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Avatar m tn also in the process between all these meds my right side throat gets like a dull throbbing pain, right side sinus does bother me, it also feels like popping going on in sinuses. and i really sometimes have a hard time telling if the pain in my throat (right side) is inside or outside throat. anyways i had checkup visit scheduled for the day the antibiotic. not better so now im on 5 days worth of prednisone.
Avatar n tn One can feel pain on pressing the forehead and cheeks. A post nasal drip can cause throat irritation at the back of the throat and a bad taste in the mouth. Hope this helps. Do let me know if there is any thing else and keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar n tn I have had ear infection because of my sinuses but now my problem is mucus stuck in the back of my throat and breathing problems and coughing especially at night. I am really concerned because of the swollen glands in my neck from time to time and the pain in my ears at times as well. I keep getting the same medication at each doctor I visit and I am frustrated. Once I coughed up a hugh lump of hard mucus. Can all of this just be caused by my sinuses?
Avatar m tn Many patients get confused by pain in their face. Naturally one assumes that pain there must mean that the sinuses beneath must be the source. This is sometimes true, but many times not. The CT clears that up for you. If your symptoms do not resolve, you should see a Neurologist. Several types of headache and facial pain diagnoses exist and can be treated.
Avatar f tn Hey, I have this mate that has had sinuses problems for nearly 9years now, constant pain in the nose sinuses, the ears, the eyes, frobbing to the head, it affects balance, driving, hearing, sighting ect, she's had nose operations, ear operations, the best doctor we no still don't no what's wrong, its runion everyday life for her and she beginning to give up, there must be some one somewere out there that knows a cure for this, I cannot stand to see my mate like this anymore, someone
Avatar n tn I started having a throat problem back in october when i had coughed alot and my throat hurt. i took antibiotics, it went away and came back. then i went to a ENT and toook an allergy pill and acid reflex pill, it got better. in december, one week my throat began to burn, i had stopped taking the acid reflex.
Avatar n tn We have had really dry weather and my throat was scratchy on one side making me think my sinuses were draining. Now the past two days I have a pain when I swallow food right near the bottom of my neck just above my clavicle. Is it from my sinuses and swelling glands?
Avatar n tn My sinuses are draining in onto the back of my throat causing the worse sore throat EVER. What can I do other than salt water rinsing and the OTC sprays and lozengers?
Avatar f tn A caution. If that is the case, both throat and sinuses should promptly respond to the Biaxin therapy, but only if taken faithfully daily, in the dose prescribed for the full ten days of recommended therapy. If there is not a rapid response to antibiotic therapy, despite strict adherence to taking the antibiotic, the greenish/yellowish drainage should be cultured in your doctor’s office and consideration given by him/her to switching to another antibiotic.
547034 tn?1215195572 I have been having this pain in my head behind my left eye, around my left eye, the top of my head, the back of my head and the base of my neck (all on the left side) since 2002. I have had 2 sinus surgeries. They helped me breathe better, but did NOT solve the problem. I have had so many doctors ignoring me. I run a constant low-grade fever and have since 2002. I have been having issues with my left eye for the last 2 years.
1855970 tn?1325823613 I've been battling anxiety for a while now, but I recently started having new symptoms. I have a constant sensation of something stuck in my throat, my jaw hurts when I touch it, I've had a stiff neck for weeks, throat feels kinda swollen, occasional shortness of breath (or feeling like I'm not getting enough oxygen), my cheeks feel hot and puffy, and I have an occasional headache right at my forehead. I have no fever, actually my temp has been low, ranging from 96.8-98.4..
Avatar n tn s been a week now and the tonsil infection has subsided, but I now feel pain in the back of my sinuses (on top of the back of my throat.) I was wondering if it is possible for gonorrhea to infect one's sinuses?
