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Avatar m tn I noticed a pain in my throat last night while singing. I was only doing it unconsciously so I didn't worry until it became completely unbearable. At this point I stopped singing completely and even stopped speaking for the rest of the night. I woke up this morning to find that every time I swallow there's a clicking above my Adam's Apple. It isn't there when I turn my head left, or right.
Avatar m tn Hellow , I am 20 years old amd am a singer . Few days ago I hitted too many high notes since then am feeling pain & something stuck in my throat, not always but few times specially when i try to sing . My voice is not opening up and it hurts when I try to sing . I saw the ENT doctor & did my endoscopy . He said everything is fine , U've just bit of mucus but am not feeling everything fine . I dont smoke or drink .
Avatar f tn ve had all routine tests done as I just had a baby. I need to find relief. I MISS SINGING AND TALKING WITHOUT PAIN.
Avatar n tn However, if I use my voice too much (five minutes at a time or even singing just one song), I get a pain very deep down in my throat near my voicebox. This comes with a raw feeling, burning, and enough pain to make it difficult to swallow or talk for days. Sometimes, it is accompanied by yellow mucus built up in my throat, particularly upon waking in the mornings. And if I even whisper a conversation with someone, this pain intensifies.
1147816 tn?1261605815 Hi, For the last eight months or so I have been experiencing muscle pains, predominantly when talking or singing. They are usually on the right side of my body. They first began appearing around the top-right hand corner of my right-hand-side shoulder blade and then moved to the right hand side of the neck. Originally I thought I had pulled a neck muscle, but the pain has continued on for months now.
Avatar f tn My rage went down dramatically, and I felt pain when I sing. That was two weeks ago when we first started singing. I stopped this last week, but my throat now hurts all the time, sometimes more than others. It feels like someone is scratching sandpaper in my throat, and just today my whole throat closed up for a few seconds and I couldn’t breathe. It’s getting worse every day. And also, sometimes when I talk my voice cuts off, and that causes a sharp pain. My main concern is when I laugh.
Avatar n tn Few days before i started seeing blood in my spit i have got my voice very much strained(because of singing). Sometimes i feel very mild pain in my throat(this symptom also started recently say one month). Other than this i do not see any other kind of problem. I am very worried about this. Is this very serious? What could be the reason for this?
Avatar f tn Hi, I have had a sore throat for three plus weeks. I went to see my doctor at the start of the problem and he dosed me with antibiotics because my throat was covered in plaque. Strep test was negative. My throat pain improved greatly, but never went away, and now gets very bad at night only (although I'm sure being a mouth breather is a contributing factor).
1679858 tn?1346765181 Hi....when u say the lump in ur throat affects ur singing...what do u mean? It can be GERD/acid reflux...or it can be chiari affecting u.... When it affected my singing, my throat felt like I had spasms...and my voice was gone, nothing was coming out....and it felt strange like when u cry or get emotional, this is y I asked this of Heather....I had no idea it was chiari and b4 I got my dx my DD thought I was just lip singing in church...I felt bad, but I could not get nething out.
149081 tn?1242397832 Per my endo and my sleep doc singing everyday will help tighten and strengthen those throat muscles. Thus enabling the throat muscles to remain open while sleeping. So SING LOUD and sing PROUD! Work those throat muscles!
Avatar n tn About 2 months ago, I was doing a solo with my church choir. I had to sing a very high and extended note (I'm a first soprano). I think I strained my vocal cord or something because that day my throat started hurting when I speak or sing. My throat does not feel sore otherwise. I've tried antibiotics and gargling with Peroxide, but they didn't help. Any ideas?
Avatar m tn Lately I have been having a lot of mucus buildup in my throat, not really my throat, it feels kind of in the middle, like a combination of my nose and throat. My voice has changed as well, both normal and singing (singing more) and it constantly feels like something is stuck in between my nose and doesn't hurt at all, it's just there and annoying. I'm not sure if it's vocal damage from all my screaming or if it's an underlying issue maybe more serious.
