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1572016 tn?1295761959 Since yesterday my throat has been hurting and i have tried lemon and honey tea, and chloraseptic spray and 2 tylanol and non of them is helping with my pain in my throat. My pain i can feel on the outside below my ear. Should i call the doctor yet or should i wait it out till monday?
Avatar f tn Am very regular with the tablets.But for the past one day ,am getting a pain on the outer throat and neck region ,precisely form under the chin down the wind /food pipe till the collar bone.Am worried and would like to know if ti is due to my thyroid problem.
Avatar n tn At my 9 yo daughters yearly well visit the PA mentioned these bony bumps on my daughters legs. They are on both legs, on the outside just below the knee. They have been there as long as I can remember and I just assumed that they were normal and that was the way she was built. They cause her no pain and don't interfere with any activity but the PA made such a big deal about it and said she had never seen it like that before so, of course, now I am worrying.
Avatar f tn hi, i have some flat muscles formed on the wall of the throat (behind ulava) it is skin colour and i have no pain in my throat. It is almost for 8 months no problem inside throat. Only problem is itchy sometimes.
1822989 tn?1317344086 m scared about my throat i cant figure out whats wrong neither can the doctors i went to a specialist and he thought it was tonsillitis he prescribed me a liquid antibiotic cause i refuse to take pills i took it till i had to throw it away and soon after all the symptoms came back it hurts to swallow solid food and it feels as if there is a lump on the right side of my throat there is pain and it hurts to talk sometimes actually most the time and i want it to go away but nothing is changing im s
Avatar n tn I have recently found that I have a lump on the right side of my throat. I do smoke regularly, and I am worried could this be cancer or something else?
2070825 tn?1337225969 When do you normally start feeling the baby on the outside?
Avatar f tn When did you ladies start feeling kicks on the outside? I'm 19+6 & I feel them on the inside so I'm just wondering?
Avatar m tn so basically it seems like I may have potentially transmitted HIV to myself by doing this....the next day I had mild groin pain...then at day 11 I had mild fever/sore throat and muscle fatigue and a mild burning/tingling sensation in arms/legs. At 14 days I had a HIV RNA Qualitative test and standard HIV antibody test which I know is not valid given the time frame. The RNA came back non-reactive and HIV came back negative.
331673 tn?1199354285 drink occassionally...have had a sore throat on right side for over 2 weeks. mild to moderate pain....worse in the morning, and if dry, cold drinks seems to help. Been to doctor...he said dont worry...gave me antihistamines said there was slight drainage....but has not gone away. Now Im starting to get hoarse, and still persistent pain. Only on right side...feels like its below where my tonsils are...and if I touch it from the outside of my neck...pretty tender. No inflamation of lymphs...
1079678 tn?1257185163 Ok last week my throat swelled up and then i got a burning itch in my vagina and now a week later i have blisters on the outside of my mouth.Could i have gonorrhea on the outside of my mouth? One thing that bothers me is that i always get fever blisters on my lips when i am sick,usually the day before i get sick. Well i am going to the doctor in two days ,i was just hoping someone could ease my mind before i go.
Avatar m tn ve been suffering moderate pain in the left side of the outer part of my throat. No fever, cough, fatigue, or nasal congestion. Not a typical sore throat and no pain swallowing yet. Pain is worse when I sit at an awkward angle. What's going on?
Avatar f tn I took ibuprofen for easing the pain but it comes after the effect of medicine wears off. Before I got this, I have recurring tonsilitis and my left tonsil regularly produces pus which I just drain using cotton swab or my clean finger if I feel there is something in it. Now I got cut in tje center of my lower lip and it is really painful and also my upper gums are starting to feel swollen.
Avatar f tn Recurrent ones will usually be on the outside of the lip area somewhere. What makes you think you have herpes of the throat?
Avatar f tn For relief of thrush, bath the vaginal area with Bicarb soda with warm water (to balance PH levels) or even white vinegar with warm water to kill any external bacteria. The vinegar will sting but it will relieve the itchy feeling. Use warm hot packs to ease the pain/itchiness. Only wear cotton underwear and loose clothing. Tight pants will irritate it even more. Stay away from foods with starch and yeast, and acidic foods/drinks.
Avatar n tn not bad just a little. me and my wife was outside talking tonight and my throat pain shot through the roof for no reason. now it hurts to swallow, cough, talk,and hurts to touch the outside of my throat down by my collar bone. my wife looked in my mouth to see if she could see anything and the inside of my cheeks was swollen to. swollen so bad they puffed over my teeth when i open my mouth. nothing else hurts or anything. i feel fine other than my throat and my cheeks being swollen.
Avatar n tn Shooting pain on the outside of the foot can be due to pinched nerve, faulty foot wear, clot in deep vein, sprain or due to injury. Please consult your PCP for primary examination followed by proper referral. Hope this helps. Take care!
Avatar f tn You mean you put ice on the outside of your throat? What about gargling with salt water? Here's an article on the hyoid bone and clicking in the throat. It's very rare. Do you have tonsil stones? Could a tonsil stone have released or burst?
Avatar f tn Hi, I was diagnosed with Papillary Cancer on 03/11. I got a cold last weekend : ( involving my sinuses, especially on the right side of my head. Anyway, all day today my neck has been hurting! On the right side, it feels sort of lumpy inside. Like not to touch it, just the way it feels inside my neck. It's sort of like a sore throat on the outside of my throat! It's uncomfortable to turn my head, and if I sit up too long it starts to hurt too.
Avatar n tn Burns on the outside, on the skin.Yes, I performed oral sex, was a female. The burning sensation seems to be in the area of my foreskin and at the base of the shaft, areas typically against other skin. Perhaps it's anxiety, I guess time will tell. Yes I am worried, don't want to have anything nor spread to anyone else. Person I was with was supposedly clean.
Avatar n tn ive had a stiff neck since having an operation 6 months ago physio isnt helping much and now for the past 8 weeks ive had a severe pain in my throat on the left side around my lynph nodes but the pain moves from up to behind my left ear to sometimes being under my chin! my gp cant find any lumps and an endoscopy didnt show up anything? pain killers are doing nothing and the pain is constant! i cant take much more! sometimes its a little painfull to swallow but i can eat ok.
1165964 tn?1296484064 I've read gonorrhea can infect the throat fi aquired orally. It might sound stupid if the answer is 'no', but can such an infection be cleared by drinking lots of cranberry juice? Because apparently cranberry juice flushes out bacteria in your digestive tract and obviously, it passes through your throat. Or would you still need to get the proper antibiotics?
17690240 tn?1459166083 For the past few days i am having a dull but considerable pain inside my throat. The exact location is on the left side of my adam's apple. I feel it the most when i bend down to pick up something or a position where my upper body bends downwards. Also i have two white spots on my left tonsil. Tonsil stones may be. Is this pain due to those tonsil stones inside my throat? or it is something else.
1142320 tn?1261359451 The lymph nodes in the left side of my neck have been swollen this whole time too, and I have armpit pain on the left side. I recently developed some sort of illness with coughing, severe sore throat, and sneezing AGAIN... I went to the doctor and they have no idea what it is! I have been tested for everything under the sun... all normal. Hope you get yours figured out!
Avatar n tn You describe “lung pain on both lower lungs for 4 months.” The lung itself, when diseased, does not cause pain. The membrane that surrounds it, the pleura, can cause pain when inflamed for any reason, infectious or other. This is called pleurisy and is a pain that is characteristically worse with breathing. When the pleura is irritated/inflamed sooner or later it is associated with an abnormal collection of fluid within the chest, called pleural effusion.