit {url=http://www.medicaldictionary.
Avatar n tn A normal pause in breath for infants would be up to 20 seconds without a change in their color , limpness or a decrease in their heart rate . If the baby manifests any of these symptoms , it would suggest a problem that requires an inquiry for possible causes .
Avatar n tn My son was 2 in July. I am having big problems with his behaviour. Ever since he has been on the move he will not sit at peace at all! My health visitor definently thinks that he is over active for his age. I am worrying incases he has an underlying problem. His behaviour is also terrible. He throws, screams, bites, pulls your hair, climbs and no matter how many times I tell him off or send him to his play pen or to the naughty corner, the behaviour will just start all over again.
Avatar n tn This does not mean that all extremely premature infants will develop problems, but that their chances for doing so are higher than the population of term, normal birthweight infants. I do not, however, think there is any way of knowing whether being premature is a contributing factor in your mother's current health or behavior.
Avatar f tn An axillary temperature normally correlates very well with the rectal temperature, so many hospitals and neonatal intensive care units use axillary temperatures as a matter of course. Exceptions might include infants with blood circulation problems or infections that have decreased blood flow to the skin, which might alter the axillary temperature. Some institutions have a policy to perform one initial rectal temperature, then subsequently use axillary temperatures.