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Avatar n tn Hi---I have been to a throat specialist and he found no growths that would be causing me to have trouble speaking. I was diagnosed with a hiatial hernia many years ago. The throat specialist said my problems were due to reflux. I have no symptoms of reflux or heartburn. He said that didn't matter, it was still caused by reflux. ( I have been on Nexium, and Asteline spray for the throat. Very little help) The doctor did refer me to an ENT to have my stomach looked at.
Avatar f tn My question is does thyroid growths cause pain and swallowing problems? Water is getting struck in my throat alot of times and my throat is hurting like someone is squeezing it. I have about 3 more months to go before repeat ultrasound but should go in sooner? Thanks for any help that you can give me.
Avatar n tn I have two BLACK growths on the back right side of my throat tucked behind my tonsils. They are lighter at the base and have the texture of nose cartilage, in that they are plyable but not soft and do not feel as though they could be lanced or anything. i would estimate them to be about the size of a peanut m'n'm if you added all the surface area together. They dont really hurt but are more uncomfortable in nature. The dr. took a swab but was rather dismissive of the severity.
Avatar n tn What are brown growths on the back of my tongue and what can I do about them?
Avatar m tn im premenopausal have had bleeding in between periods had scan shows fluid in tubes thickening womb and cystic growths been refered for byopcy deosnt sound good what do you think
Avatar m tn If you are having a voice problem and have not had your throat examined, it would be a good idea to see a doctor to examine your throat and also check if you do suffer from acid reflux. There are medications to dry up the mucus, but these are not suitable for everyone. Nasal sprays are also sometimes prescribed to decongest the passages. You can't go wrong with inhalations as long as you take care not to get scalded.
Avatar m tn One year ago, I noticed that I had a small bump in the back of my throat (Labeled 1). This led to me visiting an Otolaryngologist who said the bump was just irritation from sinus drip. He also recommended a septoplasty which he did and ultimately did not help my breathing or allergies. Well today I noticed the slightest pain while swallowing a large vitamin, which reminded me of that bump from one year ago.
Avatar f tn I was wondering if you can tell me how common growths in the throat are and what they could be. It is like a piece of skin hanging down in front of my tonsils and I some times have trouble swallowing.
5743679 tn?1373455561 Hi I this is Tolek I am 32 years old male and been having problems with this thick saliva and sticky mucus that forms down my nasal and runs down my throat and I’m constantly trying to clean my throat to make a swallow and the problem doesn’t go away for a long time. It’s been giving me a hard time for about 5 to 7 years now and now I see that these problems are not going away and it’s almost an everyday thing now and it’s driving me nuts.
Avatar f tn Hi, I started having throat problems about a year ago. After receiving a cat scan I was told I had two small growths on my thyroid and the were not large enough to do a biopsy, but in three months they had grown large enough to do a fine needle asp. The findings were neg. I was told to return in a year to be checked. That was 4 months ago. I am now having problems like I have swallowed something to large and hard.
Avatar n tn At a recent doctors appt my 16 month old nephew was having an MRI done to try to find out if he had any growths in his throat. They didn't find any in his throat but a couple on his brain. I have done some research and have found that you can go through life with cysts on the brain. How concerned should we be about the cysts?
Avatar f tn i feel like something is in my throat when i swallow, its not sore or painful, just very uncomfortable, what could it be?
Avatar f tn The thyroid levels appear normal and cortisol adequate. Would consider an ENT eval if you feel something "stuck in your throat" - there are many structures in the throat, thyroid is only one of many possibilities. A thyroid ultrasound is reasonable. Anxiety can cause all these symptoms, but I am sure this has been considered.
Avatar n tn Hi. I'm 27 Female. I had non-cancerous growths removed from vocal cords about 5 years ago as I was losing the ability to talk for 2-6 month periods. Recently have been experiencing vocal loss for extended periods again, and even now that my voice has "returned" I have noticed a change in its pitch, range etc. I am concerned because for the last week I have noticed a cyst like growth on the back of my throat.
Avatar n tn Likely possibilities include, infections/ inflammations, ulceration, growths, malabsorption, food intolerance, side effect of a few medications, non GI cause (urinary/ gynaecological) etc. It would be best to get this evaluated by a primary care physician for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate management. Hope this is helpful. Take care!
Avatar f tn I've had quite a few problems with left side of neck with no answers from drs. It all started with pain down into my arm, then pain in my neck especially eight beside throat on that side, as well pain that comes and goes in my ear and a clicking sensation when i swallow. My strangest thing that im hoping someone can give answers to is when I "flex" my neck( where you tense neck up and muscles stick out on sides) the left side looks as if it's frozen up or something.
Avatar m tn For four years I have had these problems, small growths being surgically removed only to have them grow back in four or six months. Is there anyone with the answer for this problem please.
Avatar n tn extremely hoarse throat. CT scan said one tonsil is larger than the other. I had my tonsils removed 50 years ago, and visual appearance shows no growths in the tonsil area. What other possibility can there be?
Avatar f tn I have been having problems with my colon/ digestive tract for the past eight years or so and the symptoms became worse up to a point where sex is painful.
Avatar n tn i have been feeling like there is something stuck in the back of my throat for about 4 days now its very annoying i dont have any other symptoms like pain when a swallow coughing blood or anything like that what could this be?
20107585 tn?1490291356 I developed a painful throat on swallowing over a week ago, a white ulcer (not a white spot, an ulcer a.k.a canker sore) on my tonsil, about the size of my baby finger nail. I went to the doctor and he said I had tonsilitis and gave me a 7 day prescription for clarythromycin. I have finished these. My canker sore did not get smalller, it got much larger (larger than my thumb nail now) and changes colour every day, from green with red spots to white and brown.
Avatar m tn Possibilities that may need to be considered include patellar dislocation, chondromalacia, fractures, injuries to the internal ligaments/ menisci, infections/ inflammations, arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, cyst formation, iliotibial band syndrome, bone growths/ tumours, nerve injuries/ impingement etc. I would suggest considering an evaluation by an orthopedician for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate management. Hope this helps. Take care!
Avatar f tn I feel like someone is wrapping their hand around my throat and squeezing. I have suffered with Acid Reflux / GERD for almost ten years now. Until recently I have been able to keep thing under control for the most part. I've taken Prilosec, Prevacid, and Nexium. The Prilosec and Prevacid use to work well but then it got to where it didnt' work the best so my doc switched me to Nexium. Ever since I started taking this Nexium I feel like I have something stuck in my throat.
Avatar f tn I would like you to tell me which are the possibilities to get hpv in mouth, tongue and throat via oral, how long elapses from infection to first symptoms, and what the symptoms are because I have been feeling so weird. I my throat I can see some blisters or bumps and an otolaryngologist told me were completely normal but I don´t think so. How does cancer feels? Please help me because I am scared to dead.
Avatar n tn I forgot to add, i have two growths in my nasal passage. (The GP said they are not polyps and cannot be removed) my right nasal passage is clear and my left isnt, could this be affecting my lungs?