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1572016 tn?1295761959 Since yesterday my throat has been hurting and i have tried lemon and honey tea, and chloraseptic spray and 2 tylanol and non of them is helping with my pain in my throat. My pain i can feel on the outside below my ear. Should i call the doctor yet or should i wait it out till monday?
Avatar n tn not bad just a little. me and my wife was outside talking tonight and my throat pain shot through the roof for no reason. now it hurts to swallow, cough, talk,and hurts to touch the outside of my throat down by my collar bone. my wife looked in my mouth to see if she could see anything and the inside of my cheeks was swollen to. swollen so bad they puffed over my teeth when i open my mouth. nothing else hurts or anything. i feel fine other than my throat and my cheeks being swollen.
331673 tn?1199354285 drink occassionally...have had a sore throat on right side for over 2 weeks. mild to moderate pain....worse in the morning, and if dry, cold drinks seems to help. Been to doctor...he said dont worry...gave me antihistamines said there was slight drainage....but has not gone away. Now Im starting to get hoarse, and still persistent pain. Only on right side...feels like its below where my tonsils are...and if I touch it from the outside of my neck...pretty tender. No inflamation of lymphs...
Avatar m tn No fever, cough, fatigue, or nasal congestion. Not a typical sore throat and no pain swallowing yet. Pain is worse when I sit at an awkward angle. What's going on?
Avatar f tn Tonight I was eating dinner, pasta, I felt a pop in my throat followed by intense pain.. It now feels like there is a lump in my throat but not a typical sore throat. I've put ice on it but hours later I'm not getting any relief. A nurse friend suggested that it may be a hyoid bone issue. Looking for some ideas on what it may be?
Avatar f tn Hi, I was diagnosed with Papillary Cancer on 03/11. I got a cold last weekend : ( involving my sinuses, especially on the right side of my head. Anyway, all day today my neck has been hurting! On the right side, it feels sort of lumpy inside. Like not to touch it, just the way it feels inside my neck. It's sort of like a sore throat on the outside of my throat! It's uncomfortable to turn my head, and if I sit up too long it starts to hurt too.
1142320 tn?1261359451 One of them is at least twice the size of the other one and they are both inflamed, both types of antibiotics (one stronger then the other) did not work. my test came back negative for mono and strep. The only pain i recieved was at the beginning for 3 days and then the pain went away. But it hurt alot i could not talk or eat and i had huge body aches also. It happened the first night of my menstral cycle that month.
Avatar f tn When i visited him again he noticed that the swelling got better but i mentioned that i had some pain on the right side of my throat, mostly when swallowing(slight pain). He prescribed antibiotics which didn't make much of a difference(I believe it was Fluconazole). So, 3 months after, i have some sense of a tight throat and a little bit of throat pain that seems to get a little stronger at night and gets better during the day.
Avatar n tn You describe “lung pain on both lower lungs for 4 months.” The lung itself, when diseased, does not cause pain. The membrane that surrounds it, the pleura, can cause pain when inflamed for any reason, infectious or other. This is called pleurisy and is a pain that is characteristically worse with breathing. When the pleura is irritated/inflamed sooner or later it is associated with an abnormal collection of fluid within the chest, called pleural effusion.
Avatar f tn Hello! So I've been struggling with my throat for a while, there are tiny red bumps on my oropharynx looking like cobblestone throat and small lumps under my tonsils, I have noticed them last year in August, ever since then sometimes my pharynx would give me a burning sensation especially in cold wet days and lately I've been experiencing sore throat and pain in my tonsils sometimes they would be covered with pus.
Avatar m tn Hello, I just has a complete panel of STD tests recently and came back negative for HIV, Syphilis, Gonnorhea, and Chlamydia. However I tested positive for Herpes but will be getting checked again with a better test. However, 3 weeks after the sexual encounter which promoted me to get the tests I got a sore throat. It's just a little more uncomfortable to swallow, as if my uvula is slightly swollen but its not.
Avatar n tn ve been experiencing some rather odd pain in the front/right side of the neck... it rather feels like somone is pushing on my throat with extreme force from the outside... and i was just curious if anything could be causing this having to deal with my thyroid? the pain comes and goes, lasting up to 5 minutes at a time. it makes me a little bit light headed and is just really annoying. when it started i'd get the sudden pain maybe once a day... but now it's gotten more frequent...
