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Avatar m tn I have this right lower throat pain which is sometimes dormant . It feels sometimes like there is an injury in the lower throat . If I take alcohol I have a pain in the right side and itmostly premeates to fukk right chest area . It becomes a generalized pain in the right chest . Any idea what is this problem ? I did meet a doc with infections caused from this and he gave tablets but I feel the root cause is not solved .
Avatar f tn I felt acidic problem and felt heaviness in chest which was cured by taking antiacid tablets. I am not feeling pain while swallowing but I am feeling heaviness and stress in my throat.Although not major pain is there but It is really annoying. Please help me,I have consulted so many doctors but they just give antiboitics which is not curing this. Please help.
Avatar f tn I am 28 weeks and have been experiencing a really bad sore throat along with a small cold. What should i do to get rid of the throat pain because i can't sleep or barely swallow anything. Any suggestions?
Avatar m tn hello. I have two swollen glands in my throat and i believe the pain or infection has moved into my ear canal. this is quite painful and hurts the most painful when i swallow. are there any over-counter pharmaceuticals i can take??? i have already tried ibuprofen two tablets twice a day for relieving the pain for a week but is no longer affective. my girl friend gave a Tylenol 3 tablets but did not work at all for the pain. should i go to a doctor or hospital???
Avatar m tn I've recently started taking these tablets for my stomach problem, I'm not sure what it is, my doctor says it may be a bug and I'm not allowed to eat heavy foods or drink carbonated drinks. Now I'm supposed to take these three times a day and this morning I took one and it didn't go down my throat, so I paniced and drank loads of water, it wouldn't go down. There is this weird taste in the back of my throat, will I be okay?
Avatar m tn what can i do to relieve the pain and swelling. i took 2 ibuprofen tablets twice a day for the first 5 days for the pain and swelling and now it is ineffective and i also have tried the tylenol #3 tablets my girlfriend gave me and they also have no affect what so ever. there is a constant buildup of mucus but i can never cough it up. any tips or suggestions would be much appreciated.thank you.
Avatar n tn I had stuffy nose and sore throat for over a month and it hurts all the way down when I swallow. I could not even take some vitamin tablets I was taken. The ENT doctor looked by putting a little tube through my nose and said that my throat was inflamed. He gave me corticosteroid to reduce inflammation but I don’t want to take them because my stomach is very fragile. Anyone knows of anything natural to reduce the inflammation of the throat?
Avatar m tn I had a throat pain (but not tonsillitis), with very bad taste of mucus. I took a clarithromycinfor (500) for 4-5 days (one tablet per day) at the 3rd day. At different time during the day, I took also Amoxicillin 500 ( 2-3 per day). after 5 days, I stopped taking medicine and my throat pain started to relieve but the problem is: Numbness or Tingling Sensation in my Tongue with feeling of drynessof my mouth.
Avatar m tn I've recently started taking these tablets for my stomach problem, I'm not sure what it is, my doctor says it may be a bug and I'm not allowed to eat heavy foods or drink carbonated drinks. Now I'm supposed to take these three times a day and this morning I took one and it didn't go down my throat, so I paniced and drank loads of water, it wouldn't go down. There is this weird taste in the back of my throat, will I be okay?
Avatar n tn sir,im suffering form throat pain regularly,it is come atleat for 4 times per a month it is gone for 2 r 3 days after coming,some times it is pain is going on for a week, im not taken any medicine for this im, using just halls r vicks tablets some times my ears r also pain.8 months before my ear surgery is done.i did sex with one lady .
626646 tn?1242907042 i suffer from hay fever plus this year its been worse my throat is full of flem i cant move keeps me awake.
Avatar n tn 3)I am taking laxatives 4)asked my aunt about pain tablets who had an anal fissure operation couple of years ago.She said not needed as the pain stays only for 1 minute,and that it may damage the kidney. 5)I am trying my best.I am taking lots of fibres and 8 glass water. and also some other things- 6)I am using anal dialator with 2%lidocaine jelly which helps me a lot. 7)sitz bath 2 times a day.
