Throat problems from acid reflux

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Avatar n tn Which is Gastroesophogeal Reflux Disease also know as Acid Reflux Disease. Essentially, the sphintcer in your throat relaxes and allows stomach acid to back up into your throat. Hope this helps you.
Avatar f tn I had a bad cold and then got laryngitis. That lasted 3 weeks and then the 4th week my voice came back but still hoarse. I have pain on my left side of my neck and tenderness on that side when I swallow. Dr checked me out and said throat is not red and gave me pills for acid reflux. It's been 4 days and don't think its acid reflux....voice and neck still the same. Anyone know what it could be ??
228936 tn?1249094248 Hi, I have some reflux problems and swallowing /throat problems that my doctor said could be from long term untreated reflux. Could this make it difficult to sing, ie, making my throat feel irritated while singing? This is a problem because I am a musician and am expected to sing sometimes.
Avatar m tn Everytime i vomit, there seems to be a bit ot flood in my spit afterwards. I dont know what could be causing this but i have Acid reflux LPR which causes to have mucus in my throat all the time and dry nose. This is strange cause usually if somebody vomits bloods, thyere would be blood in the vomit not in the spit afterwards? Can it come from the back of my nose when i vomit? Can it be because my vomiting is violent and it causes little tears in the throat?
Avatar n tn Went back to the ENT several times and he thought it was acid reflux causing it. Given some nose drops which helped some. Recently she was taken to an allergist and had no allergies, however, he thought she could have VCD. Went to another dr. and he believes it could be acid reflux and anxiety but started her on zoloft. This was about three weeks ago. Her throat clears for a few days and then we are back to square one. Her throat is swollen again.
Avatar n tn Gastro esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) is caused due to reflux of acid from the stomach into the esophagus. It can also happen due to iron deficiency anemia causing Plummer-Vinson syndrome, where there changes to the soft lining of the throat. You will need to consult your primary care physician who will examine your throat and may ask for some tests like barium swallow or endoscopy to determine the cause for difficulty in swallowing. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn I had never knowingly had any problems in my life with any acid reflux or this feeling. After about 4-5 days I did not feel any better and went to my primary care doctor who prescribed me a Z-Pak which took care of my symptoms however my sore throat continued. After about a week of this the pain was at the bottom of my neck in the area around the opening of my esophagus. It felt like a tight feeling which didn't prevent me from swallowing completely however was annoying.
Avatar f tn But, I was diagnosed with lpr which is acid that comes all the way to the top of your throat, your mouth, etc. so...the sore throat at least in my case is from the acid constantly burning the vocal cords which causes swelling and inflammation. Makes sense when you think about it. Anyhow, there are a variety of different ppi meds other than nexium, and prilosec. There are also other drugs like zantac, like tagamet and pepcid that may help.
722661 tn?1230925283 The videoscope they did before Christmas does show irritation in my throat from acid. i am on prevacid, which is a proton pump inhibitor. If you are having problems, you have to follow the reflux diet faithfully and it can take a year or longer to heal. Some things that I don't have anymore thanks to this diet - coffee, soda, any carbonated beverage, alcohol, chocolate, fruit juices except for cranberry. Forget tomato based products, including the beloved salsa.
Avatar n tn The throat specialist said my problems were due to reflux. I have no symptoms of reflux or heartburn. He said that didn't matter, it was still caused by reflux. ( I have been on Nexium, and Asteline spray for the throat. Very little help) The doctor did refer me to an ENT to have my stomach looked at. Is it possible for a hiatial hernia to cause problems with my throat and voice.
Avatar m tn Acid reflux is an often over looked cause for sinus and throat problems from PND, sinus infections, hoarse voice. Acid can even be aspirated and cause asthma like symptoms. Many people are miss diagnosed with asthma that really just have very bad acid reflux. When the acid reflux is controlled, their asthma goes away. The formal name for this type of asthma is laryngeal-pharyngeal reflux. Good doctor too consider that possibility. I hope that the treatment works for you.
Avatar f tn s the only thing that soothes the acidic burn in my throat and prevents me from choking on acid again. Again, people who only have mild reflux during pregnancy may be different idk. I get reflux film everything..even water.
