Throat pain when breathing

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Avatar f tn Literally, seconds later I felt like something was stuck in my throat. Like a crumb of something or like something was poking me in my throat. I can't stop coughing or gagging (coming close to throwing up even) til this moment. When my mouth is closed it is easier to breathe, but it still hurts. When I talk is when the coughing and gagging starts. I can't eat or talk without pain. I do smoke marijuana from time to time but never experienced this and haven't smoked in about a week.
Avatar f tn ve been talking, usually loudly or when i laugh and a very sharp pain cuts me off and it feels like it chokes me. I'll try and make the noise again and it chokes me. It feels like i'm being stabbed through the left side of my neck and cuts me off. It will go away within an hour usually and isn't consistent.
Avatar n tn I am having trouble breathing, my ribs hurt, my chest is tight, I keep coughing and it feels like I have mucus in my throat. I notice it mainly at night and when I am doing any form of exercise, even just walking. But lately I am getting the pain in my ribs all the time and breathing problems even when just sitting. I had a heart valve replacement 11 years ago and my Gall bladder removed 4 years ago. Please help!!
6820152 tn?1385089722 Strep sore throat needs to be treated with an antibiotic as strep is a bacteria. Viral sore throat is best treated with rest, warm oral fluids and (OTC) tylenol (acetaminophen) or ibuprofen for pain. If you develop a fever, or if there is enlargement of the tonsils with pain or if there is white coating on the tonsils, you will need to consult your primary care physician for a strep test, which if positive you will be given antibiotics. You will also need adjustment of inhaler dosages.
Avatar f tn Does GERD cause throat pain? I will just get this dull aching pain feeling in the bottom of my throat. I don't think it is from eating though. I usually get it when I am stressed or excited about something or I've noticed when I get really angry and arguing about something. Is this normal? It really concerns me because it makes me feel like it's something else since it only happens from emotions and stress and not eating.
Avatar m tn The last while i get a burning feeling in the back of my nose and top of throat ( the feeling you get when you breath in cold air) when i exercise. i never used to . I use a nasal spray. I have acid reflux. the feeling starts to go right down to my stomach sometimes. I get some pain in my chest and my breathing is laboured but surprsingly it all seems to get better towards the end of my workout, And i am doing all other tests with my doctor , lung and heart.
Avatar n tn Hi everyone I have just recently been diagnosed with LPR by ENT specialist this is because I have been experiencing wheezy noisy breathing when I lie down. The ENT specialist scoped my nose and said my voice box was swollen so he has put me on Omeprazole for 6 mths to see if this will help. He says I have reflux going into my larynx even though I do not have heartburn.
Avatar n tn s something in my stomach like I want to stick something in it to relieve it. The pain is between my belly button and my throat. Please help me.
Avatar f tn In the last few days I starting having a pain on the lower right side in back when breathing. The pain comes also when I cough or sneeze. I take no medication prescribed or otherwise. What could cause this?
Avatar m tn i have a intense pain when i breath in my stomach when im relaxed letting it hang out or pushing it out holding it in the slightest feels fine but when im not i can feel this intense sharp pain all the up my right side of my body into the middle of my chest and up the right side of my neck
Avatar m tn I am able to breathe normally, but once in a while i have to make an effort to breathe/take in air. I also have some throat irritation, cough but no pain as of now in the throat. Why is there an occasional difficulty in breathing.
Avatar f tn It is not uncommon for people to cough and sometimes have breathing difficulty when they lie down. The cause of this problem can be from either the upper airways, where this is drainage coming from the sinuses irritating the back of the throat and even the lower airways, or from the lower airways from a variety of different causes. The best thing to do is to see your physician to determine if this is from the upper or lower airways. This is relatively easy to do.
Avatar f tn Hi, my name is Fadwa and I am 17 years old. I woke up today feeling sharp pain in my chest/lung area and up through my throat. I am having a lot of trouble breathing in and feel like its an infection somewhere but I can't pinpoint where because it hurts throughout my chest and into my throat. It doesn't hurt when I cough or when I'm in an upright sitting position but it hurts a lot when I lay down probably because of gravity.