Avatar n tn This isnt relivent to itching at all but im in need of help, My boyfriend fell ill on friday with a swollen throat on friday night he started vomiting and tis lasted pretty much all night, he left it a few day just thinking it was the flu but his throat is closeing up even more everyday and he is still vomiting, he has been to hospital 3 times this week and they keep palming him off with tablets that he cant take because his throat is that swollen, please help if you can
Avatar f tn If you are still having sore throat pain, after a couple of days on the antibiotic you should speak with your doctor. Also, it is very important to finish the antibiotic as prescribed even if your throat feels better. Stopping an antibiotic early can lead to infection returning and infections that are resistant to antibiotics. I hope you are feeling better.
Avatar n tn our dr has just diagnoised my husband as having neurolgia or a trapped nerve he is 60yrs old and all of a sudden he had a sore throat like tonsillitus but he hasnt got any to no sore throat to a most severe shooting pain in his head the dr has given hin anti inflamatery tablets and codine phostate but they dont seem to take the pain away has anybody had or got similar symptoms my husband thinks he has got something more serious
Avatar f tn hi my doctor changed my tablets he has given me keflex,i was bite by an insect and had a bad reaction,the last tablet he gave me were horrible and i stopped taking them,so now i got these and i have read up on them and it says it has penicillin in them,now my doctor knows i am allergic to this,i havent started taking them yet,i am worried,and to top it all off i now have a sore throat and i know these new tablets will cure this too,do i take them or no,also i am going to turkey in 2 weeks,what i
Avatar n tn i started smoking in july 2007 and quited it in january 2008. on december 2007 i develop my throat pain.... my symptoms include buring of throat and slight difficulty in swolling not much difficulty.. and sometime i am able 2 hear some noise while swolling..tht sound ocure at the end of the toung inside.and i am producing a lot of throat muscus what ever i eat instantly after eating i develop throat muscus. some time i see some of my food contents in my muscus...
Avatar n tn It is impossible to tell based on the information provided if the throat pain is due to heart disease. It certainly sounds like you have a lot of things going that can be causing you suffering (insomnia, stress, etc). I suggest continued close consultation with your primary physician to see if further testing (e.g. exercise stress test) would be warranted.
Avatar n tn Cannot sleep well. Take tablets to control pressure. Controllable . Cardiac report normal. Very busy work schedule. No physical activity. Health 60 Kg. Height 5' 2".Feels throat pain . Something pulls in the throat.Is it related to heart? How to overcome if so?
Avatar m tn I have a continual sour taste in my throat which can become very burning during the day. I have had a gastronoscopy and have been treated for a bacterial organism in my stomach, I have had two lots of anti biotics and now taking two tablets for reflux. This sympton is still with me and I am wondering if there could be something else wrong with me. 10 years ago I had a hysterectomy, gall bladder 2 years removed and ovaries removed 1 year ago. This symptom has been going on now for 6months.
488557 tn?1209023898 hi, ive had thyroid removal in 2006 and have sufferd ever since,with a bloated stomach and pain ,mood swings and brain fog and on top of all that i cant loose weight. Can anyone help if they have the same simptoms as me ive tried my doctor and he gave me some meds to get rid of the wind it did help . They dont mention the problems you can have without a thyroid so you just go along with what they tell you.
Avatar f tn can this be right? They have given him an antibiotic, tablets for pain and also tablets for allergies !!
Avatar m tn I pick up 30c tablets at Homeopathic health store and took 5 little tablets under my tongue as was directed 3 times a day. After two dosages my lump in my throat gone. I know there are many people out there that have had this condition for some time with no help in site. Please try the Ignatia tablets. Thanks, David.
1994269 tn?1327145017 dint help so after 2 days i gain i consulted a doc and took an antiboitic course of 3 tablets each 500 mg for 3 days.still not much of a flu as pain in throat but yes i do have a disconfort in throat all the time.not much of a prob in swallowin sweeling of glands n all.i haqd my tonsills operated when i was a kid.whats the matter wid me then? i had read in a book that hiv has a similar it sore throat in hiv does nt go this i okay ??plz help.
Avatar m tn The Next day she complained of sore throat and I too developed a sore throat after two days (pain while swallowing). I took antibiotics (amoxillin) and felt better after a day, but I did not complete the dose. A week later I notice my tonsils were swollen and had some white patches/spots. Consulted my doctor and he prescribed a stronger anti biotic (ampicillin) for which I took the complete dose. Saw no change (still white spots on swollen tonsils,NO PAIN).