Avatar n tn I woke up three weeks ago with an abnormally dizzy sensation, just after getting over a cold, and I was feeling all the facial pain around eyes and back of the head. I have had a consistent headache since and facial pain since then. This has been accompanied by dizziness and nausea everyday since. I only have a little drainage down my throat. I have just completed a 7 day course of antibiotics for "sinus infection"...that hasnt helped at all .but do I have something else?
2792668 tn?1340126001 An ENT said I had a bacterial infection in my sinuses and put me on antibiotics but my sinuses still have the burning/dry pain and I just keep getting worse. I am wondering about tuberculosis in my sinuses and moving to my spine/neck and muscles. Anyone familiar with these symptoms or with TB?
Avatar f tn it has been happening for months now.also along with different colored mucus from my throat and lungs.ive just been recently have been getting sort of a head ache on the top of my head.also my sinus i can feel some sort of pain there.i feel it in my throat as first my snot from the back of my nose was an orange its blood.its only in the moring though.what could it be?could it be a sign of nasal cancer?
Avatar f tn In the meantime, get some plain saline spray from the drugstore and it may help unclog your sinuses, and of course get something like Excedrin for the pain.
Avatar f tn Hello Ladies, I need some help. As we know, during pregnancy we can't take alot of medications. My sinuses have been draining in the back of my throat. Its annoying and very irritating. I'm constantly blowing my nose. Its is becoming raw. Does anyone know of anything safe to take to control this problem. And its making it very hard to sleep at night.
666921 tn?1254990618 - I have a feeling of ears being blocked - some mild pain - needing to swallow a lot - feels like mucous in the back of throat - I never had any 'sinus' problems previously - it has happened since starting abx. - doxy. I guess it could be coincidence - would like to hear if anyone else has had this symptom start once abx. were started.
Avatar m tn Hi, It is indeed difficult for any food to get into the sinuses from the oral cavity. Regarding the sore throat, encourage her to drink plenty of warm water and povidone iodine throat gargles 3-4 times/day, also she can take anti-inflammatory drugs (such as ibuprofen) for reducing the pain. Hope this should give her relief from the problem. Keep me informed.
Avatar n tn I am constantly having the urge to clear my throat and bring up mucos It is particularly bad in the morning. I have no pain or cough, but have had mild sinus problems for years. What foods do you recommend I cut out and what other life style changes do I need?
Avatar n tn I started taking immune-boosting products like olive leaf, and a herbal thing as soon as I got the sore throat. Beyond the sinuses and throat I feel fine apart from feeling tired. No aches and pains, no temperature... Hope someone has some thoughts! Thanks!
Avatar f tn Has anyone tapering off Tramadol ever had pain in your sinuses? It will be really painful for awhile and then go away. Is this normal? Thanks!
4484425 tn?1384228334 I started getting a sore throat yesterday. Thinking its just from my sinuses draining but the pain kept me up most of the night. Ive taken acetaminophen and it helps some but I'm wondering is I can suck on cough drops or use the numbing throat spray. I can't find my list of approved medicines and being the weekend its hard to get ahold of Dr. Thanks.
Avatar f tn I suspected a neurological issue but after a week, the tingling has subsided and I just have a sore throat and ear pain. Weird! I have also had some facial pain/sensitivity, have you?
Avatar f tn The tear could be in the mucosa of the throat, it’s unlikely to go up to the sinuses. The sinuses are air cavities in bones and they open into the nasal cavity. So, the fluid will drain into the nose and from there go backwards into the throat. But it’s best to have yourself examined and assessed as suggested above. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn Have had sore throat for 3 months now. No itching or coughing. Saw ENT DR. Sent me for barium swallow test . Came back normal. Changed my acid reflux medication to dexilant-that seems good. Next he sent me for a CT scan of head and throat. Sinuses looked ok-only thing they noted was to check for vocal cord paralysis. Dr. thought it looked ok when he scanned me in office. 8 weeks later, throat is getting worse. I try not to talk too much because that worsens the pain in the throat.