1367835 tn?1278116452 He checked me and said I have the thyroid nodules in the right thyroid robe and allergy and acid reflux cause my throat was red. He prescribed Nexium and gaviscon, then clarinex for allergy. He also sent me for biopsy of the thyroid nodules. The result was negative on the nodules and blood test shows that my thyroid level is normal. I've taken nexium and gaviscon about 2 months and got better. Then in April of this year the reflux came back.I've never had heartburn and chest pain.
Avatar n tn ive had acid reflux problems a long time and have been taking esomeprazole 20mg for years. recently i suffered a severe bout of indegestion, it burnt my throat and ive had stomach discomfort ever since. ive been to the doctor and he has increased my medication to 40mg 2 weeks ago but im still uncomfortable and my stomach feels swollen i am putting on weight despite cutting down on my food .
Avatar n tn Hi, Even i faced the problem of sticky mucus coming to throat after eating for the past 1.5 years . IT is highly irritating and i had almost developed an aversion to food and then lost weight. Actually problem is related to wrong digestion and wrong respiration. If food is not properly digested then it gets converted into phlegm and affects the body as a whole. In general the ayurvedic treatement and yogasanas(YOGA) helped me a lot.
514510 tn?1272718736 Since I have been back I have been having horrible acid reflux it feels like food is stuck in my throat. I have been taking Prilosac for the last few days and Zantac, no relief. My heart was checked a couple months back had 2 EKG's and a stress echo. Everything came back fine, but at times like this morning my heart was racing. Also the middle of my back hurts Is that due to the Acid Reflux. I have been under alot of stress latley my mom passed less then a month ago.
Avatar n tn They are probably related to psychological problems. The most common cause is gastro esophageal reflux disease - GERD. Diagnosis is by fibroptic laryngoscopy. Fiberoptic laryngoscopy also helps confirm the GERD diagnosis. Gastroesophageal reflux is treated by elevating the head of the bed six to eight inches, avoiding foods and beverages for two to three hours before bedtime, and eliminating alcohol and caffeine from the daily diet.
Avatar f tn I think i have Acid reflux because of all the heartburns i'm having. but now i feel like i have this lump in my throat. I researched it and it might be acid laryngitis. I want to know if there's anyway to get rid of it. When i cure my Acid Reflux, does it go away with it? Is my Acid Reflux the reason i'm having this lump in my throat?
Avatar f tn You can feel heartburn in your chest with acid reflux you feel in your throat its not the same thing but im exactly the same no heartburn just acid reflux which i got the tums smoothie flavors and only have to take one and it goes away but on the back of the bottle it tells you its for heartburn, acid reflux, and tummy problems
Avatar n tn i am hypothyroid i have a goiter that grows than 6 months later shrinks but latelyi have a feeling in my throat that feels like hands around my throat or like something in my throat i also have a cough nothing severe and i feel a conjestion in my throat my dr seemed to think it was acid reflux which i do get at night almost every night when i go to bed. also occasional sore throats i do have a hard time swallowing some things like vitamins which discourages me from taking them.
Avatar f tn I have seen a gastroenterologist and was diagnosed with acid reflux causing problems in my esophagus. I would also try and see a pulmonologist to get your lungs checked out, you will probably need a CT scan to rule out any blood clots b/c besides the heart thats usually something they check right off.
Avatar m tn try treating the acid reflux. What you may be feeling in the back of your throat is the stomach acid backing up. This then irritates your throat making it sore or scratchy. I don't see how this would relate to fullness in your ear or neck pain though. Is it actually pain in your neck or and ache, could you have pulled a muscle?
Avatar f tn i think its allergies or acid reflux because when i was little i had stomach problems all the time. they went away as i got older but are now coming back. please help! im loosing weight and its torture being scared to eat the foods i love. im afraid of choking on them. my throat bothers me 24/7. please help. i need an answer. thank you!
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with acid reflux last year.the coughing after eating was my I am havin problems clearing my throat all time.pulmonologist suggested Claritin d with my nexium.doesnt seem to be working...any other allergy meds would help....maybe Zyrtec?