Avatar f tn I was taking singing lessons, I would sing for about an hour everyday, but when the discomfort started I postponed the singing lesson. I the discomfort always tend to get worse after I talk for a long period of time or if I do try to sing something. Could I have vocal cord nodules, if so, what do I need to do to rid myself of them?
Avatar n tn I have a hiatial hernia. When I swallow, there's pain under my breast bone. I take aciphex. What else should I do?
Avatar m tn t had a voice for the past couple weeks because I have been on vacation and there has been a lot of yelling/singing involved. When I woke up two days ago on Sunday morning I noticed that at the back right side of my throat there was large red patch of irritation, very sensitive. It hurts to swallow but this is not what I am concerned about. Every time I drink Tea (whether it is hot or warm) I get first a pain in my chest, almost directly between my breasts, but then also pain in my abdomen area.
Avatar n tn i have lost my complete upper register singing voice, ie cant scream, have had nodules removed in the past, and recently have a feeling of something in my throat, kind of like my adams apple is a little bit swollen. eating seems to alleviate this for a short time and i also salivate and get a sore jaw only with the very first bite of food when im hungry.
Avatar f tn I noticed after that, that the left side of my throat hurt pretty bad. I took a break singing until the next day but it kept getting worse. The muscle pain spread into my jaw and today up into my temple. Now it hurts like crazy from the left bottoms of my collar bone, up through my throat, into my temple and it started throbbing. I’m at the point of tears and I’m not sure where it’s coming from. I don’t think it’s my teeth since it started in my throat.
Avatar m tn I used to have a smooth and melodious singing voice but now it is almost gone and I use to squeak in the middle of my singing. I cannot control my voice properly, singing in falsetto notes is hopeless now. Flexibility of my voice is also gone my throat feels tightened and restricred I cannot do proper vibrato or so. And the part of my throat around my Adams's Apple also pains. Please Help me :( And sorry for my bad English...
Avatar n tn I constantly got phlem blocking the back of my throat and it blocks my throat when I am singing
Avatar m tn I've had allergies ever since I've born. A sore throat is not a rare thing for me, in fact, I'm lucky to experience an hour without any pain in my throat. I'm sick of it. I have an unusually low voice. I've even been told by a doctor that my tonsils are effecting the depth of my voice because they are so big. I have trouble speaking, singing, and sometimes it hurts to breathe. I am dead sick of it. I want my tonsils out so badly.
Avatar n tn Two years ago, I started singing, but I was using bad technique and I was straining my voice to hit the high notes. This continued one to two hours every day for about 5 months, then i stopped, because the lower range of my voice would start sounding rough after singing for a few minutes. After about one or two months, I started singing again with improved technique, and my voice stopped becoming rough.
Avatar m tn but i have a problem, after singing a have terrible sorethroat and ache... can you help me to solve the problem or some advise?please write me bach. thanks ahead.
Avatar m tn Really, sorry - I forgot something else that may be important so I want to add to this one more time: I am also shorter on breath and I can tell not as much air is getting pushed through. I know this because I have to take more breaths when singing in places I don't normally have to and when working out I can tell I have to breathe a lot more.
Avatar n tn over the past couple of weeks i have had sinus drainage not enough to even treat and no other symtoms except when trying to singing i can not sing high notes or increase my volume talking is not affected nor singing baritone and my chords feel constricted a feeling i have never experienced before lemon slices don't seem to help to loosen either, i did have a sowlen gland onthe left side of my neck for a couple of months that is gone now This discussion is related to <a href='/post
Avatar m tn Began after an upper airway infection last spring. Constantly sore throat, lost of burning. Started to have pain while singing, and swallowing. Tried antibiotics and allergy medicin with little or no help. Now after a year my tounge shows atrophy and fasicuisations. Been to ENT´s, neuros, gastro, all tests comes back normal. The doctors susspected ALS, but it seems pretty sure to be ruled out. Also other neurological conditions seems ruled out. (ms, stroke, ect.