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Avatar n tn then i went to a ENT and toook an allergy pill and acid reflex pill, it got better. in december, one week my throat began to burn, i had stopped taking the acid reflex. my throat got worse, but the burning went away, i went to an ent again he gave me avelox (on monday), an atibiotic, and steroid for swelling (wednesday) , but then it started to have a *frog* in my throat. my throat felt like something was stuck there for about 4 days tues-friday). that end of the week, it had cleared.
Avatar n tn We have a 16 yr old girl who had a pill lodged in her throat..after it dissolved it left a very bad burning sensation in her throat and she says she feels it everytime she swallows food or drink. is it just a reaction to the medication laying in her throat or should we have it treated?
Avatar n tn i have a pain in the middle bottom of my throat when i pull my head up looking up. sometimes it feels like there is a lump in my throat and a lot of times when i swallow a pill it gets stuck there. I also have a lot of acid reflux. I take zantac 300 before going to bed, it seems to help my stomach but that thing in my throat just wont go away... I feel like i have a sore throat alot also...
Avatar n tn and what can be done for the throat and ear pain from it?
Avatar f tn This started happening after i got a mucus relief pill stuck in my throat one night n felt it in my chest the next morning...should i be alarmed?
Avatar n tn Hi, I took my usual dose of Zoloft about an hour ago and immediately experienced an intense throat pain which hasn't gone away and is accompanied by excessive saliva and the feeling of needing to burp/throw-up. I had lots of water, tried eating a piece of bread....what is going on?
Avatar n tn After it had run its course, I continue to have this sensation similar to post nasal drip, but it feels really thick, or even solid. I have a frequent urge to swallow, my throat is frequently dry or mildly sore. Occasionally it feels like there is a small lump in my throat, almost what you'd feel if you had difficulty swallowing a particularly large pill, but as not severe as that. Other times, the only sensation is dryness or soreness.
Avatar m tn take b/pressure pill. Otherwise good health/veg. for 6 yrs. I see my pulse beating of the lump but No pain. I have bad teeth. can u tell me what it could be?
Avatar f tn Alright, so a little bit of background first. A little less than two months ago I dry swallowed two Aleve and they got stuck in my throat. It was really painful all day, I could feel them lodged in my throat and it would start to burn. I spent most of the day trying to push it down with bread and after a few hours it stopped being a problem. Fast forward to this past month.
Avatar f tn hello for the past week i have pain in the back of the throat (not the tonsil area) which extends to the windpipe and chest slightly to the right. i dont have a cough or mucus or anything else. it does not get better or worse with exercise. i have no trouble swallowing(trust me!!) its there most of the time except nightime(i sleep fine) . i don't think it's reflux cause i don't have bad taste in mouth or anything.
Avatar f tn Told him what I had been feeling. He gave me a pill and said I had possible high blood preasure and gastritis. The pain was in the upper part of my rib cage left side only and back into my back under my left shoulder. The pain is not too bad but is constant. The pills help a bit my throat is not longer burning and the stomach is not as bad as it was. It has been several months and the back pain and rib pain (left side only) are still present.
Avatar m tn Feeling a lot better on my third zpak pill. Pain in nodes fading and only one submental node hurts (probably clogged) Major difference.
Avatar f tn A very painful lump comes up sometimes as if a pill is stuck in my throat. I also have difficulty swallowing food. Sometimes I chew an extra 2 or 3 time before i swallow because otherwise it would be painful. It also hurts (throat area again) to breathe in very deeply, and this can become a very sharp burning pain after exertion in sports like tennis and running. Please help! this has been bugging me for years.
1649489 tn?1301481274 It feels like there is something stuck in my throat and it makes it to where I feel like I have to cough. When I do start coughing I get to the point that I gag and almost end up getting sick.There is mucus also and my cough is a hacking type of cough. when i take a allergy pill the cough seem to subside a little.
987089 tn?1248965883 with a soft rubber tip where u insert the pill it has a plunger on the other end, u put the tube down easily to abt the distance of the back of the throat then push the plunger, this ejects the pill far enough down their throat that is goes down very easily and far enough that they cannot cough back just great! Costs only $5-6 dollars. I worked in an auxillary hospital and we even started using it there for people that can no longer swallow properly..
Avatar n tn I have had this feeling that something is in my throat. It is even more bothersome at night. At times I feel that my breathing is being disrupted because of this. Instead of swallowing, I feel like I have to gulp instead. Sometimes I have to drink water along with my meals because of a feeling like my food is going to get stuck. It feels like something is pressing against my esophogus.
Avatar f tn He woke up during the nt with his throat hurting and kinda burning. All day yesterday he said it felt like the pill was stuck in his throat (but knows it isn't still) and had a burning and bothersome feeling. I read last nt that the antibiotic he is on, Doxycycline Hyclate has this happen a lot if you do not drink a lot of water with it AND sit upright for 30 min after, neither which he did the other night. I read that it irritates the esophagus when this haopens.
Avatar n tn For the past month now I have this feeling in my throat like something is stuck and I cant get it out. Alsmost like a pill is stuck in there. Could you help me out?
501205 tn?1227345442 and THAT is what got me thinking to get off these pills for good and find a new drug for my pain. If you wake up in more pain after taking your pain meds, then it is time to re-evalute your medicine. Best thing I have done for myself in a long time.
Avatar n tn I took my first presidone pill about two- three hours ago and have been experiencing extremely bad abdominal pain. Just when it seems to let and feels as though it is going away.... it comes back full force. Is this a normal side effect to this pill?
Avatar m tn I am 67 yrs old. only take sm. blood pressure pill for 5 yrs. I noticed a small lump that comes and goes of lower right side throat close to near center just near the base of my collar bone. I see my pulse beating on it. It does not hurt. I have been coughing and some some kind of virus..of a cold.\ vegetarian. I am pretty good health otherwise. Never have smoked.
Avatar m tn Hi I have been snorting a subutex pill 6-7times a day for 7 years I know how very stupid it is this year it finaly get to me a i had 5 times a throat infection my doc. tells me i have caught it elsewhere but i didnt tel him about my addiction,so i just want to verify if it is because of my pill take?If yes then i have to try the other way to use id under my tounge is a proper way.I dont think i can give up yet.Thank you very much.
Avatar f tn Lately I have been having pain right at the end of urinating. The color of my pee is clear, you can't even tell that I went by looking in the toilet. I was on alesse birth control but I switched due to side effects. I switched to Tri Cyclen 28 and sunday I was supposed to get my first period on this new pill. It's Tuesday and I haven't got it. My boyfriend and I are sexually active. I also was on amoxicillin for a throat infection last week but I didn't finish it.
Avatar f tn Sometimes I feel like I dry swallowed a pill and have a bit of pain at the end of me throat, anyone know what this is?
Avatar n tn ( i DO NOT want to snort anything anymore but i can NOT handle the pain in my throat so i am :( I now have a long white-ish patch running down the back of my throat and im terrified. I went to emerg and Doc said nothing looked wrong. So has anyone whos had this problem find a way to make the pain go away OTHER then to snort anything?????? PLZ HELP!!