Avatar n tn The doctor may prescribe you medicine that will control mouth and throat pain. Your dentist also can give you tips for the care of your mouth. Infection can occur early so take care to prevent infections. During chemotherapy a person’s immunity is reduced which can aggravate problems. Eat soft foods. Avoid spicy citrus salty foods. Take care and regards!
Avatar n tn I had severe LPR and the Drs gave up on me after two years and said I had to learn to live with severe throat pain and they would not approve a referral to a outside research hospital. They said they couldn't figure out what I had. I knew by this time, after two years of privately studying what was wrong with me, that my esophogeal muscles were "limp" and not closing off the stomach. I went on the web and asked what strengthens muscles and up popped some articles on Vit D.
Avatar m tn I'm on the down slope of a long viral cold (3.5 weeks). Started with a sore throat, lots of sinus stuff. Right now, still a lot of sinus drainage. Some blood in it. The worrisome part for me is the very tip of my nose is very painful to the touch. Not on the inside of the nostril like it's a topical open sore but touching it from the outside. It's not a boil or pimple either. Never had this happen before. Any ideas?
Avatar m tn Sinus allergies also cause neck muscle tension and pain that spreads to the scalp, causes lymph nodes to swell and put pressure on nerves that cause ear and jaw pain. Allergies can trigger pain in the face, ear, neck, head/scalp and jaw/tmjd, as well as put pressure on the perotid glands and salivary glands. I've had some triggered by using prednisone to help treat sinus and lung infections.
1822989 tn?1317344086 m scared about my throat i cant figure out whats wrong neither can the doctors i went to a specialist and he thought it was tonsillitis he prescribed me a liquid antibiotic cause i refuse to take pills i took it till i had to throw it away and soon after all the symptoms came back it hurts to swallow solid food and it feels as if there is a lump on the right side of my throat there is pain and it hurts to talk sometimes actually most the time and i want it to go away but nothing is changing im s
Avatar n tn At my 9 yo daughters yearly well visit the PA mentioned these bony bumps on my daughters legs. They are on both legs, on the outside just below the knee. They have been there as long as I can remember and I just assumed that they were normal and that was the way she was built. They cause her no pain and don't interfere with any activity but the PA made such a big deal about it and said she had never seen it like that before so, of course, now I am worrying.
Avatar f tn Thyroid,i guarantee it.When min started it felt like a chip was stuckin my throat every time i swallowed any liquids.It hurt really bad.Ive been on synthroid for 2 years and havent felt any pain since.Get your thyroid checked.
Avatar m tn Post 15 days I developed sore throat, swollen glands behind the ears and on the neck (though it is not that visible), on an off headache, muscle pain behind the neck and little pain in the arm and I could feel the lymph glands under the skin a bit inflamed. I went to a doctor, however did not mention about the sex with the call girl, doctor looking at the sore throat and swollen glands has given a dose of amoxicillin.
Avatar f tn When I looked in the mirror this morning, I noticed there is a large, single purple spot near my swollen tonsil. This is where the sore-throat pain is coming from. It looks raw. It has a few white flecks on the spot itself, but no white spots anywhere else on the tongue or throat or anything. Other than this, I feel fine. But the painful swallowing is killing me. Any ideas on how long this will take to go away?
Avatar m tn 1. outside the body condition === NO RISK 2. outside the body condition === NO RISK 3.
Avatar n tn disappeared in 5 days 7- one pimple on my neck (red one) disappeared in 4 days Now IN November 3 I felt a pain in the left side of my back throat and took a medicine then the pain disappeared 16-November. by the way I used to smoked for 5 years but stopped in october 1. also I have problems in my nose that I breath from my mouth. Please help me and tell me if that Hiv and why do I have this chronic sore throat????
Avatar f tn Okay so today I woke up and I noticed that when I swallowed my throat would hurt. I went all day this way until the night before I go to sleep. I downloaded a flashlight app and decided to see how my throat looked as I do every time I'm sick. I then seem to notice what looks like 10 little red blister with white around the blisters. Not on the blisters around and I've tried looking for and answer but all of the questions say they have white bumps but mine are red.