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Avatar n tn I had a colonoscopy four days ago and the anesthesiologist told me I would be given Propofol to sedate me and only if there were problems there was a chance that I might be intubated which might chip my teeth. I was positioned on my left side and instructed to bring my knees up to my chest. She then put a mask over my nose and mouth. I woke up with the worst sore throat of my life. My throat was blood red and it hurt to talk, cough, breath and swallow.
Avatar f tn I am producing a lot of saliva but I spit it out because it hurts to swallow. I am also coughing up mucous. The pain is located lower in the back of my throat, in my neck area. It looks red and splotchy. This is my third week of throat related illness. The first week I lost my voice but had no other symptoms. Last week I had a terrible cough and was coughing up solid, green phlegm. And now this week I have the symptoms above. What is going on with me??? What can I do to get better?
Avatar m tn Ear ache (gone today), Throbing pain for a couple of mins in neck, ache in jaw, kind of a heavyness of the throat, once or twice ive had pain swallowing.
Avatar m tn This was there for one hour. Since then when I eat or drink there is mild pain in throat. Now I feel like there is something heavy in throat. Some times mild itching. Mild cough. While swallowing Its paining at some points of throat, there is some difficulty swallowing. I had tabs for two days prescribed by doctor. Two anti biotics , B complex tabs, other two tabs related to pain(I ll post them once I see prescription).
1173247 tn?1504594662 Local infections/ inflammations in the throat can also cause the pain. A constant post nasal drip can irritate the throat and cause discomfort with swallowing. The results of the study should help to rule out most of the above mentioned causes. Good Luck. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
1218041 tn?1310337812 ve been having problems swallowing anything, when i swallow it feels like i have a ball stuck in my throat and it hurts all the way down to my chest. The pain is very distracting, it makes me not want to eat. Any idea what i might be?
Avatar n tn s it kind of feels like a stomach Flu, and the pain sometimes subsides with a bowel movement, my throat has a constant feeling of restriction or tightness, I do not have any heart pain and my voice is normal, i recently seeing a throat specialist and now being referred to a gastronologist in November.
Avatar f tn hey a week ago i had pain in my throat and next day i had sever pain in my throat and ears(while swallowing food) and mild fever. well now fever has gone and even throat pain have reduced by my ear pain persists while swallowing..can u tel me what might be the problem? and is ther a possibility of AIDS AS WELL?
Avatar n tn i am 10weeks pregnant and i have pain in the throat during swallowing which medicine should i take
Avatar m tn Hi yes, here i am, another hypochondriac really worried about having throat cancer and why not? thanks to Dr. google, you write swallowing pain and you get throat cancer, then you try to find other symptoms in yourself and off course you get them (thanks to your brain). i want some counseling and mental relief from a professional ENT about the following. Three weeks back i joined the gym and started on a 5 meal balanced diet.
Avatar n tn Last, while an episode is occurring, the pain seems to feel like a burp or something stuck in the throat. Trying to encourage a burp to release some of the pressure/pain can cause the swallowing reflex, intensifying the episode with more pain and gagging. During these episodes, I can not burp in the normal manner. It is as if what ever is going on in my throat also affects the proper functioning of a burp.
Avatar n tn t had anthing to drink in days (but my mouth and throat are not dry). The pain is not in my throat, but more toward my right ear. There is no swelling, and it seems to mostly hurt when I am just swallowing saliva.
Avatar n tn I am still actively exercising and weight lifting and have noticed no difference. I seem to simply have this pain when swallowing. Any ideas? How long should I wait before seeing a doctor?
Avatar f tn I was recently diagnosed with a sinus infection and was prescribed two antibiotics to take; I took the antibiotics for the entirety of the time and was feeling wonderful for a little while, until recently. For about three days or so my throat feels very swollen and it hurts to swallow. It also hurts to chew when eating food and I'm producing excess saliva which is making me swallow more and isn't helping the pain.
Avatar f tn I have had for a few months sharp, severe pain in upper throat on swallowing salad dressing or mayonnaise that has vinegar or fruit juice in it. No other symptoms. I find only supraglotteal cancer listed when I look on the Net for what this can be a symptom of. My ENT doctor had me get a barium swallow (stomach through larynx or most of larynx) which looked normal, and will be doing a more thorough exam (down-through-the-nose tube light, in-office); my mouth looked normal enough.
Avatar f tn I'm experiencing pain when swallowing but not on my throat , the doctor said it was rush on my chest and gave me pills. Currently I'm still experiencing the pain, what exactly is the cause of this?
Avatar m tn It’s unlikely that coughing or gagging can cause a tear in the throat. The pain could be due to the constant coughing causing an inflamed throat. Also, the cause for the constant coughing like a throat infection or a post nasal drip can also cause an inflamed throat and pain. To find a cure you need to consult your primary care physician for proper assessment. In the meantime for relief from your symptoms you could do warm salt gargles and take OTC antihistamines.
Avatar f tn I have been having symptoms that are in the throat only, and wonder what this may be. This has gone on for over a week.
1064115 tn?1257972917 I am a limbolander, lots of sx no dx yet.....In August I complained of movement in the middle or my chest/throat (no pain felt like movement) and difficult swallowing. Had scope and dr. said esoph. was twisted. He dialated it.(Also had this pressure to the right of adams apple It did work for a is now back with avengence for approx lmos. Sometime it feels as though my throat is going to close.... Can you comment on this at all? Thank You!
Avatar n tn I have pain in my neck when I swallow, usually when I am just swallowing saliva (a little with food or beverage). The pain is not in my throat, but about half way between my throat and right ear, right under the jaw. There is no swelling. I think there is a problem with my salivary gland there. Is this something that will work it's way better, or do I need to see a doctor?
Avatar n tn I have chronic ear pain and blockage. After a severe ear infection last summer I noticed that I also had intermittant pain on swallowing. When my ear isn't blocked, the pain is hardly noticible but it is driving me crazy. No swollen glands no lumps but it feels like something is "there" in my throat. I have been to three different ENTs.
Avatar m tn so this happend about a week ago i have a pain in my neck when i swallowed on the left side so i went in to get a swallow test done so the doctor put a camera threw my nose and down my throat and he said i have a ulcer in my neck but thats not the worst part wile he was doing the camera thing in my throat i had a huge panic attack in the middle of it and now ever since then i cant swallow anything mainly solid food everytime food comes close to my throat or if i think about swallowing it tight
Avatar n tn Throat pain, difficulty swallowing, fever, scratchiness in the throat, post nasal drip, malaise and loss of appetite are symptoms of tonsillitis. It can be caused by bacteria like streptococcus or it could be a viral infection. Bacterial infections need antibiotics. Your symptoms could also be due to a post nasal drip, which can cause a chronic irritation in the throat. This could be due to a sinus infection, a cold or a chronic allergy.