Throat pain radiating to ear

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Avatar n tn Had sever pain in my ear, put on antibiotics. Ear infection went away. Pain in mouth continued. Dentist extracted a tooth. Felt a popping in ear canal and felt better for 2 days. Than gum pain continued with ear pain and radiates down left side of throat. Had 2 more teeth extracted. Better for a few days and than pain continues like it is just going from tooth to tooth. Can't take much more of this! Any ideas. My dentist using the xrays has extracted the teeth that she said are sick.
Avatar n tn ve been experiencing severe pain when I swallow, despite a restricted diet (1st -anti-relux, now only soft foods), 10 weeks of treatment with Aciphex (2x daily) and most recently Diflucan treatment for 10 days. The throat pain is primarily one sided radiating up to my right ear with a sensation of mucous coating the area (although ENT confirmed no sinus or ear infection). I have a constant burning sensation in my throat for nearly 4 months now.
Avatar n tn He also said my ears look great, which I though they must have left something in them to me feeling this pain. Doc said pain is in throat but radiating to ears. It is getting worse by the day. He actually sent me home without pain medicine because he told my husband it was such a minor surgery that I wouldn't need it. He called me in narcotic tree days later and it doesn't touch the pain. Like i said before I had ear tubes 12 times an never any pain.
Avatar f tn But, now almost a week later, the whole left side of my neck/throat area is all visibly swollen and very very painful... and the pain is radiating from my ear... what do I do?
1153642 tn?1266253989 Does anyone have suggestions for the pain while you await TT surgery date? My surgery is a couple weeks from now and I'm finding the throat (radiating to ear and chest) pain to be increasing. Its not unbearable but it does wear on you after awhile. I've tried spraying that chloraseptic stuff in there and it does provide some relief at the top of the throat but my pain reaches further down. Would one of those mouth rinses work do you think?
Avatar n tn I have had constant fluid (wet cold) draining from inside my temple area down along the inside front of my ear into my throat accommpanied by dull pain in the temple area radiating towards the eye along with a burning sensation in the inside corner of my eye which is intense. Sporadic dull pain in lower back of head to the lower ear area. All of this since 12/29 and today is 3/18. Been to ENT(3 weeks Augmentin XR, Sinus X Ray and ESR Blood Test for temporal arteritis all with negative results.
1946696 tn?1324257582 I woke up this morning and the left side of my head from top and down the left side to my ear was very tender to touch. Very sharp radiating pain that would come and go. It has lasted all day. The left side of my throat is sore and my left nostril is also sore and tender. Has anyone else experienced this problem?
Avatar m tn i feel a burning sensation in the area where the sore is in my throat with radiating pains to the ear on the same side of the throat. i have since stopped smoking and cut down on my alchohol consumption. i feel very sick that i will need your advice to help deal with the problem.
Avatar f tn Now I am having gallbladder attack like pain in my upper right adominal region radiating to my back, but only when I am sitting or standing/walking. It seems that the swelling in that region never really went away. I have gained weight rather fast since my surgery. I do have a history of kidney stones prior to gallbladder removal, and since the surgery I have had strep throat, double ear infection and sinus infect right on top of each other requiring agressive antibioctics and steriods.
Avatar f tn I would just like to know what might be wrong, so if i do end up having to go to the ear nose and throat doctor, i will have some ideas on what to talk to him/her about..any help is greatly appreciated!!!
Avatar f tn About 1 1/2 weeks ago I developed an earache in my right ear and a soreness radiating down to my throat. Went to doctor and he said he did not see anything. Pain remained and started spreading through my entire face up to hairline down to jawbone including left ear and throat. Throat and neck on right side is swollen, throat is so swollen, uvula is swollen and pushed over to left side of throat. Pain in face is almost unbearable.
Avatar m tn Started feeling like a bug crawling in my ear. Then ear pain radiating to scalp. Scalp around ear tender to touch..
Avatar n tn Hurts when I talk, left side constantly in pain radiating from bottom of throat to left ear. All docs I have been to say everything is coming back normal. If it is normal then why so much pain and hoarseness? I can't seem to get any answers. I really thought my thyroid blood tests would come back hypo-since I have gained weight and so tired not to mention my hands hurting. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
424634 tn?1277857528 The GERD pain tends to show up in the outer ears, at the same time I start getting upper-throat acidic pain. The TMD pain is in the inner ear, head, jaw, face, neck, and can radiate as low as the chest at times. You may wan to try something like Zantac (an H2 blocker) or Prilosec OTC (a Proton Pump Inhibitor) to see whether that helps symptoms. Of course, consult with your doc about this. FYI, my first symptoms of GERD were about the same as yours.
Avatar f tn and he said i did have an ear infection in both ears but the right ear was the worse.The left ear was giving me the most pain radiating down my neck.So he gave me an antibiotic.I took the medicine but it hasnt helped at all.Dont know what i should do now.
Avatar m tn Hi ChiefyMcChiefChief, I would have it checked out with your regular family doctor. Anything involving pain in your head, particularly radiating pain needs to be investigated by a professional. You say you've tried muscle relaxers, heat, ice and rest. I'd make an appointment with your doctor. Let your doctor tell you what he or she thinks is going on. Better to be safe. Good luck.
Avatar f tn upper abdominal pain starting on r side radiating to r shoulder and throat, sometimes starting in abdomin radiating straight up to throat, sometimes ending up in l shoulder or throat, but always relieved with an antacid.
Avatar m tn I can also note swelling in the gland just below my left ear. no growth or any such thing in my throat. i feel pain radiating to neck due to the lymph node some time. oh i forgot to tell you i had been a bronchitis person with all time bad adour from lungs, all along some time used steroids, ayurvedic, allopathy in veins but i am managing bronchitis by taking pankaj kasturi ayurvedic medicine and sometime asthallin inhaler to clear off thick lung mucus .
Avatar n tn It could be related to your spine or neck, nerves having pressure on them will cause pain radiating out to different areas. Do you get the chance to walk, stretch during working hours? It may turn out to be a simple matter of poor posture and tight muscles. I went through that years ago with my left side. A few weeks of physical therapy corrected my problem. I'm more aware of it now and if I get those pains again, I do my PT at home. This is just my own experience.
Avatar f tn That is the first available appointment. I am concerned about the pain radiating up my neck to my ear from this cold spot and I have a large hard lump in my throat from it. It hurts to cough too. They ordered a ultrasound and more blood work before I finally meet this doctor.
Avatar f tn I have pain and soreness under just under my ears--radiating down my jaw. I have had it for a couple of months on and off--it comes and goes. The doctor couldn't find anything wrong, but obviously something is wrong. What could it be? Would it be coming from teeth, or sinus or ears?
642904 tn?1223379698 Oh and sometimes I feel a mild pain radiating under my right armpit, sometimes I feel a mild ear ache when my throat and jaw act up on me.....what is this?