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Avatar m tn I've been having some throat tightness and cough followed with constant ringing in my ears and back pain and left shoulder pain should I worry?
Avatar f tn I have never had this feeling before in the ten years of dealing with GERD. But it is a constant pressure on my throat all day long. No pain just extreme pressure. At first it would come and go and was worse in the evening than the morning. The last two days I have had it constantly and nothing helps. ANY suggestion? I do have an appt with my GI doctor but it is not until next Monday. I am not sure I can wait that long!!! I am miserable.
Avatar f tn I was prescribed Xanax for Throat tightness... Anyone has any experience of success on tightness and lump in throat. Done all the tests results were negative. Thanks! Any input would help..
Avatar n tn i feel like there is a lump in my throat tightness in my upper chest and a pain in the middle of my back and the top of my stomach between my breast feel really hard and sometime short of breath what could it be
Avatar f tn I have the tightness in my throat, it also seems like it goes into my sinuses and face. I do have GERD and some of those other symptoms but they did a thyroid test and said it was fine..maybe I should be getting another one done.
Avatar f tn I've had anaphylactic reactions to medications since I was 8 years old. My lips, tongue, throat, hands and feet get swollen, and/or I break out in hives. Recently, though, the only thing that reacts to a new medicine is my throat. I have a hard time swallowing, and I get horrific esophageal spasms which feel real tight and painful in my chest. Has this happened to anyone here? Do you just get swelling in your throat as a reaction to a new med?
Avatar m tn I also have had some ear pain with this round of the tightness, I have never noticed ear pain before when I was having the tight feeling in my throat. I think the last time that I had the tight feeling in my throat besides right now, was sometime in 2007. So it comes and goes, and it stays away for a long time when it leaves.
Avatar n tn Hi i was eatting a peanut butter and jelly sandwich 5days ago and threw up after cause it felt like it was stuck naturally i paniced started drinking warm water thinking it was stuck all that did was make me vomit.Since then ive had the tightness of the throat(also feels like u gotta burp).Then feeling is less in the morning like when i wake up.I went to my doctor he said he couldnt see anything in my throat,he perscribed me prevacide and a stomach/throat relaxer,also lidocane.
Avatar f tn if you are having tightness in your throat, you may be developing a severe reaction to the MSG. I seriously suggest you make sure you avoid MSG as much as you can. You may well get a reaction one day that makes your throat totally close up and then you will need to have a tracheotomy just to breathe.
Avatar n tn There for a few months now has been a tightness in my throat. I can literally move my atoms apple around. I feel that there is nothing i can do. I am going to a doctor like this week about this issue. I have heard that if you smoke for a while that weak lungs can cause throat problems. Can someone shed some light on this problem. I mean i still talk breath and everything correctly, it just feels like something is there. I am getting annoyed!
Avatar n tn It feels like there is a tightness or something in the very bottom of my throat -been like this for about 5 days - I do neck exercises where I bend my head back to stretch my neck - could this have irritated something?
Avatar f tn Aside from that, I just had a barium swallow study done and the lady saw the acid refluxing up to my throat, besides some food residue getting caught in my throat. She said people with GERD often come to her saying they feel like things are caught in their throat.
Avatar n tn since January, 1998, increased tightness in my mouth and jaw, numbness in my mouth and tongue and throat. A typical day Iwill wake up with the muscle tightness in my jaw, it seems to travel to my throat, etc. The particular problem with my throat, mouth and jaw has increased within the last couple of months. I have seen a GP, Neurologist, and finally a Rheumatologist, in late January. No diagnosis, all blood tests within normal ranges. I would appreciate any, and all suggestions.
Avatar n tn This can cause pain along throat, a feeling of something in the throat, phlegm, and pain in mouth/tongue/throat due to the chemical burn caused by acid from the stomach. Treatment is a combination of drugs to reduce the acid and lifestyle changes.
512275 tn?1211241875 My eight year old complains of tightness in her throat, no pain, no soarness, but she feels like her air is being restricted and it is diffulcult to swallow food. The doctors have checked her out but no signs of the symptoms are found, and this attack is short lived and comes and goes sporatically. I don't want to take a lite hearted stance but there is nothing to warrant overreacting. Is there anyone with a similar experience?
Avatar n tn When I mow the lawn or really exercise or walk up a lot of steps I get this pain and tightness in my throat which feels like I have a fish bone stuck in my throat. What could this be.
Avatar m tn Hi have had throat tightness and chest pain tightness and sometime hard to swallow, my doctor asked me to take penicilin based antibiotics to clear up any cold symptoms and also gave me throat calmer tablets that are calming for allergy as well as a nose inhaler also alergy related from what I can read in leaflet - he also requested blood and urine samples and throat scan so I'm wonderign what this can be as he just told me we'll get to bottom of this and not explained more, the tightne
3167039 tn?1343946629 I've recently developed a tightness in my throat when I swallow. It feels like I've swallowed something and it's stuck. It's not a sharp pain but just makes it difficult to swallow. I've never had any other issues with my throat. I have been dealing with sinus issues that end in sinus infections and plugged ears. I want to believe they are somehow related but have never heard of any connnection.
Avatar n tn when does a multinodular goitor causes a tightness of throat? i have 5 noduls the biggest one is 1.5 and i feel a tightness in my throat for some time?!!!
Avatar n tn I'm 34yro and for the past week have been experiencing chest pain. It starts from my throat to the middle of my chest (more towards the left side of my chest). I have a lot of tension in my shoulder blades but I think it from running the way I hold my arms and posture. I'm afraid of a heart attack. I'm also a runner and on my last run, I felt some tightness in my chest to the point of putting my hand on my chest.
7251241 tn?1389564212 I also get a lot of tightness in my chest - I had the chest tightness before the neck tightness, so my question is could these 2 separate conditions be connected? I also get pins and needles and pains in my left arm on a daily basis, but I have been the ER and they have found nothing and my Dr is not very good. I do have anxiety aswell and I feel this did lead to the throat tightness.